Celebs You Definitely Didn't Know Were Expecting Babies In 2018

Many celebrities opt for a more low-key lifestyle during their pregnancies, but we got the scoop

Celebrity pregnancies are always a hot topic as far as tabloids and entertainment sites are concerned. Our persistent fascination with the rich and famous is only increased when we find out that a baby is on the way. Curiosities are piqued even more so when there is drama surrounding the celeb in question. A on-again-off-again baby daddy relationship keeps us biting our nails for updates.

Historically, celebrity babies have taken the entertainment world by storm. Who doesn't remember the hype surrounding the firstborn, biological Jolie-Pitt baby, Shiloh? Or J-Lo's twins with baby daddy Marc Anthony? And of course, most recently, the craziness that ensued when Queen Beyonce got pregnant (the first time, and the second time, with twins!). These days we are buzzing on the shocking news that three of the Kardashian sisters are pregnant, and we want to know more!

But, what about the stars who prefer to fly under the radar, choosing to keep their baby news quiet until they can't hide it anymore? Many celebrities opt for a more low-key lifestyle during their pregnancies, which is great for the mother (and baby, too!). Maintaining healthy habits is extremely important while baby is getting bigger on the inside, and staying out of the public eye definitely does more good than harm! Here are some famed ladies that are keeping their baby news on the low...for now! Read on to find out who makes up the list of 15 Celebs You Definitely Didn't Know Were Expecting Babies In 2018

15 Behati Prinsloo's Got Another Rocker Babe on Board

Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine welcomed their first daughter, Dusty Rose, in 2016, and they have a second little girl on the way! The news hasn't exactly been kept a secret, but they haven't been blasting it from the rooftops, either. The 28 year-old supermodel took to her Instagram in September to announce that they were in fact expecting another baby. Their daughter turned 1 soon afterwards. Although an official due date has not been released, people are speculating that Behati is probably due in early springtime 2018. The couple, married since 2014, are really excited to be growing their family. The couple have been spotted on several dates recently, proving that they are still very much in love and embracing the married life.

14 Mindy Kaling Proves That Single Moms Can Do It All

Mindy Kaling might already be a mom of her hit TV show, The Mindy Project, but in her real life the adventure is just beginning. The actress confirmed her pregnancy back in August, but did not speculate on who the father is. This mysterious detail is piquing the curiosity of her fans, who haven't been made aware of any suitors in the actresses life, lately. But, in typical Mindy fashion, doing things independently and unconventionally is the name of the game. Season six, the final season of The Mindy Project, is going to start airing this fall, and it's the perfect time for the 38 year-old actress to enter a brand new stage in her life. She definitely has the right sense of humour to get through even the most challenging changes that first time motherhood will present.

13 Hilaria Baldwin Is On Fire With 4 Under 5


Hilaria Baldwin and Alec Baldwin lack no encouragement when it comes to having babies. The 59 year actor and his 33 year old wife just announced that they are expecting their fourth child together, in 2018. They've just celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary, and have had a baby almost every year that they were married, so far! The new baby boy will join his fellow "Baldwinitos", Carmen, 4, Rafael, 2 and baby Leonardo, 13 months. Alec also has a daughter from his famed relationship with Kim Basinger, 22 year old Ireland. Hilaria has never hidden her desire to have a large family. After Leonardo was born, she commented that she would "totally do another". It was rumoured that the pair wanted a total of five children, but we'll see how things go once they have 4 little ones under 5 at home!

12 Hilarie Burton Makes Us Jealous While Carrying Denny Duquette's Child


Power couple Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are expecting their second baby together, due in early 2018. The news was first revealed after Hilarie sported a growing baby bump to the 69th Annual Emmy Awards. The news was later confirmed, the couple are indeed expecting a baby girl. The pair have been together since 2009, and have a 7 year old son, Augustus, who was born in March, 2010. Many commitments have kept them from growing their family before now. Jeffrey was busy with the hit show The Walking Dead, and Hilary appeared in TV series Lethal Weapon. Being a full time mom also kept Hilarie busy! She will definitely benefit from having some alone time with her new baby now that Augustus is school age.

11 Jamie-Lynn Sigler Is A Mobster Momma With Style


Jamie-Lynn Sigler has come a long way since her days on The Sopranos. She welcomed son Beau Kyle in 2013, shortly after marrying her own beau, professional baseball player, Cutter Dykstra. Now, the couple have announced that they will be adding a second child to the mix, in early 2018. Unfortunately, two films that Jamie-Lynn appeared in in 2017 were flops. She is starring in the upcoming mobster film, Gangster Land, which focuses on the life and times of Al Capone. Jamie-Lynn definitely has had her fair share of mobster education through her acting, over the years. Her hubby played the 2016 season with the Harrisburg Senators, but was released shortly after the season ended. Looking forward to hearing baby names and getting updates in 2018!

10 Lisa Osbourne is Bumping Out For A Third Time


Lisa and Jack Osbourne have been happily married for five years, and baby number three is in the oven! It's no secret that Jack struggled with substance abuse issues when he was a teen and young adult, but a new sober lifestyle has afforded him wonderful experiences as a young dad. He has stated that he wants to be a good role model for his kids, as he didn't always have the best examples set for him at home (yeah, no matter how you cut it, Ozzy Osbourne didn't exactly instill great values, right?!). Lisa is due early in 2018, and the news is very exciting for the couple, who tragically lost a baby in 2015 due to a late-term miscarriage. They have two daughters, Pearl Clementine and Andy Rose, and Jack has previously said that he wants "about five kids". Well, almost at the halfway mark!

9 April Love Geary Has Got A Thicke Bun In The Oven


Nobody really expected Robin Thicke to get a hot, young girlfriend. But, alas, the douche-y singer, 40, is dating 22 year-old model April Love, who is conveniently pregnant with his child. The pair have been dating for over two years, and seem to be really happy together. This is the first relationship that Thicke has entered into after his divorce with long-time partner Paula Patton. He and Patton have a son together, 7 year-old Julian. He will be thrilled to welcome a little brother or sister early next year. April has posted several updates on her social media accounts, saying that the pregnancy is going really well, with the exception of some morning sickness. The young model seems to be really enjoying her pregnancy.  The baby is expected to arrive sometime in March, 2018.

8 Brooklyn Decker Is A Multi-Tasking Mom Goddess


Famed swimsuit model and Sports Illustrated sweetheart, Brooklyn Decker, is expecting baby number two with her tennis star hubby Andy Roddick. The couple have been together since 2007, and wed in 2009. Their first child, Hank, is two. Brooklyn has definitely embraced the challenges of motherhood- continuing to work shortly after her first baby was born, and balancing her time between professional commitments and family obligations. She's stated that she was raised by an equally talented multi-tasker; her mother, who worked long and exhausting shifts as an ICU nurse, always prioritized her family. She has credited her with instilling these important family values. Brooklyn also picks up a lot of the family duties while Andy is busy touring the world and competing professionally in tennis matches.

7 Jessica Alba Finally Gets Her Boy


Jessica Alba has certainly built her life around her family. The mom of two girls created The Honest Co, in 2011, opting to slow down on her acting obligations. The company offers natural, chemical and allergy free baby accessories, cleaning products and personal hygiene items. Her entrepreneurial stunt has really gained momentum, the company hit a valuation of $1 billion US dollars back in 2015, with numbers continuing to grow. Who needs to act when you have such a successful gig? Her primary interest these days is being a full-time mom, and enjoying the family she has built with hubby Cash Warren. Their baby boy is expected for January, 2018, and will be the little brother to nine year old Honor and five year old Have.

6 Miranda Kerr Makes A Perfect Preggo


Miranda Kerr became a mom 6 years ago, when her son with Orlando Bloom, Flynn, was born. The now separated duo are doing quite well co-parenting, and still remain in each others' lives. That should make the transition easier, then, when Miranda and her hubby, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, welcome their first baby together in 2018. The newlyweds had a lavish backyard wedding in May, and didn't waste much time before working on a baby. The Australian supermodel and her billionaire husband are both quite busy with work, before the baby arrives. As CEO to Snapchat, Evan has lots of professional obligations, and Miranda has recently launched her own natural skincare line, called Kora. She is practicing yoga and doing lots of activity to keep fit during the pregnancy.

5 Ali Fedotowsky Happily Embraces Her Second Pregnancy


Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky and her husband Kevin Manno are expecting their second baby in May, 2018. They already have a daughter, Molly, who was born in 2016. Ali was not quiet about her desire to have another child; she spoke to Us Weekly in July, telling them that they were definitely trying to get pregnant. Shortly afterwards, she made an official pregnancy announcement. The 33 year old is visibly affected by baby fever. Once her daughter was born, her life totally transformed into baby everything, and she wouldn't have it any other way. Her first pregnancy gave her crippling morning sickness, hopefully this one is a little easier on her body. No news yet as to whether the happy couple are expecting a boy or girl this time around.

4 Jordin Sparks Gets A Hubby And A Bump


American Idol champion Jordin Sparks generally stays out of the limelight, opting to have a more private and low-key life. She dated Jason Derulo for three years, and the pair broke things off in 2014. Later, she would meet her now husband Dana Isaiah, who is a fitness coach. She shocked fans in 2017 when she announced that she was married and pregnant virtually at the same time. The happy newlyweds will welcome their first baby in springtime, 2018. The couple seem to have a good thing going. They are both health-minded, share the same religious and personal values, and want to have a happy, quiet, family life. Looks like Jordin will be having a really good year in 2018! Great news, all around.

3 Lauren Parsekian Adds A Baby To Her Happy Life


Everyone's favorite Breaking Bad actor, Aaron Paul, recently announced on his Instagram account that he and wife, Lauren Parsekian, are expecting their first child together in 2018. The beautiful blonde film director married her beau in 2013. They have a pretty cute love story. Instead of the generic Hollywood meetings that are often organized by a third-party, these two relaxed peeps met casually at the Coachella music festival, six years ago. Apparently, they were both on the same scene, and started chatting. Very organic and wholesome! The pair have been super close ever since, with Aaron making many beautiful references to how much she means to him in awards speeches, Instagram posts and interviews. It has recently been announced that they will be having a girl.

2 Nicole Johnson Will Welcome Another Little Swimmer


Another future athlete baby on the way? It's completely possible, since Michael Phelps and his lovely wife Nicole Johnson recently confirmed that their second child is on the way, and expected to arrive in early 2018. Their son Boomer, was born in May, 2016. The pregnancy was announced via Instagram, with a photo of Boomer holding up a positive pregnancy test. Recently, Phelps has opened up about his struggles with depression and anxiety, and how being vulnerable and asking for help allowed him to overcome his darkest moments. His initiatives to help other people struggling with similar mental health issues is commendable. A new baby is a wonderful way to celebrate how far he has come in life. We wish these two lovebirds all the best!

1 Natasha Bedingfield Is Ready For Motherhood


Singer Natasha Bedingfield just announced that she is expecting her first child with husband Matt Robinson. The pair have been married since 2009. She has stated that she always wanted to start a family, but for many years she put it off because the timing wasn't right. Wanting to focus on her music career, she knew that she would eventually become a mum, in the right time. Her businessman hubby is being extremely supportive, as they get ready to embark on this new adventure together. Naturally, the big life change will mean that things will not be the same as before, but all for the better! Natasha is thrilled to welcome her very first bundle of joy into the world, early next year.


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Celebs You Definitely Didn't Know Were Expecting Babies In 2018