Celebrity Style: 25 Trend-Setting Winter Outfits To Copy Right Now

Winter is here. And everyone is in a big fix!

Okay, maybe not everyone. But there are those out there who seem to have forgotten how to dress for the sub-temperate weather.

Not that it's their fault really. It's winter! The season where getting out of bed at nine in the morning is a big challenge. Or, for that matter, taking a bath... especially if your roomie used up all the warm water.

In the middle of all this, who's got the time to focus on fashion? Of course, if it was appropriate, most everyone would skip the cute tops and trousers and show up for work in a snuggie instead!

Unfortunately, that's not an option. And neither is dressing up as if one has forgotten the difference between a coat and a pair of boots. So, to help everyone look cozy and chic this winter, here's a round-up up some of the best celeb winter outfits for fashion inspiration.

One look at these and every not-quite-fashionista out there will be itching to get outta bed just so everyone can 'ooh' and 'aah' at their fabulous style. All the while staying warm!

So, ready to hit the road in style this winter? Let's go.

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25 Gigi Hadid: Boyfriend Jeans To The Rescue!


My wallet is crying! And so is yours. But the idea is not to copy the entire look. It's to get some style inspiration.

And according to Gigi, if you want to be the it-girl, you must know how to pair classics with wow pieces. Like how she has done here with these simple pair of boyfriend jeans, a glamorous suede jacket, and mirror boots.

The idea is to create a blank canvas and then elevate it with some bold pieces.

24 J-Lo: No Need To Be Blue

Getty Images

It's easy to fall into the habit of wearing blacks and browns in winter. But there's absolutely no need to be "blue" (or brown) just because the weather is biting.

Granted, we won't look cool with our name stamped on our handbag (only J-Lo can pull that off), but the rest of the outfit would put a smile on anyone's face.

Plus, what's not to like about a simple long sweater, jeans, and work boots look? It takes casual and plants it in the land of chic.

23 Hailey Baldwin: Fluffy All Over


If you want to wear something warm and casual but look smashing at the same time, look no further than this super cas ensemble put together by red carpet's child, Hailey Baldwin.

In fact, just looking at this oversized shearling long coat is warming up our souls!

And then she went ahead and styled it with a pair of fluffy pink Gucci slippers that must feel like she's walking on clouds.

Style tip: keep the rest of the outfit sleek like Hailey has done here. Otherwise, the entire outfit will look a bit much!

22 Kendall Jenner: It's All About The Puff

Who What Wear

Boot-cut jeans paired with a puffer jacket has never done anyone a disservice. But why stick to the monochrome routine?

Follow Kendall's lead and pick up a two-toned, military-style coat the next time. Or, if you are feeling a bit adventurous, go for the bolder and brighter shades. After all, "statement" is the latest trend in the fashion world.

In fact, why stick to the blue jeans routine too? Pastels are now winter-ready. So if your jacket is meh, make your pants the star of the show.

21 Taylor Swift: Santa's Elf


Leave it to Taylor Swift to bring out the wintery girl-next-door in her outfit and then elevate it all to the next level with those "I want them so bad" knee-length boots. *Sigh* Why does money not grow on trees?

The trick is simple here. Just throw on a regular sweater over your favorite pair of legging (or skinny jeans) and then perk it all up by adding a festive knit cap to the mix or a pair of high-gloss boots.

In fact, you can even make your grandma proud by ditching it all and just wearing the sweater she gave you last Christmas as your statement piece. Trust us, those with confidence can even make an ugly sweater look cool!

20 Blake Lively: Don't Be Scared Of Patterns


Prints are scary. And so are patterns if done wrong. But it doesn't have to be that way.

All you need is a cupful of confidence, a mouthful of smile, and some basic fashion sense. Then, you will be well on your way to becoming a diva like Blake Lively and her multiple coats.

The idea is to either stick to the B&W palette or make it monochrome. Trust us, too many colors and patterns can quickly turn you into a hobo.

19 Victoria Beckham: Menswear Never Looked Cooler

Who What Wear

Here's the best thing about this outfit. It looks so cool and bulky that no one would guess you are wearing ugly thermals inside or a few layers of not-so-nice-looking tops.

Although, if your roll neck sweater is as warm as the one Victoria Beckham is sporting in this look, you won't have to resort to those less-than-stellar pieces for extra warmth.

You can dress light and be warm and glam at the same time! Plus, oversized knit trousers remind us of our favorite snuggie.

18 Olivia Palermo: A Hint Of Sunshine


Olivia Palermo is a goddess of glamor and class. She makes us want to raid her closet and grab every piece she owns! And this outfit is no different.

Because the star of the show isn't that beautiful faux-fur gilet she has thrown over a simple black full-sleeve shirt. It is that pair of black military pants with its gold-stud details and sunshine yellow tracks that's making us go goggle-eyed in wonder!

Lesson to learn: real fashionistas know how to let the subtlest details shine by keeping the rest of the outfit monochrome even if all the pieces are equally luxurious.

17 Gigi Hadid: Those Boots!


You probably looked at those boots and said, "I can't afford that!" Well, this pair of red snakeskin booties from Mango costs just $80. So it's definitely within our price range. Yay!

But don't just look at the boots!

Gigi's entire outfit–a velour jumpsuit paired with an oversized moto jacket–is a page out of New York Fashion Week's most-glamorous lookbook.

Especially the color scheme, which is bound to add some warmth to the white wintery cityscape.

16 Lily Collins: Momma Mode


She is not a momma. But there's no shame in going into nesting mode when winter comes around.

Trust us, if we could, we all would hibernate like bears and come out only when it's spring (at least, I would).

So don't shy away from the classics in this cold weather.

If a chunky knit sweater over a pair of skinny jeans and chunky boots is what you need to stay warm and comfortable, wear it with pride and confidence.

Plus, you can ask your friend to snap you in it while you're holding a warm mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows. It would be the perfect click for your winter wonderland storyline on social media!

15 Kate Bosworth: My Parka Is Better Than Yours

Harper's Bazaar

There's something subtly powerful about a parka if worn right. Just ask Kate Bosworth! No one in their right mind would mess with a girl dressed like that.

From those glossy black boots to that faux fur trim on her collar, everything about this outfit screams "capable."

It's high fashion workwear if you have the confidence to pull it off.

Just remember: the trick is to get a parka that looks luxurious. After all, no one's going to ask you how much it costs.

14 Lady Gaga: Mother Monster And Her Velvet Pants

The only thing predictable about Lady Gaga is her creative rebellion. So no, she is not going to ask you to wear the winter uniform like a hundred other girls and save the sassier pieces for summer. She will dress to impress and command you to unleash your creativity.

Thus, those midnight black velvet pants and that chic coat with massive fur sleeves!

Style tip: skip the beanies and cute earmuffs (unless it's too cold outside), and go for a stylish hat with your outfit. You never know. Someone might take your autograph just because they believe no commoner would dare to look so cool!

13 Jourdan Dunn: A Girl In Purple


Purple and lilac are the trendiest colors this winter. And you can count on Jourdan Dunn to show us how to do it pitch perfect.

Here you can see her wearing a simple linen dress with an even simpler jumper on top that is neither too long nor too short.

And how do you prevent it from being a complete bore? Just accessorize the look with some cool pieces, like a snazzy pair of sunglasses and a handbag that takes the limelight.

12 Kendall Jenner: Vintage Glam

Harper's Bazaar

If you are a Kardashian-Jenner fangirl, you will know how cray-cray the entire family is for fur. Correction: faux fur or roadkill (cause you can't go around upsetting animal lovers and vegans everywhere).

So if you want to embrace your inner Jenner, pair your casual jeans and tee outfit with a classic faux fur overcoat like Kendall has done here.

It's vintage glamor all the way! And warm. Really warm!

Style tip: you can up the style quotient of this look with a pair of retro frames. You're welcome!

11 Dakota Johnson: The Winter Uniform


We can't strut around in bold pinks and purples every day. Nor can we lounge at work head-to-toe in faux fur.

So if you gotta be a little more muted, it's best to stick to this classic winter uniform of smart coat, blue jeans, and shiny boots.

Trust us, you will see a dime a dozen women wearing this exact outfit to work every day on the subway.

But if you do it right, like Dakota Johnson has done here, by picking the right pieces (read: chic), you will still manage to stand out from the herd.

10 Gisele Bündchen: BOLD

Harper's Bazaar

She might have been dethroned from the top supermodel spot, but you can always count on Gisele Bündchen to teach you a thing or two about going out of your comfort zone.

After all, vinyl is no child's play. It can easily slip into the tacky territory as it so often used to do in the '70s.

The trick is to create a blank canvas with the rest of the outfit so the vinyl piece can stand out and gets its shiny due.

Plus, PVC is a non-breathable material. So you can bet that your legs will be warm and toasty within their shiny sheath.

9 Olivia Palermo: Why Not Skirt?


After a ton of pants and coats (however fly they might be), here's a look that is festive, fun, and feminine all at the same time! An A-line skirt with a vivid print thrown over a pair of high-gloss leather knee-highs.

Trust us, a long skirt in winter is both cozy and smart. And you can always wear your leg-warmers underneath without changing the silhouette.

Style tip: don't frump up your skirt by wearing a bulky sweater on top. Pair it with a sleek jacket and then add bulk to your shoulders by wrapping a scarf around your neck.

8 Kerry Washington: Pastel Shades Are Not Just For Spring

Who What Wear

Lilac strikes again! What did we say? Pastels are blowing up everywhere this winter. So you might as well jump on board.

Anything to add some happiness and cheer to those gloomy winter days!

And Kerry Washington seems to know exactly what to do with these pastel shades.

Like she has done here with this muted-pink duster over a simple lilac sweater and dark jeans ensemble.

Style tip: white boots look great with pastels too. Or you can go for a bolder color if you don't want your outfit to camouflage against the sidewalk.

7 Elsa Hosk: Wherever I Go, All Eyes Shall Follow

Getty Images

There are quite a few reasons why this outfit is smack-dab awesome.

First of all, the colors. THE COLORS! They are cute, bright, and not black (and distinctly superwoman).

Then, there's the pair of over-the-knees boots over those skinny jeans (because skinny jeans alone ain't gonna protect you from the cold).

And finally, there's that black overcoat, which is perfect for hiding away the casual tee and jeans. So you can look prim and proper with only a pair of bold pink boots peeking out from underneath.

6 Diane Kruger: Who Said Winter Can't Be Fun?

Harper's Bazaar

And Diane Kruger agrees. The trick is to mix and match textures but hold your horses on the style.

Thus, this fun ensemble with embellishments and lace. The contrast between these elements and the plainness of the jeans is what makes this outfit stand out so much!

Style tip: when playing with textures, keep the palette basic so it does not draw attention away from the details. Style your 'fit like Diane has done here with basic brown, blue, and white.

5 Gabrielle Union: A Statement Coat

Getty Images

If your overcoat looks like a psychedelic mistake or the trophy cloth of a teddy-bear killer, you are doing it right.

Trust us, statement coats are a massive trend this winter and you should stock up your wardrobe with at least one of these.

Just like Gabrielle Union has done here, go big or go home with your overcoat.

And are you seeing those black sequined palazzo pants? Those sparkles are making my heart beat faster (in a good way, of course).

4 Hailey Baldwin: Casual And Luxury Don't Clash If Done Right

Who What Wear

No, they don't have to. And Hailey Baldwin is the best celeb to learn that from (or should we say, Mrs. Bieber?).

All you gotta do is dress up super casual and then glam up your outfit with a luxurious (and warm) long coat on top.

Like this fleecy coat Hailey is wearing over that hoodie and leggings.

Plus, it's the perfect outfit to show off your favorite pair of Yeezy's while keeping you nice and toasty (not to mention comfy)!

3 Victoria Beckham: Layers Can Be Chic


You can rely on Victoria Beckham to bring you glam whenever she steps out the door. And then she makes it look super comfortable, too. Just like she's doing here in these pair of wide-legged tobacco trousers, which she has teamed with three layers of top-wear.

A masculine, striped shirt layered over a polo neck top is completed with a tailored, slim-fit long coat.

Just divine! And perfect for those days when it's chilly outside but not exactly cold.

2 Sienna Miller: Focus On The Accessories

Harper's Bazaar

What's the point of dressing up for winter if you don't explore the territory of fun accessories? Like a beanie. Or those fluffy earmuffs. Or even a scarf that's the length of New York!

The trick is to keep the rest of the outfit as plain as Jane so the accessories can enjoy their five minutes in the limelight. Trust us, you can't go wrong with bold colors, patterns, and styles when it comes to winter caps. And muffs. And bags.

1 Kate Moss: The One Print You Weren't Expecting

Harper's Bazaar

We weren't expecting it either. Because leopards and winter don't mix well. Unless they are snow leopards. Which this print is decidedly not.

But then again, if pastels can be the new color for winter, anything is possible in the world!

So pack in some oomph with your favorite leopard print coat (or boots) and strut your stuff down the sidewalk. Trust us, with the right fashion moves, you're sure to warm up anyone who sees you on the street.

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