Chrissy Teigen Starts 2019 By Throwing Some Serious Shade At Kim K

Everyone's favourite celebrity Chrissy Teigen started the new year by throwing some serious shade at Kim Kardashian, and the Internet loves her for it. Those who have been online on social media the past week cannot possibly have missed seeing posts and memes about the movie Bird Box. This seems to have gone right over Kim K's head, as the reality star and mother of three recently took to Twitter to let the world know she was watching the movie innocently asking who else had seen it.

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Chrissy Teigen, who has become popular for her sharp tongue and funny, relatable comments on Twitter and Instagram, was quick to let Kimmie know how behind she was, by replying to Kim's tweet saying that literally, everyone has already watched it. Chrissy is known for trolling her friends, fans, and even her husband, John Legend on social media, and it seems Kim Kardashian was no exception.

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As reported by Cosmopolitan, lots of people on Twitter agreed with Chrissy and continued flooding the comments to Kim's tweet saying how crazy it was that she had missed the Netflix Originals movie until then. Kim who is known to be very active on social media really should be more up to speed with the current memes, and Bird Box has been all over the place lately. Perhaps that is what having three children does to someone?

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Now, Chrissy and Kim go way back, so it is not likely that Kim will take the shade in the wrong way. The successful ladies met on a double date back in 2010, when Kim was dating Reggie Bush and Chrissy and John Legend were not yet married. They both have a lot in common as mothers, successful businesswomen, and wives of famous singers, and they famously appeared in Fergie's music video to M.I.L.F.$, celebrating hot Hollywood mamas. Chrissy Teigen and Kim Kardashian are definitely friendship goals, and anyone would love to join their double dates.

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Although Kim was a bit late to the party regarding the Sandra Bullock movie Bird Box, she has had a busy time lately. Hosting a Christmas party, sledding with Paris Hilton and doing photo shoots, it is no surprise the reality star has not had time to sit down and chill until now.

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