Celine Dion’s Kids: 20 Things She Keeps On The DL

The vocal powerhouse that is Celine Dion has lived the majority of her life in the spotlight. The singing sensation from the north hit the entertainment scene when she was only twelve years old. With the help of her much older manager and one-day husband, Rene Angelil, she took the world by storm with her mesmerizing voice and captivating stage presence.

Celine Dion was born for a life of stardom, but that wasn't all that she was destined to do.

Celine had long dreamed of becoming a parent along with her true love Rene. Their love was one that people on the outside gawked and whispered about, and we get it. Celine was a child when Rene took her under his wing, but over time their kinship blossomed into a romantic relationship and a lifelong friendship.

Many naysayers never thought that Rene and Celine would stay together, especially after she became a worldwide phenomenon, but they proved everyone wrong. The couple married, and then after much hardship they finally became parents, making all of their wildest dreams come true.

Celine is happy to share her music with the world, but her children? Not so much. While she keeps a lot of the family details private, we managed to find 20 things about Celine and her late husband's kids that they tried to keep on the DL.

20 She Has A Stepson Younger Than Her

Celine Dion is a biological mom to her three rapidly growing sons, but she is also a step-mother to her late husband Rene's three children, one of whom is actually older than she is! Rene Charles had three children from previous relationships. Angélil married his first wife, Denyse Duquette, in 1966 and together they had a son Patrick, who was born in 1968. Celine, also born in 1968, is younger than Patrick by a hair.

She also has two more step-kids who are right around her age from her late husband's second wife, Anne Renee. It had to be strange seeing your father wed a woman who could have been your grade school playmate!

19 She Required Assistance To Have Her Sons

Celine Dion always knew that she wanted two things out of life: to be a singing sensation and to be a mother. Making that first dream of hers come true didn't take too much, but making the second one happen was nothing if not hard work and sacrifice.

Celine was in her thirties when she tried to take motherhood on and was surprised that she could not naturally conceive a child. After years of trying to fall pregnant to no avail, Celine and her late husband Rene Angelil turned to the specialists for help. She underwent several attempts at reproductive assistance before she finally bore her first son.

18 Three Sons, And A Loss

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Celine and Rene were thrilled when a pregnancy finally stuck and Celine gave birth to their son, Rene Charles. All of Celine's dreams were coming true, but she was still left wanting. Celine deeply wanted to give her boy a sibling, but that proved to be as challenging a road as any she has traveled.

In her quest to add to her family, Celine endured a pregnancy loss in between her firstborn son and the birth of her twin boys. She spoke candidly about the experience in an interview with Oprah but was ever the picture of positivity when she told the famous host that they had tried four times to make a baby stick, but felt as if five was going to be the lucky number.

17 Her Twins Are Fraternal

After several attempts at becoming pregnancy for a second time and one pregnancy loss, Celine Dion finally discovered that her only child, Rene Charles, would soon be a big brother. The superstar not only found out that she was pregnant yet again but this time it was with twins!

All of that positivity and good vibing that she had been doing paid off in the end for Celine and her family. Little Nelson and Eddy are fraternal twins, although they almost look as if they could be identical. Fraternal twins stem from two separate fertilized eggs and usually develop separate amniotic sacs and placentas.

16 And Almost Had One More Sibling!

The fraternal twins who completed Celine and Rene's family were almost triplets! At the start of the gestation, the doctors thought that three babies would be joining the famous family. Celine opened up about the discovery, saying that of course, the family was thrilled about the pregnancy, but that happiness was joined with some sadness too because, "For about a week, we thought we had triplets, but sadly on the next visit to the doctor’s, we only heard two heartbeats.”

While the "three to two" happened very early on in the pregnancy, Dion said that it was still startling and sad. We can understand that.

15 The Twins' Names Are Significant

A lot goes into choosing a baby's name, and Celine and Rene had twice the work to do when they were naming their twin sons. Not only were there two children to name at once, but these babies were Celine's miracle babies, the ones that she thought might never arrive. She had to give them monikers that fit their greatness. The powerhouse couple decided to name the babies Eddy and Nelson.

Nelson was named after the great human rights leader and activist Nelson Mandela. Eddy was named after Eddy Marnay, who produced the singer's first five records. Dion considers Marnay to be like a father figure to her. And Mandela we don't even have to say anything about due to his relevance and importance to the universe!

14 Oldest Son Rene Charles Goes By A New Name Now

Celine's oldest son, Rene Charles, was named after his loving father, and while Rene Charles isn't looking to get rid of that name anytime soon, he has been flying under the radar in the underground music world by using a different name that is less recognized by the world.

Rene Charles goes by Big Tip when he is putting out new music, but he also goes by his initials, R.C. We are sure that he loves his late father deeply and continues his legacy in so much more than just name. But when your name is that famous, it's nice to have a few other options to go by.

13 Her Eldest Channels His Roots Via Sports

While musical talent is surging through Celine Dion and Rene Charle's oldest son's veins, so are homages to other parts of his roots. Celine is from our neighbors to the north of course, and folks in Canada are notorious for loving some hockey. Rene Charles has played the traditional northern sport for years and also supports the professional teams whenever he can.

We love that while Celine is one of the biggest superstars in the world, she still makes it a point to teach her sons where they came from. Tradition is important, and hockey is about as traditional an activity as it gets up in the north.

12 And Is Musically Inclined

How do you grow up the son of Celine Dion and not have some kind of deep appreciation for music? Rene Charles has traveled all over the world listening to his mom belt tunes out. She is an icon and legend when it comes to pulling off over the top performances that leave people's jaws on the arena floor.

Now that Rene is an adult, though, he is doing a lot more than just listening to her songs. He is making some of his own! R.C. has thrown his hat into the rap game ring and appears to have a real, raw talent when it comes to spitting rhymes. Who knew this teenage, Canada-bred boy could hold his own against some of the most accomplished rappers to date?

11 Big Tip, Big Secret

Rene Charles is smart too. When he decided to start letting the world listen to his rhymes, he did so under a pseudonym. That was a good move considering Rene Charles Angelil doesn't exactly fit the rap game bill, and his given name is far too recognized in most areas of the world.

He released his tunes under the name Big Tip, a much more hip-hop oriented title, but the new name was inspired by his days of playing hockey. Back when he played in the Bantam leagues, R.C. was known for tipping the puck into the net every chance he got. He went with "Big" because "Lil'" is far too overused and he didn't want to be small; he aimed to be huge!

10 R.C. Kept His Musical Success From His Mother At First

Celine likes to be in the know when it comes to her children, always staying active and present in their personal lives, no matter how busy she is with her performing projects. As involved as Ms. Dion is, one thing did slip right past her. Celine had no idea that her oldest son was climbing the music charts with his rap tunes.

R.C. (a.k.a. Big Tip a.k.a. Rene Charles) didn't tell his mother about his musical success until he had the No. 1 and No. 2 songs on the Soundcloud charts. The singer was more than surprised when her kid shared his news with her, but she was also incredibly proud of him.

9 Rene C. Shuns His Mother's Contacts

Now that Rene Charles has found his passion in life, he could be as big of a superstar as his mother if she would only make one or two high powered phone calls to well-connected people in the industry. The aspiring rapper chose not to use his famous mother's contacts, however, and is adamant that he is going to make this dream a reality all on his own.

R.C. has said that using mom's well-known friends in the industry would make things far too easy and that at the end of the day, he wants to make a name for himself the old fashioned way: through hard work.

8 Family Love For M.J.

When Celine's adorable twin sons, Nelson and Eddy, turned seven years old, she wanted to throw them a birthday party that they could remember for all time. She tapped into their most favorite musician, former pop legend Michael Jackson, and threw them quite the birthday bash.

Celine's twin sons, Eddy and Nelson, love themselves some Michael, as does their mother. The boys really glammed out, looking like their favorite version of M.J. and had figurines of the late star from his every stage of stardom. It appears that everyone in Celine's family draws a bit of inspiration from the King of Pop.

7 And An Obsession With Disneyland

Celine Dion and her kids indeed all share a love for Michael Jackson and his music collection, but they share another interest too: Disneyland. The family spent some time at the most magical place on earth for the twins' fifth birthday, right after the passing of their much-adored father.

For Celine and her kids, Disneyland served as a place to be happy and relax after enduring such a rough emotional year. Not only did Celine lose her husband and the love of her life to cancer, but she lost her brother to the same disease in the same time frame.

6 Mama Celine Isn't Crazy About R.C. Dating

Is any mother ever ready to give up her crown to a new woman in her son's life? Probably not. It's difficult for moms to realize that their sons are ready to start dating and that they won't always be the only woman in their golden boy's eye. Celine Dion is no different and back when her son was entering the dating years; she revealed in an interview that she was not about it.

"The time will for sure come when I’m sitting in the living room, and I see a girl with her hand on my boy’s leg… I will fall over. I will totally fall over, not ready for him to have a girlfriend." We get you, Celine.

5 Rene Charles Was The Victim Of A Hoax

During the aftermath of the Las Vegas tragedy, rumors were swirling that Celine and Rene's eldest son had perished in the tragic event along with 58 other innocent victims. Thankfully this report was nothing more than a hoax without merit.

Rene Charles is well and alive and wasn't even present at the infamous country music concert. Celine did pay homage to the people affected by the tragedy at a show she held after the event, making sure all that were affected were not soon forgotten. She made no mention of her son because of course, he was alive and well at the time.

4 A Teenage Eulogy Speech

Rene Angelil was indeed the love of Celine's life. She had known and loved him since she was a child herself, and while their love was viewed as unconventional at best, they managed to stand the test of time and stay together for decades until Rene lost his battle with cancer.

Celine was stricken when her husband passed away, and her grief was palpable when we saw her attend her beloved's funeral. Her teenage son stepped up to the plate that day, even though he had just lost his dad, and delivered the eulogy on his family's behalf. Here is a kid that is wise and mature beyond his teenage years.

3 The Twins Were Deeply Affected By The Loss Of Their Father

Celine and Rene's young twins were barely old enough to understand what was going on when their father passed away, and while eldest son Rene Charles stood at the front of an entire assembly and spoke on behalf of his siblings and mother, the younger children struggled to process such a profound loss.

Celine turned to the movie Up to help her little ones understand what had just happened. The boys were able to think of their dad up in heaven with the movie's main character Ellie. The concept of associating their father's passing with an animated film wasn't something she planned, it just happened, and Celine went with it.

2 Forever Co-Sleeping

When Celine lost Rene, she lost her husband and her best friend, the only man she ever loved. Her children lost a parent. Everyone was grieving, and one way the family worked through that grief was to band together in the darkness of night. Celine bought a bed large enough for her and the twins to sleep in, and together they rested, relying on each other for solace.

While some might view this as needy and unhealthy on the part of Celine, she made no excuses. "I organize myself not to feel lonely," the powerhouse singer said. For her and her family, co-sleeping was how they got through the lonely nights.

1 Speaking To The Deceased Before Bed

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Just because Rene Angelil has physically left the earth doesn't mean that he is not present in Celine and their kids' lives every day. Dion said that her kids speak to their father every night and kiss him before they turn in for their slumber. The kids also write him messages and send them up to the skies via balloons.

Celine is a huge believer in the idea that her husband's spirit continues to live on, surrounding the family in all that they do. Of her grief, Celine said that she expects she shall grieve for the entirety of her life. After all, love like theirs isn't something that one gets over.

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