18 Celebrity Selfies We Can’t Look Away From...Because They’re Train Wrecks

Taking a good selfie is an art form. Not only should the selfie-taker be polished and pulled together, but they also need a good understanding of their best angles and the right lighting. Needless to say, smudged makeup, overly blurry filters, and unflattering vantage points can all ruin a selfie in a matter of seconds. The celebrities that made this list have all received flack online for posting questionable photos of themselves.

While these stars appear to be feeling themselves in their eyebrow-raising selfies, fans don’t feel the same way. When we’re used to seeing celebrities all dolled up for the cameras, it makes seeing them strike a goofy face or looking less-than-perfect even more shocking. Keep reading to see 18 of the most disastrous celebrity selfies. But with that being said, most of these photos are still better than the selfies we manage to snap on a daily basis.

18 Gaga Won’t Put Down The Knife

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Lady Gaga is known for her wild antics and out-there costumes, but she’s noticeably toned herself down in recent years. However, that doesn’t mean she’s against posting bizarre selfies every now and then. Fans weren’t sure what to make of this photo featuring the pop star suspiciously holding a knife. We guess she just really wanted to cut a piece of fruit?

17 Kim Isn’t Always A Selfie Queen

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Kim Kardashian has been dubbed the selfie queen by fans thanks to her perfectly timed selfies. But even the queen herself can mess up. This selfie is perhaps the cringiest pic of the reality star floating around. The photo shows Kim with a horrible suntan line from her sunglasses, which, considering it now lives on the Internet forever, we bet she regrets.

16 Bella Just Wants Coffee

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Ever since kissing her Disney days goodbye, Bella Thorne has been trying her hardest to reinvent her once-innocent image. This has included tons of racy and bizarre photos uploaded to social media, including this one. In this photo, posted to Snapchat, Bella showed off just how much she likes coffee (and not in a good way).

15 All Eyes Are On Emma

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Emma Stone was making quite the face while wearing a lip mask, which thus explains this selfie. While waiting to peel off the mask, the celebrity couldn’t help but snap a quick, goofy selfie that has since made its way to the Internet. We bet this is one beauty secret she kept to herself!

14 Rihanna Isn’t Doing Fenty Any Favours

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Rihanna is a total babe in real-life, but you aren’t able to tell in this disastrous selfie. RiRi looked unlike herself as she pouted her lips and squinted her eyes. Her impeccable makeup was ruined by the silly look on her face, which makes us wonder why Rihanna posted this cringe-worthy selfie in the first place.

13 Who Knew James Was Such A Creep

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James Franco has always marched to the beat of his own drum, but no one could look past when these selfies of the actor were leaked. The star had allegedly been messaging a teenage girl when he sent her a shirtless selfie that practically showed his junk. Most fans found it creepy rather than steamy, but it hasn’t stopped James from uploading more photos of him in bed since.

12 Nicolas Sure Wasn’t Camera Ready

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When you’re a celebrity, you have to be prepared to take photos with fans wherever you go. Clearly, Nicolas Cage wasn’t feeling camera ready when this enthusiastic fan snapped a selfie with him while they rode on the same flight. Nic looked dishevelled and out-of-it in the photo, but we’re guessing it’s only became the timing was off.

11 Brooklyn Is Dealing With Triple Chins

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Everyone knows that feeling when they open their phone camera and are exposed to their double or triple chins. When this happened to singer Brooklyn Decker, she thought it was a great time to take a selfie. The star subsequently posted this beauty to social media, much to the confusion of her followers.

10 Sharon Went A Little Crazy It

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Sharon Osbourne- aka. Mrs. Ozzy Osbourne- is still feeling herself at the age of 66. So much so, she had no qualms posting an entirely bare selfie to social media. Though we’ve cropped the picture out, the original one put the Rockstar wife’s private bits on full display. We're curious as to what her three kids had to say about this selfie.

9 Tyra Forgot How To Smize

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Tyra Banks has made a career based on telling other people how to model. But it looks like the celebrity failed to take her own advice when she snapped this selfie. The makeup-free picture seems more awkward than posed. Tyra’s big eyes and blurry skin also made it obvious she went a little overboard on the filters.

8 Jessica Put A Mask On It

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While pregnant with her third child, daughter Birdie, Jessica Simpson came down with a sickness that required her to be hospitalized. That’s when she took this hot mess selfie, which featured the actress rocking a medical mask and animal print pyjamas. Needless to say, this isn’t Jessica’s best look.

7 Jenifer Doesn’t Always Look Flawless

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We’re used to seeing Jennifer Lawrence all glammed up on the red carpet. But the actress looks seriously different int his throwback selfie. While on set, the star had to rock a horribly permed wig, making her look like a different person altogether. This isn’t J-Law’s best look, so we’re glad it’s one she hasn’t stuck with.

6 Ricky Looks, Ahem, Relaxed

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Ricky Gervais became famous for his comedy. So, we guess we shouldn’t be too surprised that this is the sort of content he uploads to the Internet. While chilling in the bath, the celebrity couldn’t help but flash a wonky smile as he sipped on his wine. Ricky may have been comfy, but we don’t know how comfortable his followers felt finding this on their feed.

5 Kim Went For A Vampire Facial

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Yes- Kim Kardashian makes this list twice because her selfies are just that epic (and not always for the right reason). The mom-of-four snapped this photo shortly after having a Vampire Facial, which explains what looks like blood splattered on Kim’s face. This is one aspect of the reality star’s life we don’t feel the need to keep up with.

4 Amanda Became A Cautionary Tale

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Amanda Bynes is less known for her acting work nowadays and more for her downward spiral. The celebrity has struggled with addiction and mental health for years. A few years ago, however, her online behaviour was at its most worrisome. Amanda began posting dishevelled selfies and making wild claims, including that her dad abused her. Her parents eventually took control of her estate and we haven’t heard much from her since.

3 Lindsay Is Trying To Make A Comeback

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In the mid-2000s, Lindsay Lohan was constantly making headlines for her wild partying ways and getting in trouble with the law. Though she leads a more low-key life now, Lindsay’s career has never recovered. It doesn’t help that she has a habit of posting bizarre selfies online and posting weird comments on fellow celebrities’ pages.

2 Farrah Knows A Thing About Being Botched

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Former Teen Mom OG star has undergone a lot of, ahem, physical changes since she found fame at the tender age of 16. In this disastrous set of selfies, the mom-of-one showed off how botched her pout got after lip injections went wrong. Nonetheless, it hasn’t stopped Farrah from continuing to go under the knife to alter everything from her chest to her downstairs region.

1 Miley Can’t Be Tamed

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Miley Cyrus famously rebranded her image when she left Hannah Montana. Suddenly, she was edgier and more risqué than ever. Since then, Miley hasn’t been afraid to post ridiculous and often scantily-clad selfies, just like this one. But rather than looking sultry in photos like these, the pop star often comes across as eccentric and goofy.

Sources: Ranker, Radar Online, Us Weekly

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