20 Celebs Whose Pets Live Better Than You Do

People everywhere love their pets unconditionally.

Our furry friends quickly find their way into our hearts and often establish themselves as our number one priority. Many fur mommies and daddies can't imagine life without their four-legged friends. They care for their animals as if they are human children, doting on them and spoiling them beyond belief. I, too, am guilty of this. My pooch's haircuts rival my own in price!

No one does this like an A-List actor, though. Celebs with pets take pampering to a whole other level. Check out these famous faces and their furry friends. We can barely believe the ridiculous, over-the-top things that these celebrities did for their animals!

20 Cara Delevingne’s Rabbit Enjoys The Finer Things In Life

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Cara Delevingne's little rabbit spends his days hanging out in his owner's uber-expensive handbags. Her bunny Cecil travels in style and is treated to the celery right out of Cara's occasional Bloody Mary! He jet-sets alongside his owner with a personal suitcase and even munches on Havaianas... just because he can.

19 Paris Hilton's Pups Have A Mini Mansion

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Heiress Paris Hilton's perfect little pooches spend their days lounging in a mini mansion all of their own. Their mama fashioned them an Italian inspired home fit for a princess in her own over-the-top backyard. Per insider.com, the puppy palace has real iron railings, a tile roof, chandeliers, and air conditioning.

18 Ryan Gosling's Dog George Had His Own Stylist

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Actor Ryan Gosling is about as cool as they come, and he made sure his canine sidekick was just as cool as him. Gosling's late dog George had his own hairdresser to tend to his furry needs. After all, he had to look his best for all of those press tours that he accompanied his owner on.

17 Britney Spears Shells Out Mad Dough At The Groomers

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The princess of pop music loves her pups so much that she spares no expense when it comes to them. According to insider.com, Brit-Brit spent nearly thirty grand on her animals alone back in 2014, between pet sitting and grooming expenses. A single trip to the groomer costs her three hundred dollars!

16 Kylie Jenner's Canines Have Everything Possible

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Kylie Jenner followed in the footsteps of her sister's former bestie and had a people-sized home constructed for her dogs. Jenner's playful pals enjoy all of the finer things in life, including heat, air conditioning, a white picket fence, and a mini porch just for them. Unlike Paris Hilton's puppy abode, Jenner's is large enough for her to step inside of.

15 Amanda Seyfried’s Dog Is A Social Media Star

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Amanda Seyfriend's Australian Shepherd Finn is so famous that when guys broke up with the actress, they claimed it was the dog they missed most, not the girl! Finn even has his own social media account and has amassed over four million followers. Yep. It is confirmed. Everybody falls head over heels for this four-legged fellow.

14 Gaga's Bulldog Is The Face Of A Major Brand

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Lady Gaga is crazy for her French bulldog as well as her other pups. Her little Asia is becoming a superstar in her own right. She was the face of Coach's line of dog accessories, and she too has quite the social media following. In a few years, this pup might be more popular than her owner is!

13 The Beckhams' Dog Relaxes In LV

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The Beckham family loves their furry family member so much. Just look at daddy David cuddling his best friend. The family dog Fig is all nestled in and enjoying creature comforts like the Supreme x Louis Vuitton blanket he is wrapped in. That particular blankie runs about seven grand, in case you were thinking of getting one for your own pet.

12 Clooney's Pig Came Before Models

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George Clooney has loved a whole lot of women and one lone pig. The hunky actor devoted his attention to his dear pot-bellied pig Max. Max lived with the actor for nineteen years and was rumored to be the reason for one of his breakups. Per okmagazine.com, a former model girlfriend suggested the pig sleep outside. She got the boot, and the pig stayed right where he was.

11 Katy Perry's Kitty Is A CEO

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Singer Katy Perry dotes on her feline, Kitty Purry. The cat was nominated for a Teen Choice Award and is the CEO of Katy's company. Ms. Purry was even the inspiration behind her mama Perry's perfume, called Purr. We think it is safe to say that Perry is obsessed with her cat. Everything she does has a bit of kitten in it.

10 Coco Chanel Spelling Plays Matchy-Match With Mommy

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Yeah— matching outfits with your pet chicken, now that is out there even by Hollywood standards. Tori Spelling loves children and animals. She can not seem to get enough of either. Her special feathered friend, a silkie chicken, makes appearances with the actress and even sports little dresses just like mama's.

9 Dakota Johnson's Pup Chills At Chateau Marmutt

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Actress Dakota Johnson makes sure her dog is always well taken care of. Most of us are happy to leave our pet at home for a few hours at a time, but not Johnson. Her pup, Zeppelin, hangs out at posh doggie daycare centers while his mom treats herself to a coffee or hits up a yoga class.

8 Aubrey O'Day's Pals Get Their Own First Class Seat

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Per perezhilton.com, Aubrey O'Day can not fly the friendly skies without her little fuzzball friends. She carries a doctor's note to ensure that she never has to travel without them right by her side. Why? According to her doctor, the animals are emotional support creatures there to help with Audrey's mental issues.

7 Sophia Vergara Threw Her Son's Pup The Party Of A Lifetime

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Lovely, Sophia Vergara could not pass up the chance to spoil her son Monolo's puppy. She treated the family chihuahua, Baguette, to a fancy, expensive cake and gifts that towered over the tiny pup. Vergara probably spent more on this party than I have spent on all the birthday parties I have put together.

6 And The Legends Gifted Their Pups With A Dazzling Wedding!

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John Legend and wife Chrissy Teigan love their little family, including the family dogs. They even went as far as to throw two of their pups a lavish wedding. Yep, the Legend dogs made things official and then got serenaded by their owner/wedding planner. Puddy and Pippa hit the jackpot when they landed in this family.

5 Lisa Vangerpump's Precious Pup Has His Own Agent

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Lisa Vanderpump's little pal is beyond spoiled, and is almost as famous as his human mommy is! Giggy Vanderpump drinks his water from a crystal bowl, only wears designer frocks, and has his very own agent working for him. That's right! The little puppy signed with Creative Artists Agency back in 2011.

4 Karl Lagerfeld Had "Cat Maids"

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Designer Karl Lagerfeld loved his feline so much that he made sure a full staff was present to meet her every possible need. Lagerfeld's beloved cat, Choupette, had two personal maids to play with her, feed her, and groom her. Per insider.com, the pretty kitty was brushed every day, four times a day!

3 And His Cat Is An Actual Heiress!

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Choupette is a wealthy animal! She has not only racked in the dough starring in multiple fashion campaigns, but she is also an heiress. When Lagerfeld passed on, he didn't leave his furry companion high and dry. Per bbc.com, she inherited a whopping two million dollars from her living owner.

2 Royal Corgis Receive Meals Made For Kings

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Elizabeth's dearest Corgis lived like the royalty that they indeed were. When they were alive, they had their own room in the palace to sleep in, decked out with wicker baskets and fresh linens. The pooches were also treated to freshly prepared meals courtesy of a royal chef. The meals were even changed up daily!

1 Private Getaways For Mariah Carey's Furry Friends

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Mimi's dogs always travel in style. Songbird Mariah Carey loves her Jack Russel Terriers so very much that she has been known to send them away on luxury vacations. Per insider.com, Carey paid $25,000 for her animals to vacation in Bristol, England. They flew there in style too, on a private jet that cost roughly $175,000.

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