Clueless Fans Can Now Swim In Cher Horowitz Inspired Attire

You'll find no shortage of movies that have inspired fashion. From Audrey Hepburn's signature back cocktail dress in Breakfast at Tiffany's to Madonna's telltale mesh tank tops and parachute pants in Desperately Seeking Susan, what spins off the cinematic reels often makes its way onto retail racks.

And then there's Clueless, the 1995 comedic breakout hit for Alicia Silverstone, whose fashion-conscious character Cher Horowitz spewed anthemic one-liners like "As if!" and whose yellow plaid suit drew enough attention to make movie viewers forget about the plot.

More than 20 years after its release, the design is still top-of-mind for swimwear design company Frankie's Bikini. As part of this year's Valley Girl rollout, Frankie's includes a few beachwear items that just might get a nod of approval from Cher herself.



Designed by Francesca Aiello and launched onto the market Feb. 15, the Clueless collection consists of two bikini styles (tops and bottoms sold separately) and a one-piece for fans to grace the shores this summer. Choose from the Tai top ($90) and bottom ($80), or for those who want to throw on something a bit more revealing, Baxter tops and bottoms are each available for $80. More sleek-minded fashionistas may opt for the one-piece Tarzana, which rides high enough to hearken Pamela Anderson's attire in Baywatch,  for $170. Sizes from small to large are up for grabs, although the Tai combo is available in extra-large.

Given the hubbub from the latest installment of New York Fashion Week that '90s fashion is making a comeback in a big way, from pastel track suits to logo prints, Frankie's latest swimwear line certainly arrives in step with the trend. The plaid patterns immortalized in Clueless almost parallels the flannel donned by Nirvana's late guitarist Kurt Cobain during the glory years of the grunge movement.

One person who's likely oblivious to all the nostalgia is upstart model Faith Schroder, who had the enviable task of posing in these shots. The daughter of Silver Spoons actor Ricky Schroder, Faith is currently 16 years old, and was born six years after Clueless first hit the theaters.

But for those who fondly recall the decade, the swimwear gives them a chance to rock the beaches in style with "Smells Like Teen Spirit" cranked to 11.

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