Chrissy Teigen Rips Apart Internet Troll For Harassing Her Over Fake Jeffrey Epstein Accusations

Chrissy Teigen is fantastic for setting people straight anytime anyone comes after her on social media. It doesn't matter if the person insulting her is a political figure, celebrity, or some nobody Internet troll- she responds to all. Her responses vary from the snarkiest of sarcasm to pure anger, depending on what the situation calls for. Plain and simple, Teigen is unafraid of speaking her mind online.

Most recently, Teigen ripped apart an Internet troll who'd been harassing her over fake news for being tied to the late Jeffrey Epstein. Yes, you read that right- someone took time out of their day (repeatedly, we might add) to ask Teigen if she and her husband, John Legend, were ever associated with the convicted sex offender. Talk about disgusting and wrong!

It's suspected that this rumour started due to a photo from 2016 that has their daughter, Luna, wearing a hot dog costume. If this has you scratching your head, it's important to know that there's an Internet conspiracy theory that a hot dog is a code for pedophiles. While none of this has been confirmed, it's clear that some believed that Teigen and Legend are associated with Epstein. Spoiler alert- they never were.

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After allegedly being asked this multiple times by the same individual, Teigen apparently had enough. She Tweeted back with, "You ask me this every day, multiple times a day and I’m going to say it one last time. Just for you: They AREN’T, you f***ing weirdo. Why do you believe ANYTHING?" She then added to the Twitter thread, "Like someone there is a chicken scratch list of with “epStEin FLIGHT loGs” and wrote down jon + crissy and now they all believe this."

When asked about her and Legend's alleged connection with Epstein, Teigen was quick to set the record straight then. She replied on Twitter, "I sit on my couch, I take care of my kids, work and I cook food. not everyone in Hollywood is some demonic warlord and not everyone has an elaborate agenda."

So, just to be clear- neither Teigen nor Legend were ever connected to Epstein in any way, shape or form. While this may have been glaringly obvious to most everyone, a few Internet trolls creating waves about such fake news means that this rumour needs to be squashed. Here's hoping that it's dead once and for all.

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