ColourPop Has Gone All In With The Launch Of Their First Ever Mascara

ColourPop Cosmetics has just launched their first ever mascara, and they are going all in with this sought after release. The mascara is called BFF Mascara, and apart from a classic black color, it is also available in six other more vibrant colors. With a makeup brand named ColourPop it is more or less expected that a mascara will come in more colors than black, and this release will not disappoint any colorful makeup lover.

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The BFF Mascara comes in seven colors all with fun but descriptive name. Black On Black is obviously ColourPop's black alternative, Pink Inc. is a vibrant hot pink, Left On Red is a gorgeous crimson red, Blue Ya Mind is cobalt blue, Kiss N' Teal is a turquoise teal, Golden Boy a soft yellow, and Purple Prose will be the go-to shade for anyone who loves a lavender color. With so many colorways to choose from, there is definitely a BFF Mascara for every taste and every mood.

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As reported by Allure, the BFF Mascara is both volumizing and lengthening, and ColourPop promises that the mascara will be flake-free, leaving the wearer looking stunning all day long. The brush is made of twisted nylon fiber which means it will comb through every single lash from root to tip without creating clumps and making it possible to build up with several layers.

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ColourPop also carries other typical cosmetics, such as lip products, eyeliners, and eyeshadows, and with the new BFF Mascaras, customers will be able to match their favourite eyeshadows and eyeliners with a mascara to create a gorgeous colourful eye makeup look. The BFF Mascara is also priced in the affordable price range; all of the seven colors retail for $8.00 and are available to buy now on ColourPop's website.

The new venture into the world of lashes and mascaras is a great move from ColourPop's side, there are not that many mascaras on the market in colors other than black, browns, and greys, so all those lovers of colourful makeup who have been wanting a red, blue, yellow, pink or purple mascara - it is finally here!

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