Compatible Or Not: 15 Celebrity Gemini/Scorpio Couples

There are a some signs that are just compatible with each other but Scorpio and Gemini couples are far from compatible. These two are likely to attract each other but it takes A LOT of work for them to work through their differences and make it work. Sometimes it's just impossible. The most compatible signs for a Gemini are Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius. The signs that a Scorpio is most compatible with are Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces. Neither are known to get along with each other. Here are some long lasting couples where one is Gemini or Scorpio and the other is neither: Goldie Hawn (Scorpio) and Kurt Russell (Pisces), Matthew McConaughey (Scorpio) and Camila Alves (Aquarius), Tom Hanks (Cancer) and Rita Wilson (Scorpio), Anette Benning (Gemini) and Warren Beatty (Aries). These couples just work while Gemini/Scorpio couples don't. There is, however, one couple who have managed to stay together despite being Gemini/Scorpio and you'll never guess who it is.

However, the rest of these celebrity relationships are proof that Gemini and Scorpio couples are just not meant to be. These celebs went through messy divorces, adultery, scandals, lies, nervous breakdowns, and very public breakups. One celebrity couple on the list managed to stay together until the wife's untimely death but only because her husband was royalty--there was a dark underbelly to their relationship that no one knew about. One failed couple had a secret relationship that they hid from the public and one of Donald Trump's failed marriages also made the list. These are the Gemini/Scorpio celebrity relationships that got together despite their incompatible signs.

15 Eddie Cibrian and Brandi Glanville

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No one really cared about Eddie Cibrian (Gemini) or Brandi Glanville (Scorpio) until the media got wind of Cibrian's affair with the married LeAnn Rimes (Rimes is a Virgo by the way, which is much more compatible than a Scorpio). Before Cibrian left his wife for the singer, they were married for eight years and had two sons together. The divorce was very messy and the two are not on very good terms--even though it's been seven years since the divorce. Cibrian and Rimes are like the off-brand Brangelina since they started an affair on the set of their movie, however, it wasn't a big budget Hollywood movie like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, it was a Lifetime movie called Northern Lights. The only reason why any of these people are still in the news is because of their constant bad-mouthing each other to the press. If it weren't for that, no one would even remember them.

14 Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morrisette

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Before Ryan Reynolds (Scorpio) married Blake Lively (Virgo) and even before he married then divorced Scarlett Johansson (Scorpio), he was in a relationship with, and eventually engaged to, Alanis Morrisette (Gemini) from 2002 until 2007 (you can probably already tell what the timeline of their relationship was based on Reynold's outfit and hairstyle which is so mid-2000s it hurts). Ryan moved on fairly quickly and started dating ScarJo almost immediately after the split and the two were married in 2008. Ouch, that had to hurt. She seemed to turn out okay though since she married Mario Treadway (Taurus) in 2009 and the two are still together and have two children. After a failed engagement and a failed marriage, the Deadpool star shocked us all when he married Blake Lively without even announcing an engagement. It's a good thing that she's a Virgo because only a laid-back Virgo could put up with his Scorpio antics.

13 Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert

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Blake Shelton (Gemini) is very true to his sign because while he appears clean-cut, honest, and down-to-earth, he's also a known womanizer. Though he and Miranda Lambert (Scorpio) were together from 2005 until 2015, there were obvious problems in their relationship that we may not have seen at first but we can definitely see them now. Though Shelton's team said that adultery was not the reason for their divorce, there is a rumor that he hooked up with a singer named Cady Groves in 2011 and their marriage was rocky for the next four years until they divorced. Given Shelton's shady reputation, it's very possible that he did cheat on Miranda. As much as you may love his relationship with Gwen Stefani (Libra), the country singer is not as great a guy as you may think. These two may be able to make it work, however, since their signs are so compatible.

12 Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III

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When Grace Kelly (Scorpio) married Prince Rainier of Monaco (Gemini), she actually told him that she was as pure as they come and the only reason why she may not appear to be one was because of horseback riding as a child, however, this was not the case. The To Catch a Thief star was the quintessential Hitchcock blonde because she was poised, sophisticated, and seemingly virtuous but this exterior stealthily hid her sensuality which hid just below the surface. She was definitely not pure and she had hooked up with many leading men in Hollywood such as Bing Crosby, William Holden, and Gary Cooper. Though they were together from 1955 until the time of her death in 1982, there were rumors of infidelity and regardless of their factuality, it was true that Princess Grace was unhappy. For years she longed to return to Hollywood but her husband did not allow her to go back until she planned to star in a television show soon before her death. Unfortunately, she died in a car crash before she had the chance to return. Unfortunately, Scorpios and Geminis are bound to butt heads more often than not.

11 Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet

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Lenny Kravitz (Gemini) and Lisa Bonet (Scorpio) were together from 1985 until 1993, they were married, had a daughter together (Zoe Kravitz) and then got a divorce. Though the two are friendly, they just couldn't make the relationship work. After his relationship with Bonet ended, he dated Kylie Minogue (Gemini), Nicole Kidman (Gemini), Isis Arruda (Scorpio) and was engaged to Adriana Lima (Gemini). None of those relationships panned out and it's easy to see why. The signs are just not compatible. Bonet, on the other hand, is married to Jason Momoa (Leo) and the two have been together for 12 years. Even though Leos and Scorpios don't generally get along, these two seem to be just fine. It just goes to show that zodiac signs aren't everything when it comes to relationships.

10 Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Rafaeli

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Leonardo DiCaprio (Scorpio) is not one for longterm relationships but one of his longest relationships was with Bar Rafaeli (Gemini). His other long(ish) relationships were with Demi Moore (Scorpio) and Gisele Bündchen (Cancer). Though their relationship lasted about six years, there were plenty of breaks in between and that makes a lot of sense considering their signs. After all, Geminis and Scorpios are very attracted to each other but they are also very stubborn and regularly butt heads. The reason why they are said to have split for good was because neither of them wanted to settle down and Leo has definitely been true to that statement as he regularly goes from one supermodel to the next even though he's not aging as well as we thought he would. Rafaeli, however, did end up settling down in 2013 with an Israeli businessman named Adi Ezra (Capricorn). Will Leo ever find someone he wants to settle down with? We'll just have to wait and see.

9 Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier

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Though they were one of the most attractive and talented couples of their time, Vivien Leigh (Scorpio) and Laurence Olivier (Gemini) were doomed from the start. Though Leigh's Gone With the Wind character, Scarlett O'Hara is a textbook Aries, Leigh was a vicious, troubled, and stubborn Scorpio. The actress struggled with mental illness which caused her life to be wrought with struggles. As much as Olivier tried to help her, he couldn't save her from herself. Leigh engaged in numerous affairs and suffered multiple nervous breakdowns and though they loved each other very much, they were known to become violent with each other. They divorced after 20 years together. However, Olivier went on to marry Joan Plowright and the two were married for 28 years before he died and she was, surprisingly, a Scorpio as well.

8 Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder


Johnny Depp (Gemini) and Winona Ryder (Scorpio) were one of the most iconic 90s celebrity couples ever and that was back in the day when Depp was totally gorgeous and not old and gross like he is today. Their love was obviously deep and passionate--after all, he did get the tattoo "Winona Forever" on his arm which he famously changed to "Wino Forever" which has only become funnier with time since it was recently reported that he spends $30,000 a month on wine. The two were engaged only five months after they started dating but they were never married. Not every Gemini/Scorpio relationship is exactly the same but a lot of them burn brightly then go out. He stayed with Vanessa Paradis (Capricorn) for 14 years and they had two children together before he left her for Amber Heard (Taurus). He and Heard were divorced after he was accused of abuse. There's a reason why Geminis are known for their two-faced personalities.

7 Russell Brand and Katy Perry

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Katy Perry (Scorpio) and Russell Brand (Gemini) seemed like the perfect couple but it turns out that their relationship wasn't what it appeared to be. According to the Get Him to the Greek star, the two broke up because of Katy's rising star power which doesn't seem fair at all. Considering that Brand has been much more open (and contradictory) about the problems in their relationship, it's much more likely that he had more to do with their breakup than she did. Though many believe that it was Brand's drug-addiction that ended the relationship, the fact of the matter is that they just couldn't work it out. Unfortunately for the "Wide Awake" singer, her other relationships haven't faired any better. She was in a relationship with John Mayer (Libra) then briefly dated Orlando Bloom (Capricorn). Brand is also single but these two are definitely not getting back together.

6 Isabella Rossellini and Martin Scorsese

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Isabella Rossellini (Gemini) was married to Martin Scorsese (Scorpio) for three years before they were divorced. Relationships, where the female is Gemini and the male is Scorpio, is much different than when they're swapped. Gemini women are generally wanderers and they take on many personalities over their lifetime. Male Scorpios are attracted to the Gemini woman's intellect and affection but the relationship is often doomed because Gemini women are not keen on settling down and the Scorpio, already prone to jealousy, finds it difficult to deal with her wandering mind. Rossellini went on to be the muse and girlfriend of David Lynch (Capricorn) but she could not get him to settle down as easily as her ex-husband which only made her more attracted to him even while he was chasing after other women. The Gemini/Capricorn relationship is difficult in a much different way than the Gemini/Scorpio relationship but they are both equally perilous.

5 Donald Trump and Marla Maples

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Donald Trump is a Gemini? What a shocker. Though he has been involved with a long list of blondes, he's been married a total of three times. He left his first wife, Ivana Trump (Pisces) for Marla Maples (Scorpio) even though they had been seeing each other on the sly while he was still married which is totally gross but not surprising. Though there was no big scandal that drove these two apart it was reported that a friend of Trump said that he was more in "lust" than in "love" with Maples and he had plenty of affairs while the two were together. Like most Gemini/Scorpio relationships, it started out strong but was always doomed to fail. Trump has been with Melania (Taurus) since 1998 but he's had many relationships while the two have been married. Another shocker.

4 Angelina Jolie and Johnny Lee Miller

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Angelina Jolie (Gemini) has had many strange, unusual, and short-lived relationships. One of her relationships was with Johnny Lee Miller (Scorpio) and the two were married for a brief time. We know that male Scorpios are initially attracted to the intellect and engaging personalities of the female Gemini and it doesn't just go for men--she was attracted to a female Gemini too! In the 90s, she was in a relationship with her Foxfire costar Jenny Shimizu (Gemini). While Jolie was in her 20s and hooked on drugs, the Trainspotting star helped to get her clean but the two were on-again-off again and they were only married for two years. She then stole Laura Dern's boyfriend Billy Bob Thornton (Leo) and the two were married for three years. Finally she stole Brad Pitt (Sagittarius) from Jennifer Aniston (Aquarius) but, of course, that relationship didn't work out either. It just goes to show that Gemini women quickly capture the attention but that flame can't burn forever.

3 Prince and Mayte Garcia

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As much as we all love Prince's (Gemini) music, his relationship with Mayte Garcia (Scorpio) was all kinds of messed up. Garcia wrote about the relationship in her book, stating that she met the singer when she was only 16 after he invited her backstage. He wooed her until she turned 17 and he became her legal guardian and moved into his home. When she turned 19, he told her to get on birth control and, well, you get the picture. They were married for two years and, according to her book, he was very controlling and manipulative, he also criticized her for everything from her clothing to her weight. In addition to this, the couple also suffered through a tragic loss of their newborn son which drove a wedge between them. They separated shortly after.

2 Bobby Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe

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Though the two were never officially an item, there have been plenty of rumors that have flown around about Bobby Kennedy (Scorpio) and Marilyn Monroe (Gemini). Like any female Gemini, the blonde bombshell attracted a lot of attention from men due to her good looks and bubbly personality. The Some Like it Hot star was the sort of woman that every man dreamed of, the sort of free-spirited, wild girl that could give them everything they could possibly desire, if only they could tame and trap her in a cage of domesticity. She was not that kind of girl though she loved the attention from men and she hooked up with quite a few, so at least one of them was bound to be a Scorpio. The more tantalizing romance was the rumored one she had with John F. Kennedy who was a Gemini. Not all Gemini males are womanizers but JFK was definitely one of them.

1 Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

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Finally, a Gemini/Scorpio relationship that has stood the test of time. Nicole Kidman (Gemini) and Keith Urban (Scorpio) have been together for eleven years and they seem like they're more in love than ever. Though, according to their signs, their relationship was doomed from the beginning but they proved that it is possible to work through differences. No one should live their lives according to their Zodiac signs because it's never one hundred percent accurate and there are always exceptions to the rule. Before she was with the country singer, Kidman was famously married to Tom Cruise (Cancer) and though their signs are generally more compatible, the marriage was a total disaster. It just goes to show that love conquers all, even Geminis.

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