18 Celebs Who Destroyed Their Careers In 2019

Celebrities... we put them on a high pedestal and look up to them as the influencers and role models they strive to be. However, we also love every time we hear news about recent drama involving them, because celebrities tend to be an endless source of entertainment, not just on-screen or on social media, but in real life too. We often forget celebrities are people as well– just like us– and sometimes they make life-changing mistakes.

Today, we're reviewing some celebrities that took it too far and ended up completely destroying their careers this year. You won't believe what these celebrities did to ruin their careers and, consequently, their lives.

20 Liam Neeson

via The Independent

It was in the beginning of 2019, all the way in February, that Liam Neeson told The Independent, after a close friend had suffered an assault, that he would go to pubs with a gun, hoping to be approached by black men so he could shoot them. These remarks back when he was promoting Cold Pursuit had people realizing just how racist his mindset was at the time, causing an uproar that greatly affected his career. The New York premiere of the movie ended up being canceled and people aren't too keen on accepting him back in the spotlight again.

19 Lori Loughlin

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You know Lori Loughlin, Aunt Becky from Full House, right? Well, you probably also know that in March of this year, a nationwide college admissions scandal, known as Operation Varsity Blues, came forward, revealing that celebrities such as Lori Loughlin paid scam mastermind William "Rick" Singer $500,000 to get both her daughters into University of Southern California. She ended up being fired from all her current projects, including Fuller House on Netflix.

18 Justin Fairfax

via Business Insider

Justin Fairfax had a great career in front of him but, on February 3 2019, Dr. Vanessa Tyson released a full statement alleging Justin Fairfax assaulted her. He completely denied the allegations, even going as far as saying they were "surprising and hurtful." This scandal intensified when another woman came forward, Meredith Watson. Justin Fairfax can kiss his career goodbye.

17 Scarlett Johansson

via The Verge

When does the drama end with Scarlett Johansson? Her career isn't exactly destroyed, considering she will be starring in Marvel's Black Widow, premiering in 2020, but many of her actions have many people wishing it was. She suffered backlash after she agreed to star as a trans man in Rub and Tug, and although she dropped out of the movie, she continued to believe she had every right to play that part. It wasn't just this specific role she agreed to take on, but ones such as her role from Ghost In The Shell. It seems as though Scarlett doesn't fully understand the implications behind each role she takes.

16 Jussie Smollett

via Canoe

The Empire star, Jussie Smollett, was sentenced to an early retirement after he was accused of staging a hate crime against himself at the beginning of 2019. He faced 16 charges throughout the case, but they were all dropped in March, 2019. However, he faces a civil lawsuit from the city of Chicago and he has since been cut from the show Empire, with even his manager thinking his career will probably not survive this hit.

15 Amber Portwood

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After some tumultuous years of addiction, Teen Mom star, Amber Portwood, seemed to be on the rise, having launched her makeup line and cleaned up her act. However, July 2019 came along and that's when troubles began once again. Allegedly, she got into a heated argument with her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, and then proceeded to go after him with a machete, wreaking havoc and even hitting him with a shoe while he was holding their 1-year-old son. She was arrested with 3 charges and her boyfriend and son were granted protection. If you haven't heard from her for a while, maybe that's because she sank her career pretty fast.


13 Jason Mitchell

via Decider

With his career seemingly on the rise following incredible performances as Eazy-E in 2015's Straight Outta Compton, and other high-profile movies, Jason Mitchell lost everything when, in May 2019, co-star Tiffany Boone, accused him of harassment. Several others complained about his behavior on set, which seemed to raise suspicion of him even more. He was fired from The Chi, future movies he was working on, and his agent and manager both dropped him as well. Conclusion: his career is over.

12 Kevin Hunter

via Entertainment Tonight

Kevin Hunter's career was destroyed in April 2019 when his wife, who was also his boss, Wendy Williams, filed for divorce. She found out her husband was cheating on her for 15 to 16 years, and even had a baby with his mistress. That's when she put an end to the entire marriage and, consequently, Kevin's career. He was fired and cut from the position of executive producer on The Wendy Williams Show. Was it even worth it?

11 James Charles

via The Verge

If you don't know anything about beauty guru drama, you're missing out. James Charles was thrown into a huge beef this year with fellow beauty guru and YouTuber, Tati Westbrook. It all comes down to a simple betrayal where James Charles was pushing his fans to buy Sugar Bear Hair gummy vitamins when his friend, Tati, had her own line of vitamins that he never publicized. All of this wasn't really about vitamins, but about many allegations against James Charles' manipulative and "gold-digging" toxic personality.

His channel saw one of the biggest declines in followers and we have yet to see if Charles will be able to crawl back up to the fame he once had.

10 Adnan Virk

via Barstool Sports

Adnan Virk was fired from ESPN in February 2019 due to being accused of leaking confidential information to the press. According to reports by the New York Post, Virk failed to cooperate in the investigation. He later confessed to the leaks, but he told The Washington Post that it was a "one-time thing." It's going to be pretty hard to bounce back from such a hit to his career.


8 Felicity Huffman

via BBC

Like Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman was also caught in the nationwide college admissions scandal. She was critically acclaimed for projects such as Transamerica (2005), for which she even won a Golden Globe award. She pleaded guilty for paying money to get her daughter's answers corrected in big exams. It completely destroyed her career and she was even arrested.

7 Lara Spencer

via MSN

Lara Spencer, Good Morning America anchor, was the one that set fire to the internet with her "bully" ways on national television. Basically, Lara mocked Prince George for doing and enjoying ballet– bullying a 6-year-old boy for his love of dance. Social media was quick to teach her a thing or two about how to treat people right. She was forced into apologizing for her insensitive comments but many people weren't convinced, and still aren't. She wasn't fired from GMA, but her career will never be the same again.

6 Ryan Adams

via Pitchfork

February 13, 2019, an article in the New York Times came out exposing Ryan Addams for manipulative behavior, including references from seven women who have come forward saying he had helped them in their careers, only to attempt to damage their careers when they wouldn't accept his advances. FBI even began looking into his communications with an underage fan. That's all it takes to sink a career.

5 R. Kelly

via Variety

R&B singer R. Kelly's career should have been completely destroyed when he was caught on videotape doing what he did. Other girls have since came forward claiming R. Kelly has been grooming them. He was received multiple charges and his career hit the ground & vanished, with his fans turning against him for his horrible acts.

4 Bryan Singer

via Vanity Fair

Bohemian Rhapsody's director, Bryan Singer, was exposed this year as an alleged sex offender and pedophile, with various victims coming forward to accuse him of forced actions, many of those victims underage. Bryan Singer was fired from his job as director by Fox, but he remained credited. Still, he won't ever get to bounce back from this scandal and allegations.

3 Soulja Boy

via Billboard

Soulja Boy really killed it this year... and not in a good way. Soulja claimed he taught Drake everything he knew, referencing him as “Aubrey Graham in the wheelchair,” as well as accusing him of stealing song lyrics from him.He also decided to insult Tyga as well, referencing Kylie Jenner's former relationship with Tyga that ended and followed one with Travis Scott.

Oh, but he doesn't stop there! He also insulted Kanye West for his political views and accused Ariana Grande of stealing the flow from his song “Pretty Boy Swag.” He also insulted the Army troops, furthering destroying his career. Maybe think twice next time you speak, Soulja Boy.

2 Robert Kraft

via CNBC

On a raid to several massage parlors on February 19 of this year, Robert Kraft, entrepreneur and owner of the New England Patriots, was charged with two counts of soliciting. He was one of the nearly 200 people that the police claimed to have arrested as part of the operation raid. It doesn't look good to be associated with human trafficking, does it?

1 Jordyn Woods

via Independent

It seems as though everyone was talking about this specific drama back in February of 2019. Kylie Jenner's best friend, Jordyn Woods, was accused of hooking up with Khloe Kardashian's baby daddy, Tristian Thompson. The internet went crazy and the Kardashians, including Kylie Jenner herself, completely excluded her from their lives. She has since faded from existence, in the eyes of fame, no longer relevant if not glued to the Kardashians' hips. Yikes.

Sources: Nicki Swift, Ranker, Pop Crush

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