Celebrity Hair Trends: Here's What's In For 2019 (& What Didn't Make The Cut)

We don't make the rules, we just follow them -- Which is exactly why we've taken a visual account of what's hot and what's not for the following year to come. Similar to makeup, hairstyle trends will be in a constant state of flux. With each generation comes new styles, colors, techniques and trends, some good and some, well... interesting. The only thing we can do is pay attention to what becomes popular and which styles slowly fade out.

Some of these styles have gone out the window quicker than low-cut jeans and platform flip-flops, while others hung around for quite a while before they were given the boot. The hairstyles that will undoubtedly be "in" for 2019 are bold, innovative, and mark a new era in feminine confidence. Gone are the days where women are expected to have their hair long and one of two colors, and in are the days where we have the freedom to chop it all off or give it a distinct flair.

When it comes down to it, you can rock any type of hairstyle that you want. Nothing will ever be wiped fully from the haircut scene and you should always rock whichever look you love. This list will hopefully give you some inspiration if you're looking to try something new or are just curious about what's going on in the style world of the rich and famous. While all of these looks are flawless, there are just some that are way, way chicer than others when it comes to the new year.

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22 Out: Side Swept Bangs Are Staying Behind

Marie Claire

I had side-swept bangs too... About eight years ago. While they're beautiful and can frame nearly any face shape, they're a novelty that's nearing its end period. Side-swept bangs were often straightened in the early 2000s and left to grow out far past their time for trimming, which created a feminine yet choppy look. The problem is that they were always falling in front of your eyes, curled up in any type of humidity, and couldn't be flipped to the opposite side of your face, leaving for zero versatility.

While Jennifer Aniston looks fabulous with these -- let's face it, she looks great with any look -- it's time to side-sweep these bangs under the rug and move on.

21 In: Chin-Length Bobs Are Adding Texture And Finesse


Bobs are coming back with a vengeance and are no longer stuck in the 1940s when women didn't wear their hair longer than their shoulders. Short hair is in, period, and chin-length bobs are a totally new way of wearing a classic look. Rachel McAdams looks gorgeous and stylish with her chin-length waves, making this bob just a teeny bit longer than chin-length to allow for shorter curls. These were likely done using a small flat iron and when combined with a side part, they add volume, movement, and layers to an otherwise boring and flat bob cut.

20 Out: Messy Pixies Were never Really "In"


Oof, you could almost recoil at the thought of so many uneven strands. Messy pixies never really got the fame that they deserve, mainly because it takes plenty of courage to get any type of short haircut, let alone one that's intended to be choppy.

While this look is awesome on Katy Perry, it's also a bit challenging to pull off as there's not too much to do with it and not much to work with.

Styling isn't really an option since your hair is cut to do one thing -- act naturally - so in terms of ease, it's a breeze. However, if you're looking for something with a bit more movement and versatility, this cut isn't it.

19 In: Bold Is Beautiful


The full shave is something that we saw all throughout 2018 but it's still gaining in popularity and as more people see celebrities going for the chop, they're doing the same. Kate Hudson was once known for her long, curly blonde hair so to declare this change to be a drastic one would be an understatement.

Contrary to popular belief, anyone can rock a fully-buzzed head - You just need to wear it with confidence and be unapologetic in your choice to do so!

Kate Hudson automatically looks ten times punkier, younger, and since she's rocking a natural hair color, she looks even more flawless.

18 Out: Faux Bangs Are A Thing Of The Past


Bella Thorne would probably look flawless regardless of what hairstyle she was rocking, but the faux bangs have seen more popular days. They were a way to provide the appearance of bangs if you didn't want to commit to bang maintenance or wanted to switch up your long hair a bit. Now, it's much more typical to just go for it or cut all of your hair rather than just your bangs.

Faux bangs are also a bit of a pain since they need to be pinned in just the right place to make them appear natural.

They're something that works for celebs but just annoys the rest of us who are impatient.

17 In: Undercuts Will Continue To Be On-Trend


Kristen Stewart is known fairly well for her bold looks in anything from makeup to outfits, so it comes as no surprise that her hair has been her most recent venture. Undercuts are wildly popular nowadays since they give people a way to lose some hair and get a bold cut without compromising too much length or volume. In fact, getting an undercut, such as this one that extends into a long pixie, can add volume and show off your face shape in a flattering way. This is a great style for those with thick hair who want something that's easy to maintain.

16 Out: Asymmetrical Cuts Are Losing Steam


It's no surprise that asymmetrical cuts are slowly becoming unpopular and you really don't see too many celebs choosing these looks anymore. The asymmetrical cut was intended to add interest and angles in order to frame the face and keep some length, like Julianne Hough in the above photo. It was a cut that was dedicated to those who wanted to go short but didn't want their hair to look short, thus resulting in a shorter back and much longer front. While these haircuts are very low-maintenance, they can also be time-consuming for those who need to straighten their hair every day.

Blunt bobs are taking the place of these off-center ones because they're adding texture and interest to a person's overall appearance.

15 In: Embracing Natural Beauty Is Everything


Many people are starting to embrace their natural hair whether that means crazy curls, thick locks, or pinstraight length. Amandla Stenberg is one heck of a brave girl when it comes to her hair and it seems that there are no limits to what she can pull off. The young actress has tried many styles over the last year or so, but a fan favorite was her purely natural look.

The volume and curl that those raven-colored locks hold is unreal and she's inspired many other people to embrace their own natural hair.

Three cheers for tabling the hour-long hair routine and letting hair do what it does best!

14 Out: We're Giving Up On Beachy Waves


Those perfect, soft curls that often accompany long hair are slowly losing popularly as many people are realizing how much time it takes to actually keep them looking so natural and flawless. Sofia Vergara might have a team of stylists to help her with this look, but we don't. In reality, these curls take some time to curl with a curling iron, need to be combed out to the perfect looseness, and then need to be set in place so that they don't lose their volume. It's tons of effort and can even be more for those with super thin or incredibly thick hair, which is why this style just isn't working anymore.

This look is getting left in the past with our beach-blonde highlights and perfect brunette shades.

13 In: Soft Waves Are Winning Over Tight Curls


Flat-iron curls are a legitimate styling technique now and though it takes some time to practice, they're totally worth it - Just look at Lucy Hale. Those soft waves can definitely be achieved by a traditional curling iron, but they'll lack a certain natural quality about them. The trick to getting this soft, barely-there curls is having a straightener that's very small and minimal in its width. A smooth barrel will also help with the twisting motion you'll need to complete these easy curls, as your hair won't get stuck on anything and will just slide right through. Turn the straightener vertical, wind your hair around the plates, and simply slide the straightener down and out to get that perfect twirl.

12 Out: Face-Framing Cuts No Longer Apply


While Emilia Clarke looks adorable with her face-framing bob, not only are face-framing cuts out, but long bobs have seen better days as well. This cut is as simple as you can get, with its pin straight styling and perfectly-centered part. Center parts, in general, are a thing of the past, as they flattered no one past 2004, and while this look is cute and sassy, it's also somewhat outdated and has since been revamped.

Framing your face with a haircut is also ends up hiding some of your best features, something that more recent haircuts look to expose rather than cover up.

11 In: Fringe Is Fighting Its Way To The Top

Gaga Daily

Lady Gaga is a queen, am I right? Aside from her royalty among the music industry, she has also rocked some pretty fab hairstyles. This long, almost outgrown fringe is one of them. Both short and long bangs are coming back and we thought this fringe had lost its way in the 70s... Until now, that is. It takes a bit of styling to ensure that the bangs are straight but other than that, it's effortless. These bangs look awesome with long and short hair and help to frame the face, but not in your typical, outdated, early 2000s type of way.

The best part is that when these bangs start to grow out, no one will know otherwise because they're already fringed at the bottom to appear striking and bold.

10 Out: Messy Buns Are Reaching Their End Days


Famous for the smokey eye and flawless eyebrows, Rita Ora is also known for having simply yet interesting hairstyles. It's not this one, in particular, that we're giving the thumbs down to, but it's messy buns in general. The compromise now is to go with an undercut or, even simpler, just cut all of your hair off. With the changing of the times comes the wave of new hairstyles that are "easy" and we just don't think the messy bun will make it very far into 2018. Ponytails, buns, and bobs are what this look is competing with, and something tells us that they'll win no matter how messy the competition.

9 In: Anything Choppy And Punkified Is Cool


In keeping with the idea of just "going for it", choppy bangs are most definitely coming back. This was a trend seen during the 90s both in the US and overseas, and many people are taken aback to find out how flattering these bangs actually are. The variation in the cut lends itself to add dimension and interest to your forehead and draws the eye up and toward your eyes, rather than framing the entire face. These bangs would work best with a choppy, layered haircut as well, which automatically adds volume and a bit of interest to a standard haircut, like Zendaya's above. They're fun, easy to take care of and look great with wavy or straight hair.

8 Out: The Spikey Style Is Definitely Out... Thank Goodness


Miley Cyrus has been a bit crazy with her hairstyles but one of our favorites has always been her pompadour/undercut. However, with that look also came this unusual style, which didn't really lend itself to much other than the result of what happens when you stick your finger in a light socket. The only other person known to style this type of spikey length is Anne Burrell, who has trademarked and practically patented it for her own use. While short hair really can flatter anyone, the only thing this is flattering is the amount of gel that's used to achieve those spikes.

Not to mention, you could probably hurt someone if you get too close.

7 In: The Bolder The Buzz The More Chic The Look


We present you with what is possibly the most versatile and one of the most popular rebellious looks of 2018: The undercut. While Natalie Dormer is rocking a full sidecut here, it's a more brave variation on the original undercut, which includes having all or part of your lower head buzzed or shaved. I myself have rocked an undercut for two years, and I don't plan on growing it out anytime soon - It's just that convenient and cool-looking.

This is a look that doesn't seem to be losing any steam whatsoever as more and more celebs are combining them with pixies, long hair, and even mohawks.

It's cool for a girl to be bold nowadays and not to mention, super stylish.

6 Out: Put Down That Pomade


Ruby Rose could make a bald head look extraordinary with those blazing eyes and unique cheekbone structure, but slicked-back hairstyles might not make their way into the new year. With the overwhelming number of pixie and undercuts that are becoming much more fashionable, anything that requires tons of gel or pomade isn't really ideal for today's youth. This look is interesting and definitely a showstopper, but doesn't carry with it the popularity needed to pull it into 2019. Rather, people are opting for a shorter or longer length than this 1920s style haircut.

5 In: Buzzcuts Aren't Just for Men Anymore


Cara Delevingne has completely broken boundaries at this point when it comes to hairstyles, including with the cut pictured above. Having a fully-buzzed head can be liberating and exciting, and works well to bring out your natural facial features quite a bit. It's also the easiest of any haircut, requiring no maintenance whatsoever except for the occasional trim. The only downfall is trying to grow it out, but chances are that you'll love it so much, you won't want to grow it out anytime soon.

You can also use this growing-out process to your advantage and rock a pixie as well!

4 Out: Put Down That Straightener And Step Away


Jessica Alba is known for her long, long straight hair, but unfortunately, there is no way this cut is going to be popular in 2019. This is yet another style that hasn't been trendy for some years now, as people are looking more to add texture and movement to their cuts, rather than be weighed down by them. There are plenty of options for those with naturally pin straight hair, and keeping it long and motionless isn't necessarily one of them. This used to be the go-to look for the sake of its ease and for showing off the length, but nowadays it's just overdone and a tad boring.

3 In: Baby Bangs Have A Place In 2019


Baby bangs are something that didn't necessarily used to be popular outside of the 90s but we're happy to see that it's slowly coming back. This trend was attempted by nearly everyone two decades ago, regardless of your face shape or what type of hair texture you had. It was a great way to cover up a long forehead but also drew major attention to the eyes, as the bangs stopped far above the eyebrow. The trick to pulling off this look was to start the bangs far enough back on your head so that they appeared longer but still gave you that punk-rock vibe by breaking the rules when it came to where they stopped.

Adding a bit of volume to them allows hair to look fuller and actually helps to shape your face a bit.

Plus, you can even wear them longer at the sides if you're not crazy about a straight-across look, like Sofia Boutella did above.

2 Out: Super Short, Bumped-Up Bobs Are Out


What was once coined as the "mom cut" is no longer that popular in today's day and age. This cut is often paired with choppy, inconsistent bangs (as pictured above) but it's just not a go-to. The reasoning for this could be because it only flatters a select array of face shapes and doesn't necessarily add anything, as it's mostly one length and is too short to add layers without becoming a long pixie. It's somewhat of an in-between style and one that will grow out quickly and need constant upkeep to maintain that perfect length. Styling it is also a bit complicated if you have thicker hair, as it'll take longer to manipulate each strand in the way that you won't. It's a no-go for 2019. Sorry, Katharine Mcphee!

1 In: Unusual Colors Are Here To Stay


Halsey blazed the path with her bright blue hair and continues to be unapologetic in who she is or about her personal style. That's something we love to see and, surprisingly, she's not the only celeb who has taken on an unusual hair color. Dying your hair any unnatural color is no longer as taboo as it once was and is also a trademark trend of the 90s, where platinum blonde (almost white), orange, and blue hair were major looks of the decade. Having a crazy hair color is fun, unique to who you are, and can be totally flattering if you choose a shade that compliments your skin tone well. Not to mention, most of them are temporary, so eventually, the color will fade away.

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