20 Celebs Who Said They Loved Each Other...And Broke Up 10 Seconds Later

Celebrity marriages are always the talk of the town, and the whole world will keep a close eye on things to see how they play out. People do this because there is an interesting pattern in Hollywood where celebrities having incredibly short marriages. No matter the reason, we have seen famous people split up within days of getting married, leading many of us to be thankful for having a nice, quiet life in the suburbs without the whole world watching.

Today, we are going to take a look at 20 celebrity marriages that went up in smoke in no time. Theses couples were all madly in love once upon a time, and in record time, they went ahead and called the whole thing off, letting the whole world look in while things were unraveling.

20 Nic Cage And Lisa Marie Presley (107 Days)

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Insider reports that little is known about why these two split up, and what is even more puzzling is the fact that they got married on the 25th anniversary of the passing of Presley's father, Elvis. This union did not take long to fizzle, and the pair got the divorce proceedings underway in no time.

19 Colin Farrell And Amelia Warner (121 Days)

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Getting a tattoo of someone's name usually leads to a relationship falling apart, and this happened when Colin Farrell and Amelia Warner decided to tie the not. According to Insider, Warner has said that, "It wasn't legally binding, it was just something we did for us." They have both since moved on.

18 Britney Spears And Jason Alexander (55 Hours)

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This bit of celebrity marriage history would certainly go into the Hall of Fame if there were one. Vegas can be a bastion of bad mistakes, and Spears tied the knot there with Alexander only to end things just as quickly as they began. Spears told E!, "It was me being silly, being rebellious..."

17 Carmen Electra And Dennis Rodman (9 Days)

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Dennis Rodman was a monster on the basketball court and a complete enigma off of it, so this one did not come as a surprise to many back when it had happened. According to Insider, Electra had told Oprah, "Our relationship was very passionate. When it was good, it was amazing. And when it was bad, it was the worst."

16 Eddie Murphy And Tracey Edmonds (2 Weeks)

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When there are problems on the wedding day, there is bound to be trouble in the future. People did a good job covering this story, and they brought to light a quote from a guest that was in attendance. "Guests who lingered on the island 'could hear them yelling and her crying during the honeymoon evenings. It was pretty dramatic.'"

15 Drew Barrymore And Jeremy Thomas (39 Days)

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Getting married at a young age isn't easy, and Drew Barrymore learned this the hard way when she walked down the aisle with Jeremy Thomas. The pair lasted less than two months, and E! Online reports that the 19-year-old Barrymore knew that she wanted to end things in even less time.

14 Sophia Bush And Chad Michael Murray (5 Months)

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People that work together end up together more often than not, and Sophia Bush struck up a romantic relationship with Chad Michael Murray that went down in flames. To make things worse, the pair still had to work together afterward, with Bush opening up on the Armchair Expert podcast, saying, “There was no space to self-reflect."

13 Jennifer Lopez And Cris Judd (218 Days)

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Most people would love the opportunity to a chance to get involved with Jennifer Lopez, but things did not work out for Cris Judd when he locked her down. Judd was not a fan of the limelight, telling Us Magazine, "Your privacy is breached. You're no longer a normal person."

12 Bradley Cooper And Jennifer Esposito (122 Days)

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Every now and again, both parties involved in the marriage realize that they are simply not meant to be, and this is what happened when Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito got married some time ago. While on Howard Stern's show, Cooper was open about the split, saying, "The good thing is, we both realized it."

11 Renee Zellweger And Kenny Chesney (128 Days)

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Insider reports that Zellweger and Chesney's marriage did not last long, and their reason for divorce was cited as "fraud." Little is known what this might imply, but many tabloids were more than happy to give their opinions on the matter. It seems like both parties have moved on just fine and that they are happy to have this all in the past.

10 Russell Brand And Katy Perry (1 Year)

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These two performers were once on top of the game, and their union was one that was not meant to last. Brand and Perry would split up within one year of getting married, and they appear to have no interest in rekindling this romance. According to The Daily Beast, Brand once said, “We were going in different directions.”

9 Pamela Anderson And Kid Rock (122 Days)

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Drama was right around the corner when these two decided to get together, including an altercation between Rock and Anderson's ex, Tommy Lee. The two split up after 122 days, and Insider reports that Rock once said, "If I saw her somewhere I'd say hi, but I try not to go in the same circles."

8 Fred Armisen And Elisabeth Moss (312 Days)

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"It was extremely traumatic," is what Elisabeth Moss had to say about her time married to Fred Armisen. This came at a time when the actress still hadn't pulled down a breakout role yet, and clearly she has little interest in digging into that period of her life. Things worked out for her in the end, if nothing else.

7 Pamela Anderson And Rick Salomon (60 Days)

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This marriage for Anderson was shorter than her previous union with Kid Rock, which made it an easy contender for this list. Things did not pan out when these two decided to spend their lives together, with Insider reporting that "There were harsh words and accusations thrown around in the court."

6 Kim Kardashian And Kris Humphries (72 Days)

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Even though she has been with Kanye West for years now, Kim Kardashian made her way onto this list after things unraveled between her and Kris Humphries in no time at all. Something like this would normally be met with red flags, but Kardashian is living her best life these days so it ultimately worked out for her.

5 Mario Lopez And Ali Landry (18 Days)

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A number like this does not even seem possible, and yet here we are talking about it. Lopez cheated on his bride to be shortly before the wedding, and when Landry found out, the whole thing quickly went up in smoke. Lopez told Howard Stern, "I wasn't man enough to know how to go about handling it."

4 Cher And Gregg Allman (9 Days)

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It's not uncommon to see people date someone that is in their same field, and these two musical titans decided to give love a try back in their prime. Unfortunately, things did not work out for Cher and Allmann, as their marriage lasted a whole 9 days, according to Rolling Stone.

3 Dennis Hopper And Michelle Phillips (9 Days)

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Dennis Hopper and Michelle Phillips had both found a ton of success before meeting, and there was instant chemistry between the two. Despite this, their ill-fated union was not meant to last, and once the ink dried on their marriage certificate, the two were already heading for a split, according to Insider.

2 Shannen Doherty And Ashley Hamilton (5 Months)

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Shannen Doherty and Ashley Hamilton may have seemed like a solid fit from afar, but their romance was not meant to last. Zimbio reports that the pair were only married for five months before calling things off. Doherty would have another short marriage later on, which only lasted 9 months.

1 Drew Barrymore And Tom Green (163 Days)

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Back before any person could just go viral in an instant online, Tom Green was making waves with his persona and ability to make people laugh. He and Barrymore would eventually tie the knot, but Green would file for divorce and the pair haven't spoken in years, according to Insider.

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