Chrissy Teigen Flies Headfirst Into Leslie Jones' Umbrella

There was an incident in Times Square on NBC's live New Year's Eve celebration, it involved Chrissy Teigen's face and Leslie Jones' umbrella.

Chrissy got the not so friendly end of an umbrella when she attempted to hug Leslie onstage. Despite the accidental hit in the face, Chrissy is fine and reassured both her fans and Leslie herself in a tweet. She even managed to get the hug she wanted however the second time around was far less painful. Teigen even managed to find something funny and that was her mentioning how she simply hugs too hard. Jones also got into the action by apologizing about it all. She actually said: "that's why I hate umbrellas" according to MSN.

There was a video of the collision posted to Twitter by Big Cat. It is only four seconds long but managed to really create an understanding of how something like this could occur. You see umbrellas as much as the world loves them can be dangerous if everybody isn't very careful. In this case, no one got hurt but the serious part is that Teigen could have damaged her eye pretty badly had she been more of a forceful hugger. As in one of those people who manage to almost knock a person over with their hug/tackle.


Many people got to see it all go down after Jones had auditioned people in the area on their skills surrounding midnight kissing. Although not everyone got the ugly view, Jones had a co-host, who's known as Carson Daly. At the time of the incident, he was snatching a sip of champagne when he suddenly missed it, which is kind of like missing that sad and mildly humorous moment in high school, it happens but isn't something to build up a fear of missing out on.

Whatever the case may be, it's good to see that both entertainers are in good health and not hurt. Most people saw the rather embarrassing incident but Carson Daly learned that even being onstage cannot protect you from missing out on important information.  Despite that, this was a potentially dangerous hug that many people should be cautious about when attempting to hug individuals who're packing an umbrella.

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