Chrissy Teigen Never Changed Her Name But John Kind Of Did

Chrissy Teigen revealed why she did not take John Legend’s last name.

Many women choose not to take their husband's last names, and Chrissy Teigen is one of them. Teigen announced why she didn’t take her husband's last name and you wouldn’t believe the groundbreaking reasoning behind her decision.

Chrissy recently took to her Twitter to reveal why after one tweet, in particular, went viral on the social media platform. “I’d really like to hear the reasoning behind women who won’t take their husband’s last name,” was the tweet that recently circulated the internet, and Chrissy decided to chime in on the conversation in the most hilarious way. “My husband didn’t even take his last name?” Chrissy tweeted out, and fans were obsessed with her hilarious rebuttal.

In case you aren’t aware, John Legend isn’t actually a Legend on paper. Legend is the singer’s stage name, while his real name is John Stephens. The couple’s daughter is named Luna Stephens. The tweeting didn’t stop there! People continued to question why she then didn’t take on the last name of Stephens, and she wasted no time to clap back. The Lip-Sync Battle co-star wrote she isn’t against the act and posed a great question, “Why do people care so much?”

“The best part is, I am not anti-taking the last name at all. I was going to, just never got around to it and it isn’t even the name he goes by. It wasn’t some grand statement no to. I just don’t see how the choice affects anyone else – why do people care so much!” Teigen tweeted out. And she isn’t wrong! Why do people care so much?

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She later ended the convo once and for all by tweeting, “you’ll never understand the simple reason of “because I don’t want to?” Teigen wrote. Guess that’s settled! The star made it apparent that she isn’t against taking your husband's last name, yet that didn’t seem to be enough for a few people out there.

We always love it when Chrissy takes to Twitter, because we know we’re in for a good time. Don’t come for Chrissy Teigen or her last name!

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