Clooney's Twins: 20 Things Amal And George Keep On The DL About Their Kids

George Timothy Clooney is a man known for the many career contributions he has bestowed upon us! Clooney has evolved in the hearts of millions from a next-door handyman to an ER doctor, to a fixture on the big screen in Blockbuster action films. However, there's one role in George Clooney's legacy he will eternally maintain: the role of a heartthrob for the ages!

George's legacy as the guy-next-door heartthrob celeb only grew more endearing when his status as one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors was finally no more when Amal Alamuddin-Clooney came along! Amal was familiar with a spotlight of a different kind before she met her future husband; those familiar with social justice may recall her dedicated involvement in philanthropy. Amal was introduced to a whole new audience when she met George and began dating him in 2013!

Understandably, for someone unfamiliar with all aspects of celebrity life, suddenly becoming a fixture within the microscopic celebrity spotlight can feel daunting. Despite finding sudden fame as George Clooney's new flame, the future Mrs. Clooney was able to keep her life with George a semi-private one. The world was surprised when George announced he had popped the question to Amal after only dating her for a few months!

George and Amal became Mr. and Mrs. in 2014 and reached another important milestone: the duo became parents of twins in June 2016! Since then, there's little to know about the Clooney children. Here are 20 tidbits about the notoriously quiet Clooney clan!

20 Dad Is Only A FaceTime Call Away

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A Hollywood couple with many multi-coastal engagements requiring a great deal of traveling, figuring out ways to spend time with one another is vital, and George and Amal know how to keep their relationship and family time intact!

The quiet couple is able to find time for some precious moments of togetherness. When Amal was interviewed for Vogue, she showed the world her husband is only a FaceTime phone call away. In the interview, he and Amal "gaze affectionately through the screen" as they quietly chat about their children George has affectionately christened "the knuckleheads."

Technology truly loves love!

19 The Tiny Tots Have Bonded, Too

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George and Amal aren't the only members of the Clooney family who share a tight bond! Despite their twins being extremely young, it seems Alexander and Ella are going to grow up to be very close!

The process and proof of a bond between the babies has already been noticed by their father! George sat down with Michael Strahan from ABC News and revealed the twins have a strong connection with each other. He joked, "one wakes the other one up" during those much loved minutes of naptime!

We can't wait to see more bonding!

18 Ella And Alexander Love Pizza

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The thought of creating a balanced meal for your children which includes a good portion of healthy food and something tasty enough to bypass any picky eaters is surely a universal dilemma shared by parents everywhere!

George and Amal Clooney have their twins' mealtime all figured out! The Clooney twins have gravitated toward one of the most kid-friendly creations of all time. The Clooney's personal chef once dished to Today that the twins love pizza, adding, "The twins are not fussy eaters."

George also sings high praises for their chef. Clooney described Viviana Frizzi's delicacies as food that would "make you cry!"

17 They're Jet-Setters

Most babies' worldview include attractions not very far from their homestead, but not for the Clooney twins! These two twin tots are living the life "normie" babies could only dream of achieving by their fifth birthday. The two-and-a-half-year-old Alexander and Ella Clooney are going to have multi-coastal early memories!

Traveling with twins can be a complicated venture for everyone involved, but the Clooney clan seem to be old pros already. George exemplified top Dad goals on a flight in 2017 when he "handed out noise-canceling headphones to those passengers in the first class area near them", according to E News.

16 The Twins Slept Through Their First Birthday Party

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Despite having extremely famous parents, Ella and Alexander Clooney know exactly what impresses them; they're all about that nap life!

When it's time to catch a few ZZZs, these babies know when to take advantage. Milestones only come around every once in a while, but Ella and Alexander had only one thing on their minds. According to People, Ella and Alexander really needed a nap because according to their doting dad, "They're kind of on European time, so they were sleeping most of the day."

Cake and the excitement over mounds of presents couldn't keep the sweet twins awake!

15 Their Names Were Inspired By Normalcy

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Life outside of the spotlight may be extremely important for the Clooneys, but George and Amal decided to go public when it came to Ella and Alexander's name origins!

Celebrity kids' identities aren't just shaped by who their parents are but also how unique their names are! The idea of off-the-wall celeb baby names aren't a requirement for this family and the Clooneys would like to keep it that way for Alexander and Ella.

George understands the immense scrutiny that can come with having a famous last name. In an interview, he said, "We didn't have any great inspiration..."

14 Ella And Alexander Have A Doting Grandma

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George has always been a family man, and his close and devoted clan won't slow down for the next generation! Luckily he's picked a woman who shares his love for family. Amal may be a super-woman of many talents but she's keeping her mother in close proximity in case she needs a hand!

Baria Alamuddin may be a globe-trotting citizen, but her heart remains with her grandchildren. After Alexander and Ella were born, Alamuddin released a statement reading, "We are over the moon. It was a beautiful delivery. The babies are beautiful and doing well!," according to Town and Country.

13 The Twins Have Distinctive Personalities

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The fun fascination with celeb twins through the ages has never seemed to dwindle. There always seems to be an air of mystery surrounding those with famous identical faces! What makes celebrity twins different from one another?

For Alexander and Ella Clooney, those siblings with similar faces are beginning to show their differences at an early age! Their proud papa gloated about the twins' emerging personalities. According to W Magazine, Ella is already bearing some resemblance to her stunning mother.

George said, "Ella is very elegant and dainty." He also added his son "laughs louder than everyone in the room!"

12 Mom Loves Private Time

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For a celebrity couple of high status, a rare moment of quiet shared only between the two can be difficult to come by! Amal and George know how busy their schedules are, so the Mr. and Mrs. make sure to devote time to their family on a daily basis.

The extremely private Amal Clooney seizes the privilege of enjoying quiet time with her twins at the beginning of each day. Amal is known for keeping her private life on the down-low but she told Vogue, "Between six and eight in the morning, we get to have them in our bed..."

11 You Won't Find The Twins On Socials

In the day and age of "swiping and liking," being on social media is our way of maintaining a social life. Without some type of social media account, we can't help but wonder if there's something amiss going on with the person behind the screen.

There are countless numbers of celebs who are just as glued to their phones and who spend a lot of their social interaction time on social media, but a celeb who's completely absent from social media is hard to come by! However, you won't find George or Amal Clooney posting #TBT pictures of Ella and Alexander!

10 George Is A Goofy Dad

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Part of George Clooney's appeal seems to be wildly influenced by his sense of humor and endless ability to always have a good time! There are rarely any photos of George where he isn't wearing a giant smile on his face.

George's sense of happiness definitely translates into pride for his children! The actor who is known for playing many serious roles is embracing his new role as a goofy dad to his twins. Parenthood can often be extremely serious, but George is turning the stereotype on its head!

According to Romper, George joked that ER prepared him for parenthood!

9 George Wants His Son To Be Compassionate

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Growing up in the spotlight from birth is a lifestyle many of us haven't experienced, but for Alexander and Ella, their lives from day one have been spent growing up in the glare of paparazzi photos and their parents' legacies!

Instilling a life of normalcy into the twins is important for George. In an interview with People, George expressed his desire to make sure his twins understand fame.

He noted, "I think that's going to be a challenge, to constantly remind our kids that being born in one place doesn't give you the right to just ignore everyone else's difficulties."

8 Parenthood Makes George Weepy

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Parenthood is an endless stream of emotional milestones! The experiences parenthood can bring can evoke so many thoughts and reactions, and George Clooney is no exception to the rollercoaster of emotions! The actor and funnyman has been vocal about his feelings regarding his status as a new parent.

George joked about the "blessings" parenthood can bring in the form of extremely sleepless nights! According to Elle, George jokingly said in an interview with the Daily Mail, "I cry more than they do. I cry four times a day now because I'm so tired."

Celebrity parents, they're just like us, right?

7 The Twins Made A Fake TV Debut

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George and Amal Clooney are among Hollywood's most notoriously quiet couples, and they know you're curious about their lives behind closed doors!

The couple is cool with the public curiosity with their kids. George displayed his wickedly funny sense of humor when he appeared on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel's talk show, where the actor teased the audience with an appearance from his twins, only to be met with Jimmy's "rival" Matt Damon popping out from backstage with two baby carriages disguised with baby blankets.

It turns out, those on baby-watch duty will have to wait a bit longer to see the twins!

6 Jennifer Aniston Approves

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When you've got your friends around, the support system can feel extremely comforting during life's biggest moments! Having a quality support system of good friends also extends to famous celebrities. For George and Amal, they have a particularly famous 'friend' in their corner, who loves watching the couple grow as parents.

Jennifer Aniston once appeared on Ellen, where she revealed her relationship with the Clooneys and how the couple is embracing parenthood. Aniston said it was "amazing" to see George in his new role as a father! Seeing your pals evolve into new versions of themselves is so sweet.

5 Fatherhood Has Mellowed The Heartthrob

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George Clooney certainly has a camp of celebrity friends behind him, and these friends have his back through the different phases of his life.

Matt Damon has acted alongside his friend George, so the actor has been able to spend a lot of quality time with George and had an up-close experience in witnessing the impact fatherhood has had on Clooney. Ellen DeGeneres satisfied our curiosity surrounding the impact of "Daddy duty" on George when she asked Matt how he has changed and acclimated to the new role.

Matt laughed and said. "He's loving it, and he's a lot calmer!"

4 Amal's Pregnancy Was Peaceful

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Amal Clooney's new role as a celebrity in the entertainment industry only grew stronger when she announced her pregnancy with her ultra-famous husband's twins! Luckily for the mom-to-be, her pregnancy was fairly laid-back for a first time mom.

Before the twins were born in June of 2017, the world was understandably excited to learn about Amal and her little bundles of joy! According to Harper's Bazaar, George was thrilled with his view in the pregnancy passenger's seat. He said, "Amal is doing really great. She's amazing. I don't have anything else to do." His role? To brew Amal some tea!

3 The Twins Are Fabulously Fashionable

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Considering George Clooney's status as an icon and his countless number of magazine cover appearances over the last three decades, as well as Amal Clooney's impeccable style, it's no surprise Ella and Alexander would carry on their parents' fashionable legacy.

Taking the twins' status as living life primarily on the DL, the world hasn't had the opportunity to see much of Ella and Alexander's outfits. Nicki Swift documented the rare appearance Amal made with the twins out and about in New York City last year, noting "while both [children] wore jeans, Alexander donned a black hooded jacket and black and white sneakers."

2 Julia Roberts Is Rooting For George

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Even the most famous members of the Hollywood elite struggle with learning the ins and outs of early parenthood and navigating life with a newborn!

Julia Roberts is known for her legacy as an Oscar-winning actress and for her roles in some of cinema's most iconic films, but at heart she's a friend to George Clooney, and she was there for him when it came to embracing fatherhood.

Julia sat down with Ellen DeGeneres and revealed she's taught her friend a few "insider" tips about parenting. The first? Amal and George "don't need any advice from me or anybody else!"

1 Alexander Picks Up After His Dad

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Ella and Alexander Clooney have been blessed to be born into an extremely loving home with parents who value the sacred and rare moments of privacy shared between an extremely famous couple!

The couple's vow to keep their twins out of the spotlight only makes the occasional mention of them all the more special. When George gave a glimpse of the twins's profiles to the public, he credited Amal for giving their daughter her looks, but People noted: "Alexander has taken after his Dad, despite George's hesitation to admit it."

George and Amal's adoration for their children is extremely evident!

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