Christmas Tree Hair Is The Most Festive Social Media Trend We've Seen This Season

Christmas tree hair is the latest beauty trend, and it is as crazy as it sounds.

The new trend is blowing people's minds as it takes over social media. According to Cosmopolitan, the hairstyle is exactly what it sounds like. People are putting their hair in an upside-down cone shape, which looks just like a Christmas tree. But the updo is not the end of this trend, it is just the beginning.

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Once the hair is securely in place, people are putting actual Christmas decorations in their hair. Yes, people are sharing their new hairstyles all over social media, with even a few how-to videos popping up for those interested. Instagram user @salonnadwa showcased a fully done Christmas tree hairstyle with legit ball ornaments in the hair.

There are so many questions that surround this beauty trend, but the main one is how in the world can the hairstyle stay. How does it not fall immediately? Well, there is a neat little trick people are using to make sure every single strand of hair stays in place. The trick is to place either a water bottle or cone on tops of your head and wrap the hair around it. Plus, a lot of hairspray is necessary and in some cases a hair net to hold it all together.

If the Christmas tree trend didn't already seem like an out there idea to you, some people are taking the look one step further and dying their hair green. Nothing says Christmas like green hair shaped like a tree with lights in it. Some people are even going all out with the hairstyle and addling real lights to their decorations. It looks really cool, but seriously, lightbulbs in your hair does not seem like the best idea.

The trend may seem more intriguing to the ladies but guess what men are hopping on the bandwagon too. In fact, some men on social media are going all out with Christmas tree hair and lights for their beards. It is the most wonderful time of year, and people do some rather interesting things to show their love for the holiday season.

What do you think about the new holiday beauty trend? Are you going to try it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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