Celebrity Dermatologists Share That "Preventative Botox" Can Block The Signs Of Aging

According to several celebrity dermatologists and botox specialists, starting to inject botox at an early stage can help to postpone aging in the face and skin.

In the past, botox has mainly been something for the slightly older demographics, and a tool to hide wrinkles and fine lines once they've already appeared. The new trend is to tackle them before they're there to stay, and women as young as their early twenties are going to see their dermatologist for a first botox session.

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Now, everyone has heard about botox and seen the great (and not so great) results it can have on a face. But what is preventative botox exactly? Basically, preventative botox means getting it done once they start appearing, but before the wrinkles and lines are permanently on your face. A wrinkle or line will deepen with time, and eventually, it will be permanently on your face, also when your face is completely relaxed.

As reported in Elle, Kim Kardashian's dermatologist Harold Lancer, MD, explains how he performs frequent mini-treatments to prevent certain facial muscles to deepen could-be-lines that are starting to appear. In these cases, both the amount of botox injected as well as the placement is very specific and precise and only needed once or twice a year maximum.

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Everyone develops wrinkles over time because any facial expression will eventually create a line. Skin loses its elasticity and can no longer bounce back from the lines that appear when we laugh, frown, smile and furrow our brows. As New York City-based dermatologist, Joshua Zeichner, MD, tells SELF, most doctors treat wrinkles in two ways; with a topical retinol product to boost collagen production in your skin, and with Botox to relax facial muscles and prevent wrinkles from appearing.

Whether or not someone 'needs' to get Botox is highly individual. Depending on genetics and how well someone looks after their skin, wrinkles and lines will appear more or less early. Smoking, stress, skin care routines, sun, and alcohol are all examples of factors that can have a negative impact on the skin. It is also up to everyone to decide for themselves whether prolonging and hiding signs of aging is something worth spending time and money on. After all, wrinkles are engraved smiles.

Of course, first, speak to a doctor to see if this treatment may be right for you!

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