20 Celebs Who Instantly Regretted Their Savage Tweets

Twitter has become one of the favored social media platforms for celebrities, many of which use this short and snappy communication method to keep their fans updated on what they are doing – and on some occasions what they think about other famous faces.

Twitter now has over 126 million daily users, and celebrities as diverse as Barack Obama, Katy Perry, and Justin Bieber have all reached the hallowed total of more than 100 million Twitter followers, allowing them a reach well beyond the dream of mainstream media.

These tweets are not always complimentary, and although Twitter has a delete function, sometimes celebs are not quick enough to get rid of messages which could be seen as insulting, abusive, or worse, as the list below of some of the most savage tweets from famous accounts shows.

20 Zayn Explains Why He Left One Direction

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Zayn Malik broke the hearts of a million One Direction fans when he announced he was leaving the band in 2015. Later the same year, Zayn tweeted that the reason he had left the band was that he wanted to make “real music” – a not very thinly veiled attack on the fluffy pop songs that One Direction makes.

19 Chris Brown Calls Ebola Population Control

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Singer Chris Brown has always been a controversial figure, but while his antics on social media pale in significance compared to his real-life misbehavior, he still landed in hot water over a 2014 tweet that claimed the Ebola virus, which was at that point reaching epidemic proportions in West Africa, was a form of population control.

18 Ceelo Green Tweets About Consent

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Another celebrity who has ended up in trouble with the law is singer CeeLo Green, who was charged with assaulting a woman while she was drunk. Somewhat unadvisedly, Green decided to tweet his thoughts about alcohol and consent, saying that it couldn’t be an assault if the victim was unconscious.

17 Mary J Blige Misspells Intelligence

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The one thing you shouldn’t do when trying to prove to people that you are more intelligent than they think is to misspell the word “intelligence.” However, that is exactly what Mary J. Blige did in a 2009 tweet, in which she thought the word she was looking for was actually spelled “intelligents.”

16 Kanye West Tweeting Family Planning Advice

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Kanye West’s social media accounts have become increasingly bizarre, but nothing beats his outrageous 2011 tweet in which he berated what he called “gold-digging” women who get pregnant, advising his fellow men to take precautions. He had obviously taken the message of his own hit, Gold Digger, too much to heart.

15 Ashton Kutcher Defends Sacked Sports Coach

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In 2011, Penn State University sacked their football coach, Joe Paterno, over his alleged failure to deal with allegations of abuse at the school. Unfortunately, fan Ashton Kutcher didn’t make himself aware of the reason behind the sacking before he tweeted his support for Paterno, forcing an embarrassing climbdown by the Hollywood star.

14 Charlie Sheen Accidentally Tweets His Cell

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Actor Charlie Sheen came a cropper of the Twitter private message function in 2011 when he accidentally tweeted his phone number to his 5 million followers. The Hot Shots star had meant to send the number in a private message to Justin Bieber, but he must have hit the wrong button.

13 Rita Ora Not Getting The Retweets She Wanted

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In 2014, British singer Rita Ora suffered an embarrassing Twitter fail when she promised to release a new song if she got 100,000 retweets. Sadly, the message was only retweeted 2,000 times, with the singer later claiming that her account had been hacked and that she didn’t even have any new music to release.

12 Dr. Phil's Questionable Consent Poll

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Talk show host Dr. Phil is used to dealing with controversial subjects on his TV program, but even he went too far for many people with a 2013 Twitter poll about consent and assault. Many felt that the subject in question was handled insensitively by a man who is supposed to advise and help people, and he deleted the tweet soon after.

11 Kim Kardashian Spells Armani's Name Wrong

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Kim Kardashian-West has over 60 million followers on Twitter, which makes her mistake even more embarrassing. The reality TV star was tweeting Armani about a favorite product that they had stopped selling, only she spelled the designer’s name "Georgio" instead of Giorgio. A mistake that was corrected by whoever was tweeting for Armani that day!

10 50 Cent Insults People With Autism

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Rapper 50 Cent has had to delete or apologize for a few of his controversial tweets, but perhaps the most outrageous was when he told a fan that they looked like they had autism and that he didn’t want special ed kids on his timeline. 50 Cent deleted the comments and tweeted an apology, but for many, the damage had been done.

9 And People From Third World Countries

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This was far from the only time that 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, had been forced to apologize after one of his Tweets had gone too far. He also tweeted a joke about the Japan tsunami, and in 2018 he tweeted that he wanted to get a wife from a third world country because they would be easier to please.

8 Naomi Campbell Gets The Name Wrong

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Supermodel Naomi Campbell was the victim of an embarrassing autocorrect in 2014. In trying to tweet her congratulations to Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, Campbell instead complimented “Malaria” on her historic win. A handy reminder that celebrities should always proof-read their tweets. A tip that can just as easily apply for us.

7 Blake Shelton's Xenophobic Comments

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Blake Shelton took a hit to his reputation the year before he was named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2017. Deleted tweets which were xenophobic, homophobic, and misogynistic had been uncovered, including one in which he joked that a man in the room next door speaking a foreign language was probably planning to plant a bomb.

6 Amanda Bynes Rants At Rihanna

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One upon a time, Amanda Bynes had the whole world at her feet and a glittering career ahead of her. Sadly, she developed problems with drink and illegal substances, and had to check into rehab. She also caused a commotion on Twitter, when she sent Rihanna a string of insulting Tweets that referenced the Umbrella singer’s abusive relationship with Chris Brown.

5 Pink Celebrates Her Good Behavior

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Pink, who launched her career in the 90s alongside divas Britney and Christina, took aim at her former rivals in a 2011 tweet which followed Aguilera’s arrest for public intoxication. Pink suggested that most people would have thought that she would have been the troublemaker, ending the tweet with the line “Look Ma, no cuffs!”

4 Jason Biggs' Too Soon Joke

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Comedians make a living by cracking jokes about subjects that don’t usually raise a smile, but sometimes these jokes can come a little too soon. American Pie actor Jason Biggs had to issue an apology after he sent a Tweet offering his Malaysian Airlines air miles after one of their planes was shot down over the Ukraine.

3 Drake Bell Stuck In The Past

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Actor Drake Bell tweeted a controversial message in 2015, following Vanity Fair’s ground-breaking cover story about Caitlyn Jenner and her transition. While many celebrities were supportive, Bell showed that his views were stuck in the past with a Tweet that said he would still be calling the former athlete “Bruce.”

2 Lindsay Lohan Welcomes Twitter Followers To Facebook

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Lindsay Lohan suffered a social media fail when she seemed to forget which platform she was using. She accidentally tweeted a message welcoming her fans to her Facebook page, even though she was using Twitter at the time. It seems that Lohan wasn’t the only one confused by this bizarre Tweet!

1 Paris Hilton Incriminates Herself

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In 2010, Paris Hilton was arrested for possession of an illegal substance, with her defense being that the Chanel purse in question didn’t belong to her. That might have worked if the Hilton heiress hadn’t only just tweeted a picture of the same purse, saying how much she loved her new Chanel bag.

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