20 Celebrity Selfies We Actually Can’t Stop Looking At

With their gold-plated supercars, shimmering Rolex watches, numerous McMansions scattered across the globs, and a bank balance that makes affording an Uber Luxury a breeze, we simply can't help but gawk at the celebrity lifestyle.

Back in the day, the only access we had to their personal lives was whatever sneaky glimpse the paparazzi could get by climbing up a tree and peeking over a fence. Nowadays, everything's changed— the age of social media allows us to follow every step that our favorite movie stars, musicians, and athletes take, as if we're right there alongside them.

Is that a good thing, though? Take a look at these selfies and you be the judge. For every jaw-dropping Selena Gomez selfie, however, there's a grumpy Zooey Deschanel morning face to follow suit.

20 Jennifer Lawrence With... A Perm?

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Did you have to take a second look at this photo to realize that it was, in fact, our beloved Jennifer Lawrence? Because we definitely did. Look, we're all for trying out new hairdos, and in the movie business, A-listers are often required to adopt new personas. In all honesty, though, this is one image we'd like to forget.

19 We Miss The Old Amanda Bynes

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Hands up from everyone in here who remembers Amanda Bynes from her early 2000s showcases on The Amanda Show. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the Amanda we want to remember. This unflattering selfie, decked out with cheek piercings and crazy hair, however, is the Ms. Bynes we'd like to forget.

18 Jessica Simpson Looking A Little Worse For Wear

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It might take a second, or even a third, glance to realize, but buried deep underneath that exfoliating mask is none other than Jessica Simpson. While the point of these kinds of skin products is to make the wearer look good, it's fair to say that the process to get there isn't quite as flattering.

17 50 Cent Reaches A New Low

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Let's wind the clock all the way back to 2007, shall we? 50 Cent, pictured here, was actually the second wealthiest rapper in the hip hop game, sliding in behind Jay Z (note: not Kanye). However, after everything hit the fan and he went bankrupt, spilling into a $32-million debt, all he could afford were these plastic, heart-shaped sunglasses.

16 James Blunt And Hulk Hogan— Calm Yourself, Wiseman

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What's that saying about never meeting your heroes? Exactly. As you can see here, James Blunt went into extreme fan girl mode when he was finally able to grab a quick selfie with the one and only Hulk Hogan. Clearly, the musician didn't want to let go— we're not too sure how Hulk felt about it though.

15 Zooey Deschanel Wakes Up On The Wrong Side Of Bed

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It's not exactly a secret that Zooey Deschanel is a catch - we love her in New Girl as Jess, and pretty much everything else that she's touched in her career up until this point. Perhaps one thing that she'd like to keep out of the spotlight, however, is her morning face. Does this ruin the Zooey illusion for you, fellas?

14 Tyra Banks, Phone Home

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Remember the whole Storm Area 51 - they can't stop all of us fiasco back in September? Well, it seems as though they actually made it through the barricades and discovered none other than Tyra Banks, the extra-terrestrial. People have always made fun of her rather large forehead, but this selfie takes it to another level.

13 The Perfection That Is Jennifer Lopez

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Keep in mind that we had to crop this photo from the chest down - it was simply too much to be able to look at during work hours without falling out of our chairs. What you see here, people, is an example of pure perfection. We've been dealt with our fair share of awkward, embarrassing selfies, yet this is not one of them.

12 Selena Gomez At Her Finest

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There are some people in this world who have to move Heaven and Earth in order to take a top-notch selfie. On the other hand, there are the natural beauties who could rise up after a sleepless night and still turn heads on the catwalk. Selena Gomez, folks, is one of those people, and we can't stop staring at this selfie.

11 Ellen's Oscars Selfie

via USAtoday

Who could forget that infamous selfie back in 2014? The combined bank balanced of everyone pictured is enough to make us want to cry, honestly. Believe it or not, but this photo was actually nominated for the Shorty Special Award for Newsworthy Photo of the Year— as if the celebs of the world didn't already have enough fame.

10 You Forgot The Sunscreen, Kim

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The fact of the matter is that compared to the average person - nay, compared to the average celebrity, in fact - Kim Kardashian takes A LOT of selfies. So, you'd expect that she'd be well aware of what a bad selfie looks like, right? Well, apparently not. It seems that Kim clearly forgot to use sunscreen— ouch!

9 Selena Gomez And The Weeknd's Record-Breaking Pic

via ETcanada

You didn't think that you'd seen the last of Selena Gomez on this rundown, did you? This snap was taken alongside her former boyfriend and fellow artist, The Weeknd, and actually topped the social media charts for likes in the year it was taken— notching up well over 8 million double-taps.

8 Zac Efron Has No Need For Shirts

via PopSugar

It seems as though the hot desert sun and the flowing golden sands are an excuse not to wear a shirt for the A-list actor. Just because we said that we can't stop looking at these selfies doesn't mean that they're bad by any means. In fact, in the case of Zac Efron right here, it's exactly the opposite.

7 Nicolas Cage Is A Mile High

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Whether Nicolas Cage was flying out to location at the wee hours of the night, or whether he'd just finished a 5-day bender out in Las Vegas, this hasty fan selfie didn't turn out all too well for the Hollywood star. Unlike his performance in National Treasure, this moment is one he'll definitely want to forget.

6 Kanye's Having Absolutely None Of It

via BlazePress

Oh dear, poor Kanye. The infamous rapper can't even watch the Super Bowl in peace without being bombarded by tourists and fans excited for a quick selfie. We really sympathize with you, Yeezy (kidding, of course). There's something so refreshing about seeing Kanye bored and annoyed, and we love it.

5 Farrah Abraham Trying To Justify Herself

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While we'd argue that simply being Farrah Abraham is enough, there's something special about this one particular photo. Any guesses? Yep, it's that hat, the one reading "FAME" in bold, capitalized letters. We understand that you want to be famous, Farrah, but slapping it on your head isn't gonna cut it.

4 A 3/10 Gerard Butler

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Gerard Butler, for a guy who usually scrubs up pretty nicely, you've done a heck of a job dressing up for this photo. Could it simply be a case of a poorly-timed blink, or do you think that this is the result of one (or two, or eight) too many bourbon and cokes?

3 Take Us To Dinner, Kylie Jenner?

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We've seen a handful of cringeworthy, awkwardly-timed, embarrassing, and flat out ugly selfies up up to this point, but this Kylie Jenner's snap is so far in the opposite direction of them that it's not even funny. Seriously, show this to anyone and watch out for the puddles of drool on the floor that'll follow.

2 Miley Cyrus' New Boyfriend?

via Aftonbladet

Remember when Miley was all cute and innocent back in the Hannah Montana days? Neither do we. It's hard for her to surprise us these days after the booty-popping and "Wrecking Ball" era, however, this selfie still raises a few eyebrows. Alongside her sister, Noah, she's kissing a cardboard cutout of ex-One Direction star, Harry Styles.

1 Jared Leto And Matthew McConaughey Looking Dapper

via Mirror

This snap isn't embarrassing or frightening— in fact, far from it. Back at the Academy Awards ceremony in 2014, film stars Jared Leto (who is also a famous musician, singing in 30 Seconds to Mars, FYI) and Matthew McConaughey were caught wearing equally-dapper, almost-matching eggshell white suits. Not bad at all.

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