Celine Dion Is (& Forever Will Be) A Goddess, Here Are 20 Reasons Why

It's absolutely crazy to think of how long Celine Dion has been in the entertainment industry. It seems like she's just always been around, putting out album after album. And, unlike many stars whose trajectories begin to fade after a few years, she's still going just as strong as when she started.

One of the factors is obviously her amazing voice—the woman has pipes like no other. However, there are plenty of artists with amazing vocals that don't end up lasting in the industry. It's much more than that. It's a unique combination of her talent, her dedication, her attitude, and her personality.

Though she could very easily be a huge diva based on the level of success she's achieved, Celine Dion just isn't like that. She still seems so humble and is absolutely fearless. Her fans are utterly devoted to her, and for good reason—she's amazing!

The woman is now 50 years old and slaying it just the same as she did when she was a teenage singer getting her big break. We anticipate her musical profession will last pretty much as long as she wants it to—until she decides to hang up her microphone, her fans will keep coming to her shows and buying her albums.

There's no other way to say it—she's a goddess! And here are 20 reasons why.

20 She's Totally Dedicated To Her Family

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The entertainment industry isn't an easy business, and many people have lost sight of their priorities in their quest to fame. Celine Dion isn't like that. While she always wants to do her best, she's not afraid to press pause on her singing to focus on her family. That's exactly what she did in 1999.

Though her popularity was off the charts at the time and most people would have advised her to keep working hard, she took some time to start her family and be with her husband, who was ill. It's something many artists would be afraid to do, but she knew what was most important to her in the world—and we totally admire that.

19 She's 50 And Still Going Strong On Stage

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We're circling back to this one because, frankly, we kind of still can't believe it. Celine Dion is 50 years old, which seems completely nuts to us. While she may not look the exact same as she did in her 20s, she still looks absolutely stunning. And, more importantly, she still brings so much energy to every performance.

It isn't easy to do all the outfit changes and choreography required of a live performance, and she does them time after time, impressing fans with every single performance. Even though she's at an age when most artists take a step back from the stage, she's still doing it all.

18 She's Queen Of Dramatic Hand Gestures

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People sometimes make fun of Celine Dion for the totally over the top hand gestures she makes when she sings. From reaching both arms out to the sky to pounding her chest, she serves up some major drama on stage. However, that's part of her stage persona—and it totally works for her!

With her style of music and her voice, doing pop star choreography would seem a little bit strange. The hand gestures add a little pizzazz to her performance and prevent her from just standing in front of the mic singing. We can't really imagine a Celine Dion performance without them!

17 Her Talent Got Her Noticed At Just 12

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It's incredibly difficult to break into the entertainment industry no matter how talented you are. That's because it's not solely about talent—you also need to have someone discover you. And when Celine Dion was young, there were no online platforms to upload your material and hope to get discovered. It had to happen the good old fashioned way—you had to submit a demo tape or someone had to hear you perform.

Celine Dion didn't have to wait very long to get discovered, though. Her manager-turned-husband René Angélil ended up hearing her when she was just 12 years old (after her brother sent him a tape) and realized she would become a star.

16 She Has A Genuine And Inspiring Rags To Riches Story

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We have to admit—it's always inspiring to hear a true rags-to-riches story. While it's admirable when celebrities from wealthy backgrounds end up making it in the entertainment industry, it's a whole different level when celebrities end up going from nothing to superstars. And, the latter is exactly what happened to Celine Dion.

She grew up in Quebec and was one of 14 children—that's right, 14! Her mother stayed at home with the children and her father worked, but there aren't many jobs in the world that could comfortably support a family of 16, so they definitely struggled.

15 She Rocked Her First Met Gala

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The Met Gala is one of the most celebrity-studded events taking place today. Every year, the Gala has a different theme, and every year celebrities walk the Met Gala carpet in outfits that are more over the top than the last year. There are many celebrities who have attended quite a few over the years and have kind of become jaded about the whole experience. It's just another event for them to attend.

Celine Dion, on the other hand, was living for the Met Gala. She attended for the first time in 2017 and appeared to have an absolute blast at the event. Relatable!

14 She Got Her Start Singing In French — And Still Does

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While most fans know that Celine Dion has roots in Canada and speaks French, many don't know that she actually got her start in another language. That's right—before she started releasing English albums to an international audience, she released albums in French.

And, throughout her work, she didn't abandon her roots. She often uses both languages for her albums and her songs, which we love. It would have been easy to discard her roots the moment real fame hit, but she kept that part of her past. We love that she's totally unafraid to march to the beat of her own drum.

13 She Doesn't Take Herself Too Seriously

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When many people see Celine Dion in interviews, they're often quite surprised. It's because there's a huge disconnect between the way most people think she'll be and the way she actually is—in the best possible way. Given her larger than life voice and incredible stage persona, many people assume she's a straight up diva.

However, in real life, she's kind of a goofball. She never takes herself too seriously and she's always up for some fun. It would be easy for her to have developed a huge attitude thanks to all her success, but instead, she's stayed totally humble. Talk about an inspiration!

12 She's Released 71 Albums Over The Years

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Okay, are you sitting down for this one? Over the years she's been in the industry, Celine Dion has released a whopping 71 albums. That's bananas! Now, we're not talking about 71 albums of entirely new content—that would be a little too much. The total is comprised of 26 studio albums, seven live albums, 17 compilation albums, and 21 box sets.

Still, though, that's an amount that most artists couldn't even imagine. Breaking into the double digits is a huge enough accomplishment! We can't wait to see if she stays in the game a little longer and eventually brings that total up to 100—what a legacy to leave!

11 She Basically Made The Vegas Residency A Thing For Musicians

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Nowadays, having a residency in Las Vegas is a pretty popular decision for artists that have reached a certain level in their fame. However, many people forget that Celine Dion was the first one to do it—and most people thought it was a crazy idea. However, she maintained that it would be a great decision for her, and she proved them all wrong.

It was a massive success; there were countless people who traveled to Vegas solely to see Celine perform and she took her profession to a whole new level. It gave her the ability to do countless performances, like when she was on tour, without the hassle of having to travel the world.

10 She Has A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

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Celine Dion has achieved a tremendous amount of success over the course of her professional life. So, we're not that surprised that she ended up getting tapped to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the '00s. Frankly, we're surprised she didn't get one a little bit sooner!

Dion was really humble and honored by the acknowledgment, and now her fans can see her name on the prestigious pathway of fame. She doesn't seem to spend too much of her time in Hollywood, but she likely takes a detour and takes a quick peek from time to time when she's in California. I mean, wouldn't you?

9 She Built A Waterpark At Her House

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When Celine Dion built her mansion in Florida (which she has since sold), she designed it exactly as she wanted. On the inside, that meant plenty of high-end finishes, plenty of space, and a whole lot of luxury. To take advantage of the Florida heat, there are also two pools that create an outdoor oasis.

However, Dion didn't just want a picture perfect landscaped exterior—she wanted a space where her kids and guests could have fun. So, rather than just having a pool, she also installed two water slides and water cannons. That's right—she literally created a private water park at her house. What a queen!

8 She's Been A Guest On Oprah's Show More Than Any Other Celebrity

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Oprah is one of the few people in the industry who has become as iconic as Celine Dion. The talk show host went from a regular show host to an absolute icon. Getting tapped to appear on her show was an immense honor, and many celebrities didn't even get the chance to do it once—it was way more of an honor than getting a spot on the late night circuit.

Celine Dion, however, had a little something special that Oprah seemed to respond to. Over the course of her time in the industry, Dion appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show more than any other celebrity, which is quite an accomplishment.

7 She Made Titanic Legendary Thanks To That Iconic Song

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We're not denying that Titanic was an amazing film for many reasons. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet did an incredible job bringing their characters to life and creating a love story on screen, the script was solid, the background was stunning, and so on. However, let's be serious—Celine Dion's iconic song "My Heart Will Go On" was a huge part of the film's success.

Yes, she's had countless other hits. However, that song just contributed such a massive amount to that film and most fans still get emotional when they hear it. It's the perfect pairing for the landmark dramatic movie.

6 She's A Total Fashion Icon

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Okay, if you're not using Celine Dion as fashion inspiration yet, you need to be. The thing we love about her style is that she's completely fearless. There are many celebrities who look stylish, but have outfits that are fairly basic. Celine Dion isn't like that. She's always willing to rock a look that has drama whether that involves sequins on stage, a super dramatic sleeve, a backwards tuxedo, whatever.

She's constantly taking risks when it comes to her style, which we absolutely adore. After all, fashion should be about having fun! There's no need to follow the rules—you should rock the type of pieces that speak to you.

5 She Has Tons Of Celebrity Fans — Including Adele

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Obviously, Celine Dion has a legion of fans around the world who adore her. However, did you know that there are also plenty of celebrities who consider themselves huge fans? There are countless musicians who are totally in awe of her talent and have been inspired by her far before they ever entered the industry.

The artists who have praised Dion's voice over the years include everyone from Barbra Streisand and Pavarotti to Coldplay and Elton John. And, of course, Adele. Adele is considered to have some of the best vocals in the industry, and she's a total fangirl when it comes to Celine Dion, which is adorable.

4 Her First Public Singing Appearance Was At Her Brother's Wedding — She Was Just 5

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Many artists dream of performing, but have a bit of stage fright that prevents them from reaching out for their dream—at least, at first. Celine Dion wasn't like that at all. She knew she wanted to be a singer from an early age, and she used every opportunity to get on stage that she had—even her brother's wedding!

When her brother Michel tied the knot in 1973, when Dion was just 5 years old, she performed a song by Christine Charbonneau entitled "Du fils des aiguilles et du coton." It was probably adorable at the time—and now, anyone who remembers that performance likely considers themselves so lucky to have heard her way back then.

3 She Knew She Needed To Master English To Get An International Audience — So She Did

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Celine got her start as an artist singing in French and could have easily taken the easy way and continued on that path. Sure, she wouldn't receive international success, but she had a devoted audience who loved her songs. Well, that wasn't good enough for her—she wanted to reach an international audience, and her manager wanted the same for her.

However, her manager Angélil realized that she'd need to improve her English skills if she wanted to become an international superstar. So, he sent her to Ecole Berlitz, she improved her English tremendously, and their plan ended up working. Talk about dedication!

2 She's Been In The Industry For Nearly 40 Years Now

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Celine Dion got her start in the industry when she was just 14 years old, and she recently celebrated her 50th birthday. If you do the math, you'll realize that means she's been in the industry for nearly 40 years now, which is nearly unheard of. Many artists feel fortunate if they can remain relevant for even a decade in the fickle industry.

To stretch nearly half a century and still have fans coming to your shows is absolutely crazy. And, she shows no signs of slowing down! Dion is finally opting to end her Las Vegas residency in June 2019, and she's heading right back into the studio to work on new music.

1 She's Gotten A Ton of Non-Musical Honors For All Her Contributions To The Industry

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Celine Dion has made a huge splash in the entertainment industry, and her awards stretch beyond Grammys and other music-specific accolades. Over the years, she's been honored with many other awards, including the Society of Singers Lifetime Achievement Award, the Order of Canada, and the Legion d'honneur.

Basically, she's a total superstar, and countries around the world recognize that. We can't imagine how she must feel when getting tapped for one of those huge honors. Who would have thought that a singer from Quebec with a big dream would end up becoming the international superstar she is today? It's absolutely crazy.

Sources: Brit Co, EW

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