Celebs Who Bounced Back After Pregnancy

Growing a baby for nine months is hard work. Mothers go through many different physiological changes to make room for a growing baby. Pushing out a tiny human is also physically demanding as well. Some women experience a widening of the hips as a result of childbirth.

Models, actresses and singers are under more pressure to bounce back after pregnancy. Their jobs demand that they look amazing; otherwise, they may not be able to get as much work as before. It seems extreme, but beauty standards for these women are out of control and extremely stringent. Thankfully for some celebrities, they look like they were never pregnant a month or so after giving birth. Of course, it may be easier for them as they have a team of dietitians, trainers and estheticians to ensure that they always look their best.

Even though many celebrities are able to afford the extra help to get them back into shape, some moms don’t look the same after giving birth. While some celebrities own the fact that their body is no longer what it once was, others are in denial. At the end of the day though, these women are doing the best they can to support their growing families. Motherhood is worth celebrating.

16 Bounced Back: Heidi Klum Had To Make Room For Baby

Heidi Klum is a Victoria’s Secret model, the host of Project Runway, a judge on America’s Got Talent and has graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. She is also the mother of not one, not two, not even three, but four children.

Five weeks after giving birth to her fourth child, she walked in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, which was a surprise as she was supposed to only be acting as the host. She looked incredible in her lingerie. She did wear lingerie that covered her midsection, but she still had an amazing figure.

She also walked in the show less than two months after giving birth to her second child. Her body seems to be of German engineering, as she looks better than ever after giving birth to four children. Certainly having that many children hasn’t slowed down her career.

15 No Improvement: Jessica Simpson—Eating Her Feelings

When this Texas singer was pregnant, she took eating for two to heart. The mother of two reportedly put on over 50 pounds when she was pregnant with her first child as she said she was prone to vegging out. Since giving birth to her two kids, she became the spokespersonfor Weight Watchers. She could lose all the pounds she had put on.

She was able to keep the weight off for some time. She was almost able to get back into a pair of Daisy Dukes that she made famous several years earlier. The mom struggles with her weight, though. Her weight has been seen to yo-yo up and down. The singer says she would like to remain as active as possible to be able to keep up with her children.

14 Bounced Back: Megan Fox—Lookin' Foxy

She has starred in some major blockbuster movies, like Transformers. After her first box office hit, she gave birth her first child. Soon after that, she became pregnant with her second child. Even after giving birth, she looked incredibly beautiful. Two months after giving birth to her third child, she was reported to have lost all of her baby weight.

Her figure looks just as amazing as before she gave birth to her three children. Most of her hard work is credited to her exercise regime, even though they were described as awful, and good eating habits. She was dedicated to returning to a body that she was comfortable in before she had children. She was so confident in her new body after children that she models in lingerie.

13 No Improvement: Kelly Clarkson Won't Apologize

When she was discovered on American Idol season one over a decade ago, Kelly Clarkson had an average body type. As she rose to fame, she lost a good amount of weight. She kept it off for some time. She put some back on, she got married and had a baby. After she gave birth to her first child, she put on more weight.

She did start to lose more weight before she got pregnant again with her second child. She was able to lose some of the weight she put on while pregnant with her son. However, she is currently nowhere near the weight she was when she first started her career. She has had some major comebacks to the internet trolls who tried to shame her for her weight. She is still awesome.

12 Bounced Back: Kate Middleton—Barely A Middle

When Kate Middleton stated that she was pregnant with her third child, everyone was eagerly awaiting her pregnancy fashion. If anyone makes pregnancy look glamorous, it is the Duchess of Cambridge. She makes everything look effortless. When she walked out of the hospital after the birth of her daughter, she didn’t look like someone who had just had a child. In fact, it was quite the opposite.

If William wasn’t holding a baby carrier, it would be easy to forget that she had been pregnant a few days earlier. A few months after giving birth to her two children, she was back to wearing form-hugging clothing and her form is very slender. Needless to say, most women were jealous that her physique looked amazing so shortly after giving birth while others questioned whether or not her quick return to a pre-pregnancy body was healthy.

11 Bounced Back: Snooki Eats No Cookies

Before this New Jersey reality TV star became a mom, she was known for her short, round build and her large hair. She found love and had a baby. After the birth of her first child, she made her health a number one priority. The star admitted that she had lost over 40 pounds after giving birth to her son. She was almost unrecognizable as she also got rid of her larger-than-life hair.

Even after the birth of her second child, she could get down to the weight she had previously been. She said that in order to achieve her new physique, she cut out the unhealthy food and alcohol that were preventing her from losing weight. She also took up exercise. She chose to dedicate herself to being healthy so that way she could be the active mom she wanted to be.

10 No Improvement: Anne Hathaway—Going Public About Mom Jeans

The Academy award-winning actress who has played in some amazing movies–such as Brokeback Mountain, Les Miserables, The Devil Wears Prada, among countless others–is known for her slender frame, her big brown eyes and full lips. After she fell in love with her hubby, they decided to make a new addition to their lives.

The starlet mother has spoken out about how difficult it is to get back in shape after giving birth to her child. She tried going to the gym a few weeks after giving birth and left in tears. Her weight and body are not the same as before, but the actress doesn’t seem to mind it. She showed up to a movie premiere sporting a post-pregnancy bump. She looked to take it all in stride as part of the journey in motherhood.

9 Bounced Back: Alessandra Ambrosio—Rockin' Victoria's Secrets

Victoria’s Secret models must have something special in their DNA which allows them to look amazing after having children because Alessandra Ambrosio has it. This model has graced the runway of many fashion shows and has made the cover of countless magazines. Of course, she is best known for being a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Three months after giving birth to her first child in 2008, she walked in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. She had a very strict eating regime for her to be ready for the show in time. After her second child, she also continued with her regime and maintained a very active lifestyle. She is very active on her social media. It is amazing to see her transformation from heavily pregnant to slender physique in a matter of months.

8 Bounced Back: Kourtney Kardashian—A Tad Bit Organic

The mom of three has been very open about her weight loss after childbirth. Kourtney Kardashian is the least curvy of the three Kardashian sisters and has always had a very petite build. After she had her three children, she decided that being petite was not the same as being strong. She posts snaps and pictures of herself on various social media platforms in her athletic wear.

She has said on numerous occasions that she works out multiple times a week doing high intensity cardio workouts, as well as some weightlifting. The results are clear. The paparazzi have snapped multiple pictures of her in swim wear and she looks amazing. She has had three children and has rock hard abs, something that she didn’t have before having children. It is inspiring to see the mom of three push towards being her best self.

7 No Improvement: Britney Spears—A Mess Inside And Out

After giving birth to two children in the space of one year, the mother has had a challenging time getting back to what she looked like before children. She soon after divorced the father of her two children. To make matters worse for the singer, she suffered a mental breakdown, which meant that her father was to take over her estate and be put in charge of her finances.

She spent some time receiving treatment for her illness. Getting back to what she once looked like was no longer a priority. Thankfully, many years later, the mother of two was able to gain control over the negative situation. She returned to her passions such as dancing and was largely able to lose all the weight she had put on from being pregnant.

6 No Improvement: Jessie James Decker—Full Disclosure

Jessie James Decker is a singer and wife of football player Eric Decker. The two found love and then made babies. While their kids are beyond adorable, the mother has been very forthcoming about how her body is not the way it used to be before she had children. On her pictures to various social media sites, like Instagram, she has said that after two babies her body was not bouncing back while revealing her C-section scar.

She has also been very honest about the stretch marks she had gotten while pregnant. The mother is working towards being healthy, but is not going to be the way she once was. The skin on her stomach is soft and stretched, according to her. Overall, Jessie Decker is proud of her body because it helps bring into the world her beautiful children.

5 No Improvement: Kendra Wilkinson—A New Kind Of Playmate

The former playmate and ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner was never shy about taking her clothes off in front of a camera. This was all before she met her current husband. Once the two welcomed their first child into the world, Wilkinson suffered from postpartum depression. It took an emotional toll on her body and her self-esteem. After the birth of her second child, her body was not able to return to what it was before children.

Kendra posted a picture of herself on Mother’s Day showing off all the stretch marks she had on her stomach as a result of her pregnancies. She doesn’t view these marks as something negative or to be ashamed of. The reality TV star continues to work out and to try to eat healthy to support an overall well-being, but doesn’t worry about the insignificant things like stretch marks.

4 No Improvement: Robyn Lawley—Flaunting Flubber

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The plus-size model has been very open about changes that happened to her body because of giving birth to her daughter. The model posted a picture on Instagram to quiet all the body shamers. She does not view her stretch marks as a terrible thing. She even talked about having stretch marks before she had become pregnant, especially since she nearly died after giving birth to her child.

She suffered from vision loss, difficulty using her hands, and her whole body hurt more than it had while she was in labor. She was then diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disorder called antiphospholipid antibody syndrome. The condition is so severe that the model chooses not to have any more children. Her body will never be as it once was, but a healthy child is worth the price.

3 No Improvement: Pink—Comfortable In Her Own Skin

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The very vocal singer has never been afraid to speak out against those who didn’t like the way she looked. The singer has always been a very physically active person and was known for her very fit physique. She maintained to be very active after the birth of her daughter. She breastfed her baby girl and even posted pictures of her doing so.

After the birth of her son, she didn’t quite regain the same figure she had before she gave birth to her son. The singer even admitted that her stomach was squishy. No, Pink’s body did not bounce back after giving birth. She isn’t sad about it either. She feels more confident in her body and feels more empowered since becoming a mother.

2 Bounced Back: Kate Winslet—A Pillar Of Beauty

Kate Winslet is an incredible actress. She offers depth and gravity to her characters. The star has always been known for her beautiful smile. The mother has gone on record to say that she is about body positivity and how the media is creating an impossible standard for women to reach. Since having kids, her body has become beautiful and curvy.

She says the reason she could get back to her pre-pregnancy weight was that she was too busy taking care of her child to eat. She also credits nursing to helping her lose all that pregnancy weight. The actress has said that she hasn’t weighed herself in over a decade as she doesn’t care about a number. She is more concerned about how she feels and how comfortable she feels in her body.

1 Bounced Back: Adrianna Lima—Abs For Days

She has walked numerous cat walks and appeared on multiple magazine covers. When she gave birth to her second child in 2012, she had eight weeks before she had to get back into pre-pregnancy shape in order to be in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. To achieve her pre-pregnancy physique, this Brazilian mama had her trainer train with her two to three hours, twice a day, seven days a week.

Adriana Lima was training like a professional athlete. She is in the same ranks as Heidi Klum and Alessandra Ambrosio who both looked amazing so quickly after giving birth. The mother of two is incredibly beautiful and has put everything into ensuring she looks the same as before. The mother of two shows no sign of slowing down as she continues to walk in the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows.

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