Celine Dion Releases New Gender-Neutral Fashion Line For Children

Just when we thought that Celine Dion had enough money to spend the rest of her life chilling in a hot pool in California, she does something crazy, like a ready-to-wear line for children. And it’s not just any clothing line that we’re talking about, but an ambitious gender-neutral brand that aims to revolutionize kids’ fashion.

The Canada-born music legend has teamed up with Nununu and launched “Celinununu”, which features mostly black and white clothes for babies and children aged 0-14. In case you’re wondering, black and white isn’t there just to obliterate obsolete gender stereotypes, but to “introduce children to the wonderful mystery of minimalism”.

From what we could glean from the short film that debuts the brand, Celine has some strong feelings against traditional pink and blue gender markers. In this slightly bizarre ad (sorry Celine), we see the 50-year-old singer getting cuffed by the cops after breaking into a children’s hospital in the middle of the night.

Dressed in an all-black tux, Celine enters the hospital nursery where babies sleep, and she sprinkles them with black glitter. The glitter magically transforms their boring pink and blue rompers to kick-ass black-and-white “Celinununu” outfits. The brand’s ‘minimalistic’ designs of crosses, black stars and “New Order” slogans are clearly on display.

Celine is heard saying as an otherworldly lullaby plays in the background: “Our children. They are not really our children. As we are all just links in a never-ending chain that is life”.

Clearly, Celine doesn’t care about the creepiness of the whole thing. She is determined to give Millennial parents some serious food for thought and leave her mark on the kids’ fashion industry.

To be fair, the collection has some cool items for older kids. There are skull trousers, star leggings and ninja shirts in dark blue, black and grey that pre-teens would love to wear. There is also a small collection of shoes and blankets. The average price for leggings and pants is around $60, while a leather jacket costs $290.

Celinunu is aiming to become the go-to urban fashion brand for kids that don't love conventional clothing. Still, we think that Celine needs to soften the brand’s image, as this commercial has scared the heck out of us.


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