Celebs Who Love Themselves More Than Their Own Kids

They say that the love a parent has for their child is selfless and endless. But we can think of some prime examples of parents who seem to have trouble putting their children above themselves. Whether it’s because of partying or just a general lack of maturity, there are tons of celebrity parents who appear to love themselves more so than their children. When someone has all the money in the world, it’s easy to leave their kids in the care of hired help and enjoy the perks that come with fame and fortune. But that doesn’t bode very well for the children involved. Keep reading to see fifteen examples of famous parents who might need to rethink their priorities.

15 Jenelle Chose Her Hubby Over Her Kids

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has always had a tough time balancing motherhood with her other priorities. She gave custody of her eldest son to her mother when he was a toddler due to her substance usage and partying ways. More recently, she refused to leave her controversial husband after he hurt the family dog, leading both of them to be stripped of custody. They share five kids between the two of them.

14 Arnold Hid The Paternity Results

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Actor-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger always seemed to be a wholesome family man… until his infidelities came to light. While still married to his wife Maria Shriver, it was revealed he’d fathered a son with their long-time maid, Mildred Baena. To make matters worse, he never admitted paternity to his wife or son, thus allowing the boy and his mom to be treated as members of the family without annoying knowing the real truth.

13 Dina Preferred To Party Than Parent

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Dina Lohan, the famous mother of Lindsay Lohan, has earned herself a reputation as one of the most irresponsible mothers in all of Hollywood. During her daughter’s prime, the two were often caught partying together, leading many to blame Dina for Lindsay’s downward spiral. Their tumultuous relationship has been well documented on the various short-lived reality stints Lindsay has participated in.

12 Tom Hasn't Seen Suri In Years

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Tom Cruise makes this list because he’s reportedly chosen his religion over his daughter Suri, whom he shares with his ex-wife Katie Holmes. The two split in 2012 amidst reports of religious differences (and that Katie was scared of his church). Since then, it appears the actor has had barely any contact with the now-13-year old. According to Hollywood Life, the father-daughter duo haven’t been spotted out together since 2013.

11 Farrah Took A Break From Her 3-Year Old

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Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has done a lot of questionable things whilst parenting her 10-year old daughter Sophia. Daily Mail reports the celebrity took a break from her then-4-year old daughter in 2013 because they “needed space.” She’s also pulled her daughter out of traditional school to come travel with her as well as put her in charge of the hiring and firing at her now-closed children’s boutique and furniture store.

10 Blac Chyna Does It For The Cameras

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The very fact that many fans believe Blac Chyna only had a baby with Rob Kardashian to get back at her first baby daddy Tyga (who was then dating Kylie Jenner) is proof she doesn’t always have her children’s’ best interests in mind. Chyna has also made headlines for letting 3-year old Dream wear hair extensions, supposedly having a substance problem, and having both her kids on set for long hours.

9 Scott Skipped His Kid's Delivery To Party

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Although he’s seemingly cleaned up his act in the last few years, there was a time when Scott Disick seemed to care more about fame and fortune than his three kids. For instance, according to Hollywood Life, Kourtney Kardashian broke up with him for good after he went on aa party binge days after she gave birth to their third child. For a while, it was also being reported that he’d go weeks without seeing his kids thanks to his partying ways.

8 Mariah Loves Herself More Than Anything

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Mariah Carey has always had a reputation for being a Diva, so it’s still difficult getting used to the fact that she’s a mother-of-two. The singer shares twins Monroe and Moroccan with her ex-husband Nick Cannon. There are tons of photos floating around on the Internet showing the celebrity ignoring her child during a tantrum in favour of posing for the camera, thus letting the hired help attend to her kids’ needs.

7 Mama June Puts Her Boyfriends First

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It’s not just the pageants that Mama June forced her youngest daughter Alana to participate in that makes her a questionable mom. The reality star actually got the family’s show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo when she began dating an offender- someone her eldest daughter said had harmed her in the past. Since then, June has been arrested for possession and it appears her daughters don’t have much of a relationship with her anymore.

6 Kate Isn't Raising All Eight Anymore

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Many fans have accused Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin for using her kids for money and fame, especially considering her kids have been on TV since they were literally newborns. Throughout the years, there have been rumours that she harms her children and runs a chaotic household. Even worse, she put one of her sons in a treatment facility after behavioural issues and refused to take him in when he got released. Collin and one of her eldest girls are living with their dad.

5 Octomom Thought Kids Were Like Dolls

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The world couldn’t believe it when Nadya Suleman announced she was expecting octuplets, despite being on welfare and having six other kids at home. Some fans accused her of being delusional, while others said she was just having more kids for fame. She’s since had to work in adult entertainment to make ends meet due to how pricey it is to raise such a large brood.

4 Brooke Just Can't Stay Out Of Trouble

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Perhaps Brooke Mueller’s first mistake was marrying infamously troubled actor Charlie Sheen. Together, the former couple has twin sons, Bob and Max, but Brooke has lost custody of them multiple times throughout the years due to her substance usage and wild partying ways. In fact, the boys have even spent time living with Charlie’s other ex-wife, Denise Richards, who shares two older daughters with the actor.

3 Kris Charges Her Girls Commission

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Although the Kardashian Klan is undeniably tight, there have been plenty of times Momager Kris Jenner has proven she’ll capitalize on her kids’ fame when it serves her best interest. Among the questionable things she’s done, she encouraged Kim to pose for Playboy and allowed an underaged Kylie Jenner to get lip injections to further her brand. Just remember Kris gets 10 percent of whatever her clients- um, we mean kids- earn.

2 Joe Simpson Said Some Creepy Things

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Joe Simpson, the father of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, famously pushed for his daughters to get into stardom before they were teens. But it’s not just that. The famous dad has made off-putting comments about Jessica’s bust size and virginity in the past. Since his girls made it big, the celebrity left his previous job as a pastor in order to pursue work as a fashion photographer, People reports.

1 Courtney Partied Custody Away

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Courtney Love, who shares grown-up daughter Frances Bean with her late husband Kurt Cobain, lost custody of her child various times throughout the years due to her partying ways and substance usage. In leaked court documents, Frances even claimed her mom once harmed her pets. Afterwards, Frances went to stay with her paternal aunt and grandmother before eventually being emancipated.

Sources: People Magazine, Daily Mail, Hollywood Life

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