20 Celebs Who Totally Dissed The Kardashians

Unless you've been living in a cave for the better part of the last decade, you would have undoubtedly heard about the Kardashians. Throw in the fame from the Jenner side of the family and, of course, Kanye West, and it's easy to see one of the most well-known families on the planet.

Just because they've got fame, it doesn't mean that they're consistently respected or well-liked. In fact, the Kardashian-Jenner clan cop a huge amount of flack, and, frankly, a lot of people think it's warranted. Over the years, clusters of celebs from the music, film, and wider entertainment industry haven't held back when talking smack about Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kylie, Kendall, Kanye, and the rest of the gang who scored (most) of their fame from reality TV.

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20 Barbara Walters

via The Daily Beast

Next up on our list of Kardashian haters is journalist Barbara Walters. Unlike some of the names we’ve seen today, Barbara didn’t hesitate for a second when it came to telling hard truths straight to the famous family’s faces. During an interview with the clan back in 2011, she flat out went ahead and called them talentless.

19 Pink

via Billboard

We all know and love P!nk for her music as well as her positive reputation of women and impressive approach to her work and lifestyle. On the flip side, while she didn’t come out as say it word for word, she expressed her dissent toward Kim Kardashian's show-it-all-of selfies on Instagram, declaring that “women… don't need that kind of 'attention,'” - that kind, referring to

18 Daniel Craig

via Empire

James Bond himself might be a well-spoken man of honour and action, however, he didn’t hold back when dissing the Kardashians during a chat with British GQ. Here’s what he had to say: "You can’t buy your privacy back…Look at the Kardashians, they’re worth millions…’What, you mean all I have to do is behave like a [bleeping] idiot on television and then you’ll pay me millions?’"

17 Rebel Wilson

via The Daily Beast

Kicking things off is Australia’s funny girl, Rebel Wilson. A few years back, the Pitch Perfect actress was asked on the radio about her thoughts of the famous family. In short, she didn’t seem too keen about their rise to fame. She clearly wasn’t a fan, statiting that the reality TV stars were “not famous for talent". Ouch.

16 David Cross

via GQ

Following suit is none other than the stand-up comedian, David Cross. Back when he was promoting his own film, which was titles Hits, Cross decided to take a stab at Kris Jenner. What he said about her and her ability as a mother was rather vulgar, so we won’t repeat it, but let’s just say that she probably wasn’t too happy about it.

15 Frances Bean Cobain

via Radio X

We’re rewinding all the way back in 2013 for our next Kardashian diss, this time at the hands of Frances Bean Cobain. While her comments weren’t face to face, and weren't explicitly about Kendall Jenner, we had no problem reading between the lines. On Twitter, she sent out a tweet labelling Kendall as a "self-absorbed idiot."

14 Janice Dickinson

via CNN.com

We’re not finished with people who can’t stand the Kar-trashians, as Janice Dickinson described, in fact, we’re just getting started. Dickinson, a supermodel, had no problem letting loose when she was interviewed back in 2011. Aside from telling Star Magazine that she thought the family was trashy, she also threw out a few much more inappropriate nouns.

13 Bette Midler

via Fox News

It doesn’t take a handwritten note or a TV appearance to throw shade these days - we’re living in the age of the internet. Taken word for word from the Twitter account of Bette Midler, here’s what the singer had to say: "If Kim wants us to see a part of her we've never seen, she's gonna have to swallow the camera."

12 Sarah Michelle Gellar

via The Independent

Is anyone else seeing a Twitter trend? This time, the perpetrator is Sarah Michelle Gellar, but for a change, the person at the other end of the whip involves Kanye West as well. When he and Kim made the cover of the April 2014 Vogue issue, Gellar stated that she’d be cancelling her subscription. Do you think that she actually did it?

11 Anna Wintour

via CNN

Sarah Michelle Geller wasn’t the only one to get involved with the backlash of Kim and Kanye covering the April 2014 issue of Vogue - Anna Wintour put in her two cents as well. While she remained rather civilised about it all, the message was still clear - "I think if we just remain deeply tasteful and just put deeply tasteful people on the cover, it would be a rather boring magazine! Nobody would talk about us."

10 Sharon Osbourne

via ET

As controversial as Kim and the family have been over the years, they’re still not as controversial as wearing real fur as a fashion statement. That is, however, until Kim dressed up her daughter North West in fur, parading her around like a new accessory. Of all the people it angered, Sharon Osbourne was at the centre.

9 Chelsea Handler

via The Daily Beast

We’re winding the clock back to 2014, with Chelsea Lately star Chelsea Handler the one talking smack about the Kardashians this time. We all remember when Kim posed on the cover of Paper magazine, right? There wasn’t a whole lot left to the imagination, to put it nicely. Chelsea responded to it by saying "Don’t worry, I would never show my peekachu, 1)because I have family, and 2) oh yeah…TALENT." Ouch.

8 Amber Rose

via The Daily Beast

As a friend of Blac Chyna, Amber Rose didn’t back down when she was asked on The Breakfast Club radio show about Kylie Jenner and relationship with Chyna’s ex, Tyga, who is considerably older than her. She had no problem making the age gap obvious, stating, "She’s a baby. She needs to go to bed. It’s 7 o’clock."

7 Tim Gunn

via ET

The Project Runway star, Tim Gunn wasn’t afraid to call out the Kardashians when answering a few questions for a Huffington Post column. Without holding back, he went ahead and labelled the famous family as "vulgar", and while he struts around in high fashion, they, apparently, chug along with an "aura of yuck."

6 Chloe Moretz

via Grazia Daily

As we’ve seen over the years, Kim K clearly has no apprehension when it comes to putting her body out there for the world to see. Among the celebrities that weren’t impressed with her attention-grabbing stunts, however, was Chloe Moretz. The 5th Wave actress sent out a tweet which read, "I truly hope you realize how important setting goals are for young women, teaching them we have so much more to offer than just our bodies."

5 Adrienne Bailon

via LaPrensa.hn

If anyone knows the ins and outs of the Kardashian life, it’s Adrienne Bailon. After her public breakup from Rob Kardashian, she spoke out about how she felt about her relationship with the famous family: “To be stuck with that Kardashian label, that was so hurtful to me and to my career” (Latina magazine).

4 Michael Bublé

via Music Feeds

He might be famous for his angelic voice and Christmas-time charm, however, Michael Buble also has a bit of a sense of humour. Back in 2011, he actually pranked his audience when he invited Kim Kardashian onto the stage alongside him. The kicker is that she wasn’t anywhere near there, announcing that “that [bleep] isn’t coming on my stage."

3 Shailene Woodley

via The Skincare Edit

Shailene seems like a naturally reserved person, so we can’t be so sure whether her dissing Kylie was intentional.

Whether this was an intentional diss or whether it was a legitimate moment of unawareness, either way, Kylie Jenner wouldn’t have been too thrilled about it. Long story short, when Shailene was strolling down on a red carpet, she was asked to do a Kylie Jenner selfie impression, to which she responded, “ "I have no idea who that is, I’m sorry."

2 Blac Chyna

via Us Weekly

We all know that Kylie Jenner went ahead and stole Blac Chyna’s man, so it was only a matter of time before it all hit the fan. In the eye of the public, the pair are essentially arch enemies, so it came as no surprise when Blac Chyna attempted to start an unflattering #KylieJennerChallenge on Instagram with ridiculously large red lips.

1 Sinead O'Connor

via i-D Magazine - Vice

When Kim Kardashian was featured on the cover of Rolling Stone’s July 2015 issue, a number of celebs immediately came out and uttered their disapproval at the entire event, one of which was Sinead O'Connor. She didn’t beat around the bush either, using all the heinous vocabulary in the book. As part of her diss, she said, “Music has officially died. Who knew it would be Rolling Stone that Murdered it?"

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