Charlotte Tilbury's Latest Lipstick Shade Was Named By Two Fans On Instagram

What's not to love about a beautiful peachy pink shade that is oh so perfect for summer lips? Nothing, really. Especially if it is a limited edition matte lipstick only available exclusively through British makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury, the founder and creative director of eponymous beauty and skincare brand, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Ltd.

Lip-lovers listen up because there is now an all-new addition to the legendary make-up artist-turned-beauty mogul’s already cult-classic lineup of lip shades. The most unique part of this latest specialty, however, is that it was named by two of Tilbury’s biggest fans, Teresa Centeno and Yael Bensemhoun.

Devoted followers of Charlotte Tilbury might recall that the brand had asked Instagram fans to get their creative juices flowing in order to submit shade names for a new hue that would debut in summer 2018.

Well, the sunshine season has officially arrived, and after sifting through each and every one of the reported 22,000 incredible entries, the brand maven -- who has basically worked with everybody from Kate Moss to Victoria Beckham and the Kardashians -- has set her sights on one particular name. The name fully encapsulates the pretty peach and pink shade that Tilbury so expertly fashioned for us to obsess over.

Let’s meet "Sunset Lover", a light, flirty essential for any warm-weather look and for anyone looking to update their summer lipstick wardrobe.


Just like all other Matte Revolution lipsticks, Sunset Lover's rich, creamy formula is as dreamy as can be. Each orchid extract, lipstick tree extract, oil and wax-infused stick comes in the infamous gilded golden case and features a revolutionary angled square tip for super easy application with no need for multiple runs over the lips.

This latest lippy sensation was designed to resemble the colors in a summer sunset. Claims have also been made that it’s bound to look and feel grandiose on a majority of skin tones. The color went on sale for the public on June 21st, but is, as mentioned, limited edition, and will be available only until the brand runs out of stock.

When it’s gone it’s gone, my friends, so giddy on up to grab summer’s newest go-to shade.

Thank you, Charlotte Tilbury, thank you!


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