19 Celebs Who Dated People Older Than Their Parents

When it comes to Hollywood relationships, pretty much anything goes. We see the oddest of couples walking the red carpet day in and day out, and we can't help but wonder, now how on earth did these two find their way into each other's arms?

Sometimes the lovebirds seem to have nothing in common other than a little bit of fame. Other times they appear to have a way too large of an age gap to last very long. When people have decades between them, it can be hard to keep the fire aflame. Check out these twenty celebrities who dated people old enough to be their parents.

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19 Sarah Paulson And Holland Taylor

via wmagazine.com

AHS actress Sarah Paulson finally found her forever partner in 2015 when she took the hand of seventy-five-year-old Hollard Taylor. Taylor is thirty-one years older than her leading lady, but for these two, the age gap seems to create magic and not mayhem. Way to find your happiness, ladies! Bravo.

18 Hugh Jackman And Deborra Lee Furness

via okmagazine.com

Actor Hugh Jackman's wife, Deb, is a total cougar. She is thirteen years his senior. The couple first met while working on the set of Corelli back in 1995. From that point forward, they knew that there would never be another for either of them. They are still going strong to this day.

17 Mary-Kate Olsen And Olivier Sarkozy

via popsugar.com

Mary-Kate Olsen has found her Prince Charming in a Frenchman seventeen years her senior, Oliver Sarkozy. The broody and dark-hair child actress-turned-fashion mogul said "I do" with her now-husband in a lavish wedding ceremony filled with friends, close family, and bowls full of smokes in 2015. They are not traditionalists, but that works for them.

16 Beth Ostrosky And Howard Stern

via radaronline.com

Outlandish radio host Howard Stern and his second wife Beth Ostrosky are almost twenty years apart in age. While age isn't something that they have in common, their love of comedy certainly is. For these two, age is nothing but a number. They seem set on going the distance, which is something uncommon in the Hollywood world.

15 Amber Tamblyn And David Cross

via dailymail.co.uk

This quirky couple will be the first to admit that they are nothing, if not a very odd couple. They met in 2008, married in 2012 and are now loving, proud parents to a little daughter, Marlow. The funny, and talented pair have almost two decades between them, with Cross being 19 years older than his wife.

14 Hilarie Morgan And Jeffrey Dean Morgan

via mabel+moxie.com

One Tree Hill's Hillarie Burton was set up with her future hubby, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, by a mutual friend named Jensen Ackles. That friend of theirs had some great intuition because these two are now happily married and parents to two tiny tots. They sure do make a darling family.

13 Calista Flockhart And Harrison Ford

via entertainmenttonight.com

Ally McBeal met Indiana Jones in 2002 at the Golden Globes celebration, and that was precisely where their love story began. Where does it end? Only they know. This couple might have twenty-two years between them, but they also have layers upon layers of love and respect, keeping them together.

12 Julie Chen And Les Moonves

via deadline.com

Television personality Julie Chen and her hubby might be decades apart, but they see eye to eye on most matters. One of those matters was not waiting until the ink dried on Moonves divorce papers before taking up with one another. Chen began dating the head honcho and chief executive officer of CBS Television while we was still married to his first wife.

11 Sophia Loren And Carlo Ponti

via wikimediacommons.com

Sophia Loren and Carlos Ponti had over two decades of age separating them, but age could not keep these star-crossed lovers apart. Their love stood the test of time. They married in 1966 after years of legal woes regarding their union and stayed that way until 2007 when Carlos succumbed to pulmonary complications.

10 Kathie Lee And Frank Gifford

via hollywoodreporter.com

When television host met Frank Gifford in 1982, he was married to his second wife, and she was recently divorced from her first husband. It's been said that from that very first meeting, Frank was enamored with Kathy Lee, who was 23 years younger than the former football star. The couple married in 1986 and stayed together until Frank's passing almost thirty years later.

9 Jacki O And Aristotle Onassis

via insidehook.com

Jackie O was the closest thing we Yankees have ever had to our very own princess. After being the loving wife of John F. Kennedy Jr., Jackie married her much older, uber-wealthy husband and friend, Aristotle Onassis. They were hitched for only seven years before the shipping tycoon left this earth, making Jackie a twice-over widow.

8 Catherine Zeta-Jones And Michael Douglas

via hindustantimes.com

Iconic actor Michael Douglas is a quarter of a century older than his beautiful Welsh wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones. They raised the brows of fans in 1999 when they announced their engagement to the world. Plenty of neigh-sayers claimed the marriage would not last, but here they are twenty years later, proving the world wrong.

7 Rod Stewart And Penny Lancaster

via dailymail.co.uk

Rock and Roll legend Rod Stewart had been with Penny Lancaster for years. The couple already had two children together before making things between them official. Stewart is twenty-six years older than his former model wife, but that age gap doesn't seem to ruffle their feathers in the least.

6 Celine Dion And René Angélil

via vanityfair.com

If there was ever a couple who made us believe in fate and true love, it's these two right here. Rene Charles single-handedly created an incredible career for Celine Dion, going as far as mortgaging his home to finance her first album. If that wasn't enough, he then married her, created a family with her, and loved her until his last breath.

5 Bo And John Derek

via thefashionball.com

Bo Derek met the love of her life, John Derek, when she was sixteen years old. At the time he was married to Linda Evans and some thirty years older than Bo. Because their relationship was forbidden on so many levels, the unlikely couple fled to Europe to freely be together.

4 Mia Farrow And Frank Sinatra

via newyorkpost.com

Actress Mia Farrow married Frank Sinatra in 1966. At the time she was only twenty-one years old. Old Blue Eyes, on the other hand, was fifty. For awhile, Farrow was content to play housewife to her older husband, but she eventually chose to sign on to do Rosemary's Baby. This role caused a boatload of relationship strike. Frank served his former wife divorce papers while she was still filming the role that made her so famous.

3 Katharine McFee And David Foster

via onecountry.com

Theirs is a story of true love at first...audition? David Foster was his future wife's mentor back when she appeared on Season 5 of Idol. While the pair didn't become romantically involved for years following their first meeting, they must have made serious impressions on each other. The couple with thirty-four years between them recently tied the knot.

2 Annette Benning And Warren Beatty

via nickiswift.com

Annette Bening and Warren Beatty met while working on the set of Bugsy in 1991. Before Bening, Beatty was all about the ladies, but after meeting Annette, he was a one-woman guy for the rest of his life. The pair has four children together and have been hitched for almost three decades now.

1 Basically ALL Of Hugh Hefner's Ladies

via youtube.com

Legendary Hugh Hefner sure made a name for himself in multiple ways while he roamed this earth for 91 years. One of those ways was he dated women who were young enough to be his children. Heck! Some of them were young enough to be his grandkids. He made no apologies for his love of younger women.

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