Coffee Fruit: The Newest Superfood To Add To Your Breakfast

Coffee fruit is the next superfood that can be added to a morning brew.

We all know the benefits of having a cup of joe to start the day. That quick blase of caffeine can get us feeling bright and chipper even on a Monday morning. But what we put in our mug every morning comes from the coffee bean. There’s a new morning brew in town, and this time it’s not just the bean– it’s the whole fruit!

This might come as a surprise, but coffee beans aren’t actually beans at all. They’re actually a fruit, which makes coffee beans more like coffee seeds. Somebody way back in the 17th century started calling them beans and now several centuries later we’re still calling them that, even though it’s totally wrong.

Most of the time the fruit of the coffee is discarded or mulched into compost. Turns out that was a mistake. According to Dr. Mike Roussell, co-founder of Neuro Coffee, there’s a protein in the fruit of the coffee bean called "BDNF" and that takes all the benefits of coffee and brings them up to the next level.

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A 2018 study published in the journal Nature found that caffeine from regular old coffee caused “increased resting brain activity irregularity or complexity, suggesting an increase of information processing capacity in the resting brain.” Basically, it puts the brain into overdrive without much in terms of downsides.

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"Coffee fruit coffee takes these health benefits further by adding the ability to support your body in growing and repairing neurons," said Dr. Roussell in an interview with Elite Daily. Growing and repairing neurons is a big deal. It helps with learning new things, regulating your metabolism, and even protect your brain from age disorders like Alzheimer's.

Neuro Coffee sells a ground product that you can place in your coffee maker, but you don’t have to stick to the ground stuff to eat coffee fruit. Most of what else you can find is dried with the intent of steeping into a tea. There’s not much of a difference in taste from your regular morning brew either, so feel free to add milk and sugar to taste. Either way, you get the benefits.

To top it off, coffee fruit is full of antioxidants that have been shown to do a whole bunch of great things from fighting cancer to keeping you in an upbeat mood. So remember to add dried coffee fruit to your next Amazon order to start building a better brain for tomorrow. But, as always, consult a doctor before trying any new health foods to find out what might be best for you!

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