Essential Beauty Products That Create 2019's Hottest Trends For Cheap

With a new year comes new trends. We see them on red carpets. They are all over social media. And they can be done by us, at home, on ourselves, too!

From bold and bright eye makeup to cute hair accessories, there are 10 beauty crazes that are totally “in” right now. That being said, we have curated a list of the 10 products that can help recreate these looks - without breaking the bank.

Whether we are heading out for a night on the town with friends or just wanting to elevate our loungewear, these are the items and the beauty trends we all need this year.

9 Maybelline Lip Studio Metallic Foil Liquid Lipstick


This first trend may not be for everyone, but it is super fun - foil lips. For this, people can turn to Maybelline's first ever matte metallic liquid lipstick. It creates a gorgeous gilded finish in a range of colors, including coral, purple, copper and gold.

The matte lipstick has vivid color pigments in it, which helps in creating that liquid metal effect that is trending right now. For a futuristic look, while enjoying a wild and crazy Friday night or in order to brighten up a simple outfit, we definitely suggest at least trying a metallic lipstick!

8 Lip Gloss Perfection Set


Another bold lip trend for the year is lipstick that looks like a highlighter! This one is even more daring than a foil lip, since it could give off clown vibes. When done correctly, though, this can look super cute.

To try it out, go for something like this set, which has nine dual-sided tubes. That is right - There are 18 colors here in matte, shimmer and glitter glosses. Want something dark and dramatic? Try maroon or coffee. Looking to complete a rainbow-esque outfit? Add in some orange, green, yellow, violet red or shimmery pink. People can experiment with a set like this one.

7 Jmkcoz Eye Shadow Palette


Neon colors are being seen on the eyes, too, and more experimentation can take place with this eyeshadow palette. With this product, there are 120 colors just waiting to be used, including matte and shimmer finishes.

They all glide on easily, due to being created with the best pigments and purest mineral oil. So even beginners can enjoy choosing one bright color or can really dive into this trend by using several colors at once. Rainbow eyelids are seen on runways, at music festivals and now in our own selfies, thanks to colorful, cute and crazy palettes like this one!

6 Eye Liner Pencil Set - 12 Assorted Colors


Vivid colors are also being seen around the eye, which is why this next item is up on this shopping guide! These eyeliners are long-lasting, hypoallergenic, soft and available in the following colors: charcoal black, white, purple, turquoise, burgundy, brown, dark brown, gray, plum, yellow, lavender and pink.

With this set, smoky effects can be created, thick cat eyes can be drawn on, and pops of color can act like the cherries on top of amazing ensembles. These liners glide on effortlessly and will stay on all day, ensuring that we rock this trend in the best way possible.

5 Eyebrow Grooming Set


Once the perfect makeup look is created, we can enhance our faces even further by making our brows look strong and sleek, beautiful and bold! The days of over-tweezing eyebrows into thin and high arches are long gone. Nowadays, a thick brow is the way to go, but it still needs to look Instagram-worthy.

This kit comes with everything needed to clean up, fill in, define and shape eyebrows. There are sturdy stainless steel tweezers, scissors that are specifically designed for eyebrow grooming, razors made of ultra-thin precision blades and a duo brush that is ideal for shaping and defining eyebrows.

4 NYX Professional Makeup Setting Spray


Since spring is finally here, many are going for dewy looks, which are also in this year. A great way to accomplish this trend is with a setting spray. These products are spritzed onto faces, in order to help makeup stay put, all day long.

And this particular one has a dewy finish, meaning it will help create a fresh glow that lasts. It is lightweight and comfortable, but it works hard to make sure makeup stays put. This is an easy way to turn any beauty look into one that works perfectly for this time of the year!

3 Beauty Glazed 15 Colors Glitter Eyeshadow Palette


Speaking of springtime and music festivals and rocking bold makeup, the next trend to discuss is glitter, and the next product on this list is a glitter eyeshadow palette. It has ultra-pigmented powders that are long-lasting and waterproof.

It has several unique and shiny colors from which to choose. It can also be used on faces, legs and bodies, just like we used to do back in the ‘90s! With various shimmering eyeshadows, a person can attempt the glitter look on their eyelids before going all out, though, in order to see if this look is for them or not.

2 50 Pcs Butterfly Hair Clips


Another beauty trend is back from the 1990s - butterfly hair clips. Who remembers these? Who wore these all the time? This particular set of them comes with 50 clips in assorted colors.

They are small and cute, meaning they can work in a girl’s hair, can be worn by adults, can be placed down the length of a braid… There are many ways to style these accessories, which have been popping up more and more. Again, this look may not be for everyone, but the option is here, affordable on Amazon, for anyone who is ready to help bring these clips back!

1 Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Soft Waves Sea Salt Spray


The last trend of 2019, which we will explain how to create, is textured waves. Hair can be cut and styled in so many ways, but waves that look like we just came from the beach are so fab right now! A spray like this - which is actually infused with sea salt and sea kelp - can add texture, separation and body.

It also has aloe extract in it, which helps protects the hair against dryness and sun exposure. Just mist this spray generously onto damp or dry hair to create that tousled look, without even having to go to the coast.

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