11 Celebs Who Bought Tickets To Outer Space (And 9 Who Hate Leaving The House)

The life of a celebrity has never been something we population-fillers have simply mulled over. Nope, not for a second. We obsess over Brad Pitt’s extravagant spending habits, gawk at Justin Bieber’s car collection and kick ourselves with jealousy because we can’t afford Christina Aguilera's private chef. More than most, we follow their vacation habits like clockwork.

For a handful of famous faces, there’s no place like home - it’s staycation or nothing. Flipped over, there’s the adventurous, those who have become fed up with routine trips to Hawaii or Cancun.

Thanks to revolutionary minds like Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson, the age of commercial space travel is quickly approaching. Some celebrities already have their tickets to space - when will you buy yours?

20 Bought A Ticket To Outer Space: Tom Hanks

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He’s piloted planes (as Captain Sully), steered carrier ships through pirate-infested waters and lived to tell the tale (Captain Phillips), and now, our beloved Tom Hanks has signed himself for a date with the final frontier. The famous actor was actually one of the first celebrities to throw his hat in the ring for the SpaceShipTwo project.

19 Hates To Leave The House: Jennifer Aniston

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You know what’s fun? Watching the latest blockbuster movies on a 10-inch iPad strapped to the back of a rigid, lowly-padded chair onboard a 747. Do you know what’s a little less fun? Flying through a flashing, thunderous, intimidating electrical storm. That what happened to Jennifer Aniston, and that’s why she’s not going to space anytime soon.

18 Bought A Ticket To Outer Space: Richard Branson

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Are you even a teenie tiny bit surprised to see the one and only Sir Richard Branson on this list? Of course not! Without this genius (read: potential nutcase - but most geniuses are) then we wouldn’t even have the option to head up into alien territory. As the brains behind the SpaceShipTwo project as well as Virgin Galactic, you can bet that we’ll be seeing Richie up on Mars pretty darn soon.

17 Hates To Leave The House: Taylor Swift

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Could you imagine T-Swizzle up there floating around in the outer atmosphere? Honestly, as fans, we wouldn’t put it past her. But for those who know her a little better, they understand that she’ll probably be staying out of the spotlight. When we travelled down to New Zealand for a music video the paparazzi attention was overwhelming for her, and we imagine it’d be the same if she shot off to Jupiter.

16 Bought A Ticket To Outer Space: Leonardo Dicaprio

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We’ve seen him on yacht-style ships in pristine waters all over the world and we’ve seen him on ill-fated ships (that’s you, Titanic) as well - the next ship? A spaceship! That’s right, Leonardo was one of the first to register his interest in a space flight, although with a little twist added in: he bought a second ticket and sold it to raise money for charity.

15 Hates To Leave The House: Kirsten Dunst

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Whether it’s a 45-minute interstate trick from Los Angeles to Vegas for a rowdy bachelorette weekend or, on the flip side, a rocket to the dark depths of the milky way, Kirsten Dunst simply will not hop on board a plane. As the lovely lady says herself, “"I always get scared on planes. Whenever I fly I pack those Bose headphones that dull the noise of the plane…”

14 Bought A Ticket To Outer Space: Ashton Kutcher

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Seriously, Ashton Kutcher has it all, doesn’t he? Good looks, a ten-out-of-ten wife, raw acting talent, and now a ticket to outer space as well! Please, Ashton, leave some of the good stuff for the rest of us. He wasn’t one of the first few to buy a ticket, nor was he even in the first hundred - he was, however, lucky number 500.

13 Hates To Leave The House: Barbara Streisand

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Who else remembers that Duck Sauce song Barbara Streisand? Okay, now that we can apologise for getting that stuck in your head 10 years later, let’s look at why this famous singer is a pure homebody. Simply put, she hates driving. With such apprehension on the road, it’s only multiplied tenfold when it outer space.

12 Bought A Ticket To Outer Space: Justin Bieber

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When you boast the unmatched fame and fortune of pop sensation Justin Bieber, then whatever your heart desires can essentially appear at the snap of the fingers. Back in 2013 when the concept of SpaceShipTwo was in full force, Justin nabbed himself a ticket for a cool $250,000 - chump change for this dude, however.

11 Hates To Leave The House: Dennis Bergkamp

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Although not a celebrity in the traditional sense of the word, Dennis Bergkamp, the Dutch soccer star, has still been forced to travel all over the world to compete. Trust us when we say he hated every high-altitude moment of it. This man trembles more than a freshly-cooled bowl of jelly when seated upon a little Cessna, so there’s no way he’s headed intergalactic.

10 Bought A Ticket To Outer Space: Kate Winslet

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Heck, if Jack (by which we mean Leonardo DiCaprio) can head to space, then it’s only fitting that his tragic love, Rose, should be able to tag along too. So, any guesses how much this shining actress paid for her shuttle ticket to space? Not a darn dime - she received it as a gift from Richard Brandson in celebration of her wedding.

9 Hates To Leave The House: Jeremy Clarkson

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He might fly around the racetrack at break-neck speeds and be comfortable on dangerous roads all over the world (even the infamous Bolivian Death Road), however, being shot far past the stratosphere seems like too much of a tough task for this Top Gear host. Despite being a TV personality, he’s not a huge fan of the spotlight and can’t stand long-haul travel. Last we checked, space is pretty ‘long-haul’.

8 Bought A Ticket To Outer Space: Russell Brand

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One man who has absolutely no qualms with flying is long-haired, British funny-man (well, that depends on who you ask - the funny part, not the British part), Russell Brand. As reported by The Toronto Sun, Brand received his ticket to the outer worlds as a gift from Katy Perry - slightly better than an Amazon gift card if you ask us.

7 Hates To Leave The House: Billy Bob Thorton

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Some of our glamorous celebs do whatever it takes to ensure that the spotlight on them never fully fades. Billy Bob Thornton is not one of those people - more than anything, he craves his own space and private time, doing his best to stay out of the public eye. Combine that with a crippling fear of flying and it’s easy to see why he’s staying on the ground.

6 Bought A Ticket To Outer Space: Sarah Brightman And Andrew Lloyd Webber

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Before you and I have even been given access to commercial space flight, the fat cats making all the calls have already organised some intergalactic entertainment. As told by the Toronto Sun, Andrew Lloyd Webber and his ex-wife, singer Sarah Brightman, have actually collaborated on a song to perform out on Saturn, or whichever planet has the best acoustics.

5 Hates To Leave The House: Christina Aguilera

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We’ve seen time and time again how celebrities can fall victim to the obtrusive, hounding nature of the paparazzi. As normies, we can blend into the shadows; as A-listers, there’s no off switch for fame. Not only is Christina Aguilera intimidated by too much attention but she also prefers not to drive, and as we’ve established, flying a rocket ship is another scope entirely.

4 Bought A Ticket To Outer Space: Mila Kunis

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If Ashton’s gonna lace up his space boots and kick on over to Mercury then you better believe that his better half is going to be a step behind him. The Hollywood power couple has ventured all over the world on luxury vacations, which, apparently, just doesn’t quite cut it anymore. Next holiday destination? The sandy shores of Venus.

3 Hates To Leave The House: Noel Ghallager

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If you’re finding yourself scratching your noggin trying to place a face to the name Noel Gallagher, he’s one of the members of the cherished British band, Oasis. You’re welcome. Now, he might have reached new heights with his music, but this man is one who’ll be keeping his feet firmly on the ground - he doesn’t even like to drive.

2 Bought A Ticket To Outer Space: Brad Pitt

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As one of the most recognisable names and faces of Hollywood’s last 30 years, what Brad Pitt wants, Brad Pitt gets (unless it’s Angelina - sorry, bro). Anyway, Brad is said to already have his ticket to outer space all sewn up. Ironically, so does Angelina, so we’ll just have to twiddle our thumbs and wait to see who makes it up there first.

1 Bought A Ticket To Outer Space: Angelina Jolie

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What do you mean Brad’s got a ticket to space? Fine, I’ll take one too, but put me in first class. Don’t quote us on that, however, that’s close enough to how it went when Angelina decided to snap up her very own space shuttle seat. Wouldn’t it be awkward if she ended up being seated next to Brad - would they share pretzels?

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