20 Celebs Who Are Way Too Nice (They Must Be Hiding Something)

Seeing celebrities engage in moments of kindness and compassion is touching. All too often we hear about the other aspect of these encounters. The crazy demands of their riders, their diva- moments, and lots of chaos and drama seem to hit the tabloids wherever these celebs seem to go.

It’s refreshing to take a step back and appreciate their gentle acts of kindness and the moments in which they seem so personally invested in improving the lives of others that they seem human to us again. In a world that moves fast and seems fixated on appearances instead of experiences, we really cherish the celebrities that don’t let fame affect the people they really are.

20 Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

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At first glance, Dwayne looks tough and unapproachable. His exterior physique is intimidating and most would assume his ego would be massive, considering his immense success. There’s a Reddit post that states quite the opposite though! Earlmo talks about his cousin who took his enthused son to a WWE event for his birthday one night. The very next day they went fishing along the river and by some sort of crazy coincidence, The Rock was also there. They ended up spending the entire day fishing together, and The Rock bought lunch for everyone and casually hung out with them. That’s a pretty wild dream-come-true for the 12-year-old, and kudos goes to the Rock – spending an entire afternoon with them was an undeniably cool move.

19 Julia Roberts

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Known to many as “America’s Sweetheart”, this pretty lady has always had a squeaky-clean image. She has a smile that is unforgettable and unmistakable, and been the leading lady in many very successful movies throughout her career. Wealthy Gorilla reports this actress is worth $140 million, and we’d all assume she would be high maintenance and full of extravagant demands. She’s really not- she’s simple, kind, and very down to earth. In October of 2018, Bazaar reported on a social media photo posted by Julia’s niece. Apparently her haters slammed the post, and made some comments that were not very tasteful. Instead of lashing out, she released the story to Bazaar, indicating she was hurt by the comment and feared for the younger generation that’s so exposed to social media hatred. Many other celebs would have flown off the handle over this.

18 Ed Sheeran

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Ed Sheeran is known to be a gentle, quiet soul. He stays out of the limelight for the most part, but when he steps into it, it’s always for the right reasons. In March of 2015 a radio station in Sydney Australia helped to fund a wedding for a couple who had been through some rough times. They helped fund many aspects of the weddings, and they had chosen Ed’s song “Thinking Out Loud” for their first dance. Sheeran arrived and sang it live, shocking the bride, groom, and all their guests by his very personal appearance. Talk about a nice guy!

17 Keanu Reeves

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We end with a bang –one of Hollywood’s nicest guys of all – time, the one and only Keanu Reeves. He is often depicted as a quiet soul who lives a nomadic lifestyle and tends to stick to himself, for the most part. Well, he also happens to be a real-life hero in his spare time. EWeekly reported that Keanu gave a $20k bonus to one of the crew members on the set of The Matrix, after hearing he was having family problems. One of his most notable acts of kindness was turning the entire crew of the Matrix instant millionaires. Celebrity Net Worth reports that each person on the Matrix team received a million dollars by Keanu, personally. The best thing about him is that he is low–key. Keanu has funded many charities and donated millions of dollars, but doesn’t make a spectacle of it in any way. This truly nice guy doesn’t do it for the credit – in fact, he seems to rather stay behind the scenes. He donates from his heart, in true acts of anonymous kindness.

16 LeBron James


Arguably one of the most famous NBA players of our time, LeBron James has certainly experienced fame and wealth. Forbes reported his net worth as being $450 in 2018, with no end in sight for his future income potential. It seems his ego has been untouched by his fortune. If anything, the wealthier he becomes, the more generous he is. LeBron has donated to many charities, but the one that caught our eye is one that he created himself. Among many other generous acts, the LeBron James Family Foundation has funded needy children and opened the I Promise School. This organization provides free meals, bikes, and college funding for students.

15 Sandra Bullock

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Sandra Bullock is one of Hollywood’s leading ladies, and is often referred to as “ America’s Sweetheart”. Her list of accolades is long and decorated, and according to Forbes, she’s worth a whopping $20o million, granting her full access to everything that her heart desires. You’d think she’d be a supreme diva that’s full of attitude and endless demands. Au Contraire…anyone who has encountered her will tell you otherwise. Inquisitr reports that in 2017, she went onto a homeless man’s GoFundMePage and donated $5,000 to assist him in getting back on his feet again. She also left a personal note that said: “Everything Is Going To Be Ok.” Let’s not forget how she donated hundreds of thousands of dollars following Hurrican Katrina. It’s clear that Sandra is a down-to-earth lady that is the definition of the “girl next door.”

14 Nick Offerman

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Most famous for his role on Parks and Rec, Nick Offerman has a comedic history and it’s easy to tell that he is a genuinely nice guy. We were floored by the story featured on Reddit, about the man in a wheelchair. When asked for a photo by the man in a wheelchair, Nick got down on a knee for it, to be lower to the ground for the pic. The gentleman commented on how Nick didn’t have to go to such measures for him, to which he quotes Nick as saying “ son you should make everyone take a knee for you”. That, folks, is how it’s done. He oozes respect, class, and ethical integrity ….Nick stands in a category all his own with us. Very few others would ever qualify to join him on this level!

13 Chris Pratt


A lady shared a plane with Chris Pratt on a red eye flight from LAX to Orlando. We were already impressed by the fact that he was on a regular plane, given his celebrity status. While waiting for their bags, this lady watched him as he graciously took selfies with some of the other passengers of the flight, and she took a fleeting photo as fast possible –trying not to bother him or make it too obvious. Chris, being one of the nicest people we’ve come across, stopped her and made sure the photo was good before they parted ways.

12 Bruce Springsteen

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Bruce is as down-to-earth as he is generous. On a hot day in Sevilla there were two young ladies that had the experience of a lifetime, by sheer coincidence. They were swimming in the water, having fun, doing underwater handstands and enjoying their day. Bruce made his way into the pool and struck up a conversation with them. Before they had a chance to even process what was happening, they were engaged in conversation, and were given his assistant’s email address to claim front-row tickets to his show. That’s way above and beyond what most celebrities engage in when they are in the midst of casual fan-encounters.

11 Bruce Willis

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We rarely, if ever, hear about Bruce Willis in any sort of state of conflict or strife. He seems at ease all the time, even when it comes down to sharing time with his exes and their new spouses. The world took notice when he was seen continuously spending time with his Ex-wife, Demi Moore – and her new husband at the time, Ashton Kutcher. One day at Walmart, a short citizen had to scale the top of the shelf and go over the side in order to get the food items that were required. Bruce jokingly complimented the woman’s shelf climbing skills and they ended up engaging in a casual, light conversation, resulting in an autograph and selfie to capture the moment. We only have one question for the Nice-Guy – we’d like to know why he was shopping at Walmart!

10 Celine Dion

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When looking for, or hoping to describe someone that is a true pillar of strength and humble nature, look no further than Celine Dion. She is our favourite “Diva With No Drama”. She has no real conflicts that have taken the spotlight, and has remained a dedicated mother, wife, and family pillar, taking care of all her loved ones with graciousness and extreme generosity. She hasn’t been seen losing her cool in public, and remains a very likable figure to folks of all ages. She is also linked to many charitable organizations, one of which is the Celine Dion Foundation. This organization helps sick and underprivileged children. The workers at this foundation take on a completely voluntary role, meaning 100% of the profits raised are dedicated to the cause.

9 Jay Leno

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Ask anyone in Hollywood for their opinion, and you’ll always hear about what a “great guy” Jay Leno is. Many have reported him as being genuinely caring and charismatic. We haven’t come across any scandalous tabloids, and there aren’t any negative reports concerning his demeanor. According to More Celebrity Magazine, Leno orchestrated a free comedy night in Detroit for anyone who was negatively affected by the worsening economy in that region. He’s always gracious about giving autographs to fans and seems like an all-round great guy!

8 Oprah Winfrey

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Oprah’s legacy is based on her generosity. She was an easy pick to top our list of celebrities that are way too nice. It’s impossible to guesstimate how much money she has donated to charity and to individuals in need, nor can we calculate the mountains of gifts she has distributed to fans over the years. What we can attest to with all certainty, is that this woman has set the bar for generosity and has used her wealth and kind heart to bring awareness to tough issues, and support to many people in need. Her ABC show called “Oprah’s Big Give” is a demonstration of her dedication to enhance the lives of others and give back to communities in need.

7 Steve Buscemi

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Steve Buscemi has played some pretty twisted, dark, devious roles and is not known to portray the most likable characters on the big screen. That couldn’t be further from the truth in real life, though! The best example to highlight how this man wears his heart on his sleeve is to look at his dedication to assisting during the tragic events of 9/11. Buscemi used to be a firefighter before hitting it big in Hollywood. Sticking true to his roots, he HuffPost reporters that he spent 5 days digging through the rubble as a volunteer. A man in his position is more known to donate money from behind the scenes than to get his hands dirty on-site, and we commend him for his gracious, heartfelt assistance.

6 Dave Chappelle

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Being a comedian is not an easy task. It’s not simple to get a crowd of strangers on board with your humor and let’s face it, we don’t feel “funny” all the time. It would be tough to do this job on a stressful day. Dave Chappelle seems to have mastered that art both on and off the stage. It seems his charismatic, positive attitude is carried through his personal life and isn’t just an act he reserves for the stage. A fan took to Reddit to share that he ran into Chappelle at a hotel, and reports that he invited the man and his friends to a hookah bar where they hung out, smoked, and shared a few hours of stories and laughs. He posed for photos and spent quality time with the group of unsuspecting fans. An autograph is one thing – time spent and memories created are a priceless encounter.

5 Ellen Degeneres

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Maybe it’s a “thing” with comedians! Here’s another comedian that seems to magically transform the lives of others with her acts of kindness. Despite the fact that she’s seen enormous success in her life and has been launched to a category of wealth that few of us could ever even imagine, Ellen remains down to earth, heartfelt, compassionate, and incredibly generous. She presents a very real persona and her charity work and donations to the less fortunate are as real as it gets. Her list of charitable donations is expansive and we wouldn’t know where to begin in listing her generous contributions to the multitude of charities she donates to. At the end of each show, we see Ellen’s true wish and life message come through as she closes each episode by saying “Be Kind To One Another”.

4 Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga is a wildly talented, exceptionally expressive artist that never misses a beat. Aside from her incredibly successful career on stage, she has taken much of her personal time to travel to third world countries and assist the less fortunate. That’s right – she doesn’t just write a cheque- she actually travels and lives among the most poverty-stricken people in these impoverished areas. After doing the grunt-work and experiencing these struggles first hand, she also gives back through various charities including her Born This Way Foundation. The motto of this organization is for everyone “to be kind to themselves and one another.” She sets an amazing example of compassion and generosity to all her little monsters!

3 Ryan Gosling

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This ‘nice guy’ even starred in “The Nice Guys”, and we can’t think of a better casting strategy! Ryan has a reputation of being a really nice guy, all-round, and has been known to demonstrate his compassion and gentle soul in unsuspecting moments. One shining example was his heartfelt rush to a fight happening on the streets of Manhattan in August of 2011. He stepped in to physically stop an altercation between two men, and the entire incident was caught on camera. Not many celebrities would care enough to get involved, but this really shows you what a great human Ryan Gosling is!

2 Ludacris

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Ludacris exploded on the scene back in 1999, and he has somehow managed to stay out of the negative spotlight that dominates his industry. He’s known to exhibit a tough, but calm demeanour and there are many testaments of his kindness and generosity. According to Reddit, one of his fans was bowling at the top of the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, and his group somehow received the drinks belonging to other guests. Without knowing who he was approaching, this gentleman went up to notify someone that their drinks had been served to him in error, and it turned out to be Ludacris he was talking to. Luda told them to keep the drinks and enjoy them. Many other celebrities would be irritated about the mix-up and the interruption and would have been far less generous.

1 Matthew McConaughey

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Mathew McConaughey is a pretty chill dude, especially considering he’s a very, very wealthy fella. This $95 million dollar man doesn’t seem too phased by the glitz and glamour and seems humble and down-to-earth when he interacts with the public. He tends to be able to blend in with a crowd when he chooses to – so much so that one of his fans didn’t recognize him at all. Officially known on Reddit as “Zermat”, this fellow was enjoying his first trip to New York with his mom and grandma, and approached someone to ask for a photo to be taken. He got the shock of his life when he clued into the fact that the man who just snapped his photo was none other than Matthew himself. McConaughey seemed humble and thought it was funny that they didn’t recognize him. We imagine most other celebs would scoff at this situation and be less cooperative.

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