Celebrity Hair Trends: 10 Styles To Copy For Summer Festival Season

Just because Coachella is over doesn’t mean the party stops. In fact, it’s just getting started and everything is going off with a big bang. With other music and entertainment festivities to choose from this summer, there’s more than enough opportunities to get our party vibes going. When it comes to nice weather, food trucks, and concerts, people are bound to showcase the latest in clothing, makeup and more importantly new hairstyle trends. What better way to get “the look” than from our fav celebs!

Some hairstyles made a comeback from the '80s and '90s, while others have reinvented the meaning of the word ‘hair’ altogether. Here are 10 trendy celebrity hairstyles women need to copy for this summer festival season!

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10 The Pixie Haircut

One of the biggest hair trends celebrities are in love with this season is the pixie haircut. This style works best with round-face types and adds a bit of edge and flare to our usual style. Experimenting with color is strongly encouraged for pixie cuts because there’s enough hair to bleach on top and add highlights. With shorter hair, women can cut down time spent in front of the mirror and get ready for the day faster! Not only that but there are several variations to choose from.

9 Twisted Pigtails

An easy celeb hairdo that’s also ranking up the trend charts is twisted pigtails. This look was actually popular a few years back and seems to have made a much-needed comeback this season! It used to be that pigtails were meant just for elementary school and tween girls. In recent years, however, pigtails have become more popular among millennials and now they’re everywhere.

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They can be styled at any hair length, though it’s strongly encouraged to use mid-length hair. Twisted Pigtails are so easy to style that it hardly makes sense to pay a hairstylist to do them. Just part the hair in half, braid and twist both sides down until the very end.

8 The Forever Proud Afro

Twisted braids and pixie haircuts are the trendsetters to beat at this year’s festivals but you don't have to style to be stylish, and more women than ever are returning to their natural roots. Whether it’s wavy, curly or kinky, the afro has remained a staple in black culture, celebrating female empowerment and redefining what makes hair beautiful. The Afro is a go-to style this summer, and there are a variety of ways to rock it. Depending on which version of the Afro works for you, they all require different degrees of maintenance but the easiest one to achieve is the curly fro. Just look at ex-Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland beautiful hair. To get the look this summer, just check out this tutorial by this YouTuber .

7 Rainbow Braids

One important detail about summer festivals every hair trendsetter should know is that color rules everything. Rainbow box braids have taken over the hair industry and while box braids have been around forever, these bright colors have been particularly popular lately. This hairstyle may look tough to pull off and some women may steer clear of this growing trend, but no one should be afraid to experiment with a splash of color. Celebrities certainly they aren’t afraid to try this bold style.

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Everyone from Alicia Keys to Chanel Iman have worn this look and given their social media pics, fell in love with the trend. Rainbow box braids can be worn in several ways, including with braid jewelry, with different colors intertwined together and even with neon pink lips. These braids make for a carefree and fun-filled summer that no one will ever forget!

6 Temporary & Pastel Hair Colors

In addition to hair color trends are temporary pastel colors. This look has been everywhere in the media, coming from the likes of celebrities such as Iggy Azalea. Her pink hair set the tone perfectly for new music video “Savior” released earlier this year. Again, color is a tricky aspect to master for some but in the end, it’s all about finding what shade works best for us. It’s as easy just spraying the color onto our natural hair and rocking a new hairdo, even if lasts just a day. There’s a whole line of colors to choose from, from an increasing range of brands. Every day can be something new, leading up to an exciting summer festival!

5 Glass Hair

Getting away from the color side of hair trends comes the Glass Hair trend that “shook” Hollywood in 2018 and now is here to stay at this year’s summer festival season. It’s got sass and a lot of attitude - plus an uncanny shine that gives off a reflective appearance.

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Hair experts claim that blunt cuts like the “power fashion bob” have remained popular fan favorites among celebrities, especially Vanessa Hudgens. To achieve the Glass Hair look for this summer’s festival lineup, make sure to straighten hair for sleek ends and use tons of hair shine spray to maximize the gloss factor. The Glass Hair trend not only rocks but it’ll be sure to turn heads this season.

4 The Wavy Bob

The Glass Hair isn’t the only popular trend around, though. Mid-length hairstyles are becoming more mainstream as well. The trendiest mid-length hairstyle that’ll never burn out is the Bob. Making its debut in 1915, the hairstyle redefined an era that was dominated by patriarchal attitudes of women and challenged what it meant to be feminine. Ever since Irene Castle, a late ballroom-dancer and fashionista, shocked the world by cutting her hair into what was then referred to the Castle Bob, women everywhere have been rocking the short androgynous haircut everywhere.

The Bob has continued to reinvent itself time and time again, going from the French Bob, the Lob and currently the Wob. The Wavy Bob is a hot new look that’s both flirty, fun, convenient and daring. Hairstylists say that though the hairstyle is easy to rock, it can change the “Behavior of our hair. Curl pattern, width and density should be considered when attempting to achieve the look.” The Bob can make any woman stand out in a crowd. Just check out Emilia Clarke's blonde Wob!

3 The Half Ponytail

Another hair trend turning heads at this season’s Summer Festival is the high-half ponytail. This mid-length hairstyle works best when the back ends of our hair just aren’t long enough to reach the top and a quick five-minute hairdo is needed. There are several reasons why this hairstyle shouldn’t work but Khloe Kardashian pulls it off well.

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The Half Ponytail can be worn at any hair length and texture. Another great thing about the hairdo is that it gives the illusion that our locks are longer than they actually are. No one will ever see our short ends, again! To get the look this summer, just flatiron the front pieces of the hair and gather those sleek strands into a Half Ponytail. It’s as simple of a style as that!

2 The Messy Braided Ponytail

Looks like ponytails and braids will dominate the hair trends for this season’s summer festival. Women just can’t get enough of these hairstyles. What’s not to love about them, though? Ponytails are officially no longer immature for a grown woman to wear and braids add a layer of flair and attitude that’s reminiscent of summer vibes. Now that women are combining these two hairdos into one, there’s no stopping this next trend. The Braided Ponytail, as it’s affectionately called, takes on several variations but probably the most popular is the loose and messy version. At first glance, this trend looks unpolished but really that’s all part of the appearance. It’s a large, loose and long braid that is both elegant but also edgy, making it perfect for partying at summer concerts.

1 Fringes

As Ponytails were once thought of as immature, so were bangs. Many women have a difficult time deciding whether or not they should wear a fringe. Though short hairstyles like the Pixie haircut and Bob are popular hair trends, chopping off our hair is scary stuff. Bangs are especially difficult to get just right, because they can either be too short or turn back the clock to our awkward fifth grade days. Stylists say that “women should choose bangs that best suit the shape of their face”. For example, square-shaped faces should sport softer and wispy fringes, rather short-blunt ones. Bangs should call attention to the positive features of our faces as a rule of thumb. Bangs like these will definitely make waves at this season’s summer festival.

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