20 Celebs Who Probably Regret What They Named Their Kids

Celebrities have a tendency of coming up with some pretty outrageous names for their kids. They really push the envelope when it comes to baby-naming creativity. Some of these names are so baffling that we wonder if the kids will grow up to resent their parents. Presumably, the celebrity parents have assumed that their children will never need to get real jobs or have to define themselves in their future, since they are born into tremendous wealth.

They may not have totally thought this through. These bizarre names may sound acceptable when they’re babies in the arms of their celeb parents, but as grown adults... these names may really haunt them. Let’s take a look at 20 Celebs Who Probably Regret What They Named Their Kids.

20 Apple (Gwyneth Paltrow And Chris Martin)

Via ENews

We can absolutely understand that the first born child of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin is the “Apple” of her parents eye... but was it necessary to give their child that name? It’s doubtful that there is a lot of pride in a name that depicts a very average fruit, and we feel sorry for the teasing that we’re sure she’ll be exposed to...

19 Blue Ivy (Beyonce And Jay-Z)

Via TeenVogue

There has been a fair bit of controversy regarding this name, and the many different meanings it could have. No matter how you dice it though, this is a really strange name for a baby, and it won’t become any more likable in her adult years. A two-word name is bad enough, but to shorten it would simply make her “Blue” which doesn’t seem appealing either. We feel sorry for the poor child...

18 Coco (Courtney Cox And David Arquette)

Via USWeekly

This is such a cute name... for a puppy! Ok, in all fairness, it may be cute to coo over baby Coco as an infant that’s being cradled in her parents’ arms. However, with the passage of time, this is a name that will become more and more annoying. It will be a strange name for a grown woman that’s trying to be taken seriously.

17 Denim & Diezel (Toni Braxton And Keri Lewis)

Via CelebrityInsider

Why? Just… why? While Diezel may have a unique ring to it, we can’t come up with anything brag-worthy for Denim, the son of Toni Braxton and Keri Lewis. What if he’s feeling fancy… can he still be fancy with the casual name of “Denim”? They named their son after a fabric... the poor kid! We feel sorry for him!

16 Dream (Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna)

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The initial appeal of the name “Dream” is easy to spot and simple to relate to. However, at some point the poor child is going to want to stop dreaming and start’ doing.’ The name Dream is a cute little celebrity name, but she may not love it as she gets older.

15 Everest (George Lucas And Mellody Hobson)

Via DailyMail

We certainly expected George Lucas to demonstrate creativity in his personal life, as much as he does in his professional career. However, naming his child Everest may have been one step too far. There are many other names to choose from, and a mountain-name may not have been the best option for his child’s future.

14 Future (Ciara And Future)

via Hollywood Street King

It’s common for a father to pass his name to hi s son, but when your first name is Future... it just seems weird. There’s likely trouble in the “future” for both of these people as they struggle with the same name. The name was meant to be unique – meaning – use it once. The father & son name-combo cheapens the value that the original name once carried.

13 Honor (Jessica Alba And Cash Warren)

Via PopSugar

Naming your child after a virtue is certainly one way to make them hate you. It’s unlikely that Honor will grow up to love her name, despite how cute this seemed to Jessica Alba and Cash Warren when they came up with the idea. How will she fare in her adulthood and as her name is read aloud when she exchanges wedding vows? Her spouse will have to “honor Honor” until death do they part...

12 Journey (Jenna Jameson And Tito Ortiz)

Via Zimbio

Well both his parents have definitely been on a few journeys in their …um… “professional” lives, but there was no need to tag this as their child’s name. As he gets older, he’s sure to be teased with this name. This can be marked down as another epic mistake that his mom has made…

11 Lourdes (Madonna)

Via USWeekly

Madonna is a living legend. She has earned the right to do whatever she wants with her life, but she didn’t need to ruin her daughter’s life with this name! While we understand she meant well, and was hoping for this to be a majestic name, we’re not sure Lourdes feels the same sense o f pride.

10 Maple (Jason Bateman And Amanda Anka)

Via GrowingYourBaby

Maple… syrup? Or did they mean to give their a name that carries a tree reference? If we can’t figure it out, chances are that the poor child will suffer the same level of confusion. With parents like Jason Bateman and Amanda Anka, this kid deserves a stronger, more powerful name than the one she was given.

9 Moroccan (Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon)

Via Time

Sure, we all knew Mariah and Nick would be creative in the naming of their son... but Moroccan? Really? According to an article written by Zineb Lahlou in 2015, Mariah & Nick’s New York apartment is called the “Moroccan Room” and that’s where Nick proposed, thus coming up with the name. This was a good story, but a bad name choice!

8 North (Kim Kardashian And Kanye West)

Via TIme

Kris Jenner told the Hollywood Reporter that this name meant “highest power,” and that she was the product of Kim and Kanye’s “highest point together.” That’s a cute explanation and a lovely story, but we can all admit that’s likely not the name this child would have chosen for herself! She now has to live with this quirky name forever.

7 Saint (Kim Kardashian And Kanye West)

Via YouTube

US Weekly reports that the name “Saint” is a direct reference to this being Kim & Kanye’s “miracle baby.” It’s not a secret that Kim had a hard time conceiving, so we can see how this name came about. It’s a very difficult name for a child to carry, though, and we’re not sure they thought this name-game all the way through.

6 Sunday (Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban)

via fanpop.com

Nicole Kidman and hubby Keith Urban are a pretty cool couple. When they revealed that their little girl’s name was “Sunday,” we were all surprised. Whether this is a pleasant reference to the sun, or to a really chill & laid back day of the week, we still think it’s a weird name. It has a cool meaning, but as she journeys through life on her own and her famous parents aren’t right next to her, will this name still be cool?

5 Kulture Kiari (Cardi B And Offset)


Cardi B and Offset are a wild and outrageous couple, and we knew they’d come up with a unique name for the child they shared together. The name Kulture is speculated to be a nod to Offset’s successful alum by the same name. As meaningful as that is right now, it’s likely to lose its appeal in the future and is undeniably a strange name for their daughter to carry for the rest of her life.

4 Sparrow James Midnight (Joel Madden And Nicole Richie)

Via TheAustralian

Joel Madden is trying to torture his child, and his interview with EOnline proves it. He was quoted as saying “My worry raising a son in Hollywood is what will he have to struggle for? I wanted to give him a name that he's going to have to stand up for.” There it is, folks, proof that he knows this name is going to be a challenging one for his child.

3 Bear Blaze (Ned Rocknroll And Kate Winslet)

Via Pinterest

Kate Winslet told Vogue magazine that the name Bear was a nickname for her longtime friend that carried warm memories for her, and the name Blaze was a direct reference to her surviving a fire during her pregnancy. Very cool story, but was it necessary to burden this child with this name? This unique, two-word name may not be an easy one for their child to live with.

2 Suri (Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes)

Via StarMagazine

The name Suri is the Persian translation of “Princess,” and while we’re sure she’s Katie and Tom’s little princess, we feel sorry for Suri for having to carry this name around for the rest of her life. It doesn’t have a very nice ring to it – and what if she doesn’t want to be thought of as a “princess” all the time?

1 Fuchsia (Sting And Frances Timely)

Via CloserWeekly

Yes, Sting named his daughter after a color – and a really bright and out-dated one, at that. We can see the initial appeal, but she is now a grown woman and is likely not thrilled with the name she is forced to identify with. Fuchsia was a rebellious child growing up, and we think it had to do with the fact that her name caused her an identity crisis!

Sources: TMZ, Vogue, EOnline, Hollywood Reporter

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