"Clean At Sephora" Section Features Non-Toxic Products

Beauty products and care for the environment are going hand-in-hand these days. Which makes sense because protecting our environment from further damage is a beautiful things to do. Just last month, Hawaii passed legislation which bans the sale of sunscreen that contains two ingredients which are harmful to coral reefs.

Now, makeup giant Sephora has released a new shopping category called "Clean at Sephora" which means that the beauty products offered in this category will not contain harmful or controversial chemicals.


Teen Vogue got word first that "Clean at Sephora" will be available both online and at select stores so that all shoppers and Sephora fans will have a way to get their hands on chemical-free beauty products.


Makeup companies such as Credo, Follain, and Shen Beauty already offer non-toxic beauty products so Sephora is showing their smart business sense in stepping up their chemical-free make-up line. However, Sephora was one of the first big retailers to start offering paraben-free, sulfate-free, and phthalate-free beauty products years ago and for years, they have offered full ingredient lists for most of the products in their stores.

The "Clean at Sephora" line will include over 2,000 products and can be easily identified with a green "Clean at Sephora" sticker. Only hair, skin, and make-up items that are free of SLS and SLES sulfates, parabens, formaldehydes (as well as chemicals that react to release formaldehyde), phthalates, coal tar, oxybenzone, hydroquinone, triclosan, and triclocarban just to name a few, will receive this sticker.


Exposure to formaldehydes has been connected to an increased risk of cancer and sulfates have been known to strip away good skin oils, so banning these chemicals is a great thing. We would not be surprised if Sephora was planning to go completely chemical-free in the coming years. Hopefully, this chemical-free trend continues on, and as more and more people are becoming aware of what they are putting into their bodies as well as onto their bodies, we see no reason why this healthy movement should not continue on forward.

"Through research and insights, Sephora uncovered that more than 60% of women read beauty product labels prior to purchase, and that 54% claim it’s important for their skincare products to have a POV on clean," Sephora's Chief Marketing Officer Artemis Patrick said in a statement. "The customer — like many of us — is still unclear as to what words like 'clean,' 'natural,' 'wellness,' etc. really mean. This is why we sought out to bring a definition to their clients, if it’s of interest to them and a factor in their product selection".

Are you excited for Sephora's new "Clean at Sephora" project? We are ready to stock up on non-toxic beauty supplies!


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