20 Co-Stars Who Physically Fought Each Other On Set

Movie and TV sets usually boast a good atmosphere where actors get along. After all, if a cast doesn’t gel, it’s a good bet the final product will be bad. Many actors can have issues with each other, while still able to put that aside and be professional. There can be some harsh words spoken and a lot of heat, but that can sometimes fuel performances and make the product even better. Some co-stars who played loving romantic couples even hated each other on set, but did a great job covering for it.

But sometimes, the tension gets so much where it becomes physical. Verbal fights are one thing, but some co-stars get into full-fledged physical altercations. They can range from shoving matches to actual fistfights and become tabloid fodder. A few stories end up being overblown, but others are all too true– it's amazing how these stars can turn into kids on a schoolyard letting an insult lead to a brawl. Here are 20 notable cases of co-stars getting into physical fights, to show how crazy filmmaking can become.

20 Jim Carey Vs Jerry Lawler


Jim Carrey has often claimed he was “possessed” by the spirit of Andy Kaufman while making Man On the Moon. Part of the movie recreates Kaufman’s infamous feud with pro wrestler Jerry “The King” Lawler who played himself. Just like the real Kaufman, Carrey took the whole thing for real. He insisted on taking Lawler’s piledriver and threw a fit when they refused to let him do it. He also spat on and slapped Lawler between takes. Lawler handled it well, but was taken aback by Carrey going too over the top even by pro wrestling standards.

19 Tom Cruise Vs Rob Lowe


In 1983, Tom Cruise wasn’t the huge star we know today and Rob Lowe was likewise an unknown. They were cast in The Outsiders, an adaptation of the popular coming-of-age novel about street gangs. It seemed the actors weren’t immune to this as, during rehearsals, the two got too into the fight. Lowe hit Cruise a bit too hard and Cruise responded with a real punch. Lowe told The Guardian how the two went all out and Cruise “was ready to kill me.” They finished the film and the two brush this off as just youthful exuberance.

18 Bette Davis Vs Joan Crawford


No one knows how it started, but for over 30 years, Joan Crawford and Bette Davis absolutely despised one another. Their feud was the talk of Hollywood, which made it notable when they teamed up for 1962’s Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? Their bitterness spilled onto the set as Davis actually kicked Crawford a few times filming a scene. Crawford got back at her by putting weights under her dress and constantly messing up takes so Davis had to keep dragging herself around. The movie was a hit, but it did nothing to cool the hate between the two women.

17 Bill Murray Vs Lucy Liu


For a seemingly nice and funny guy, Bill Murray keeps getting into conflicts on sets. In Charlie’s Angels, he played Bosley and he and Lucy Liu fought from day one. Murray and director McG clashed a lot with included Murray reportedly head-butting the director. He and Liu also fought with Murray slamming Liu’s acting abilities and her punching him. Murray has downplayed the stories over the years, but acknowledges the problems were why he didn’t return for the sequel.

16 Shia LaBeouf Vs Tom Hardy


Shia LaBeouf has garnered a reputation for some crazy stuff on sets, so a fistfight with a guy nearly twice his size shouldn’t be too big a shock. While making the 2012 Western Lawless, LaBeouf was soon getting into the face of co-star Tom Hardy. Director Joel Hillcoat confirmed on Reddit that things truly came to blows between them. LaBeouf claims that it was just roughhousing that got out of hand, but the amazing part is that Shia actually knocked Hardy down. It shows LaBeouf is tougher than he looks.

15 Steven Seagal Vs John Leguizamo


Steven Seagal was never a popular guy on movie sets due to his massive ego and temper. 1996’s Executive Decision shockingly kills his character off less than halfway through the movie, with rumors suggesting it was done so the producers could get rid of Seagal. John Leguizamo played a soldier in the film and was joking around with Seagal on set. Seagal was not in a joking mood, declaring “I’m in command” before hitting Leguizamo with an elbow and slamming him into a wall. Little wonder no one was sad when Seagal’s character bought it.

14 Richard Gere Vs Sylvester Stallone


Back in 1974, Sylvester Stallone and Richard Gere were both unknowns when they filmed Lords of Flatbush. Gere was very serious on set to where Stallone had to tell him to “lighten up.” As Stallone explained to Ain't It Cool, Gere deliberately spilled his lunch onto Stallone’s pants, leading to Stallone elbowing him to start a fight. Gere was fired and replaced by Perry King. Stallone is also believed to have started a rather infamous rumor about Gere, and the two still don’t get along today.

13 Werner Herzog Vs Klaus Kinski


The only thing crazier than how much Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski hated each other? The fact they kept it up while making five movies together. The pair had been roommates, but Herzog feared Kinski. They had a major row on the set of Aguirre, Wrath of God that turned physical and even got a gun involved. It got worse while filming Fitzcarraldo, with Herzog claiming he was tempted to let a local native tribe “take care” of Kinski. Despite all that, the two men still had bizarre respect for each other and Herzog later titled a documentary on them, My Best Fiend.

12 Tony Bellew Vs Michael B. Jordan


Creed was notable for Sylvester Stallone reviving his old Rocky Balboa character for a new generation. Stallone wanted to make the film look real and had real boxer Tony Bellew take on a role. Keeping in the franchise's tradition, Bellew took part in a “dead man walking” scene where the actor in the ring is punched by the boxer. Bellew thus threw a punch that knocked Michael B. Jordan out cold. Rumors abound of a later dust-up between Bellew and Stallone which they brushed off, but Bellew KOing Jordan was for real.

11 Patrick Dempsey Vs Isaiah Washington


Grey’s Anatomy was an instant smash hit for ABC when it debuted in 2005. But by the third season, serious tension had grown on set. Isaiah Washington was accused of making some insulting slurs about co-star T. R. Knight. Patrick Dempsey took exception to that and the arguments between the two rose up into a physical fight. It was a key reason Washington left the series, and his actions hang a huge cloud over the hit series.

10 John Leguizamo And Bryan Cranston Vs Extras


Here's a case of two stars getting into conflicts with the cast. In The Infiltrator, John Leguizamo is an agent aiding Bryan Cranston in going deep undercover to take down some cartels. The two each got into some altercations on the set that they wrote off as “getting too into character.” Leguizamo got into an actual fistfight with co-star Julian Cely. Meanwhile, Cranston took another scene too far by smashing a waiter extra’s face into a cake. The two also had beef, but seemed to ignore it to wrap the movie up.

9 Tyrese Gibson Vs James Franco


Annapolis is infamous for how the trailers makee it look like a war thriller when it’s really a small drama focusing on James Franco and Tyrese Gibson as Naval Academy students preparing for a big boxing match. Franco has admitted in interviews he was very intense during shooting and went all out in rehearsals. Gibson told Franco to lighten up, but their sparring turned into a real boxing battle. Franco has taken the blame for going too far, but Gibson still has some serious beef with his on and off-screen opponent.

8 Rip Torn Vs Norman Mailer

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Rip Torn was known in his later years as a jovial guy. That sure didn’t come up while filming Maidstone. Norman Mailer, who also worked as a politician, directed this bizarre political drama. Torn played his brother and had quarreled with Mailer during filming. The movie’s finale was to have them fight it out and the two improvised the scene. Before anyone knew it, it had turned into a real fight with the two clawing and pounding on each other and Mailer even biting Torn’s ear. The movie is forgettable, but this scene has become a YouTube favorite.

7 Shannen Doherty Vs Jennie Garth


By her own admission, Shannen Doherty was a major diva on her TV show sets. In the 1990s, she and Jennie Garth became famous thanks to Beverly Hills 90210, but Doherty’s ego was driving her to behave outrageously on set. She and Garth had several spats that soon escalated into a catfight that would put their characters to shame. Doherty left the series under a cloud and was later similarly fired from Charmed. She and Garth have mended things and become friends today, but this was a harsh period.

6 George Clooney Vs David O. Russell


Many an actor has claimed David O. Russell is such a nightmare on sets he makes James Cameron look like Mr. Rogers. One of the most famous cases was during 1999’s Three Kings, when Russell was filming in the desert and the heat caused tempers to flare. When George Clooney saw Russell shoving an extra, he stepped in to stop it. Soon, the two were brawling it out and had to be pulled apart. The movie became a hit, but Clooney vowed to never work with Russell again.

5 Jamie Foxx Vs LL Cool J


Jamie Foxx and LL Cool J met a few times at parties when they both had UPN sitcoms. They didn’t mix as Foxx considered himself a “real” actor and LL just a rapper. They were cast in the football drama, Any Given Sunday, where their characters are teammates turned rivals. In a scene where they fight, the two men truly got into it, slapping and punching each other, and had to be broken up. Cool J even made a rap song slamming Foxx. The two men are on much better terms today, but it's still notable how deeply they got into character.

4 Tom Sizemore Vs Val Kilmer


Red Planet was a 2000 thriller about a pack of astronauts handling dangers on Mars. Val Kilmer and Tom Sizemore were the stars, but the two had a beef going back to 1995’s film Heat. The pair were soon arguing, with Kilmer (never an easy guy to get along with as it was) arguing about Sizemore bringing his elliptical machine along. It came to a fight, with Sizemore knocking Kilmer down and refusing to film with the man anymore. The two seemed to have mended fences, but this fight was out of this world.

3 Bill Murray Vs Chevy Chase


The original cast of Saturday Night Live had no idea they were creating a television institution. They were just out to have a good time. It was a wild period with the cast indulging in many vices. Bill Murray and Chevy Chase were soon clashing because of Chase’s out of control ego. It finally built to a huge brawl in the dressing room that John Belushi had to break up. The two would bury the hatchet while filming the comedy classic Caddyshack, yet there’s always been a tension between the two funnymen.

2 Richard Pryor Vs Everyone


Richard Pryor is well-loved as one of the hottest comedians of his time. Blue Collar had Pryor, Harvey Keitel, and Yaphet Kotto as three factory workers who rob their corrupt boss. Pryor (whose personal demons were well-known) was soon having conflicts with his co-stars. Pryor smashed a chair over Kotto’s head when he felt the man was upstaging him. He also got into a wrestling match with Keitel. He even pulled a gun on director Paul Schrader which sent the man into a nervous breakdown. Things truly got dramatic on this set.

1 Corey Haim Vs Corey Feldman


Corey Haim and Corey Feldman were always bound together. They broke out into Hollywood at the same time with movies like The Lost Boys, and later handled the pressures of fame. Like many good friends, they had their issues over the years and their personal problems didn't help. On their reality TV show, The Two Coreys, an argument soon turned into a scuffle with the two ready to go at it. It ties into reports they fought on the set of The Lost Boys. While Haim mourned Feldman deeply after the latter’s passing, they still had some issues.

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