20 Celebrities You Totally Forgot Were On The Apprentice

Ever since the fad of reality television grabbed ahold of the medium, it's never really let go. The mania that surrounds these programs may no longer be at the peak that it once was, but reality television has proven its staying power. Not only has the genre never disappeared, but old reality programs are even getting modern reboots. Hot off of the heels of Survivor, Mark Burnett found another major hit on his hands with the business-oriented The Apprentice.

The series took on a life of its own, but the later half of its seasons were devoted to competitions between celebrities. The Celebrity Apprentice featured plenty of memorable celebrity appearances, but there were a few who slipped through the cracks. Accordingly, Here Are 20 Celebrities You Totally Forgot Were On The Apprentice.

20 Kevin Jonas

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Of all of the celebrities to wind up on The Apprentice, Kevin Jonas is an individual with a certain, current appeal. Jonas is still very much in demand and he's not some old star trying to reclaim success. Jonas brought a youthful energy and creativity to the challenges on Celebrity Apprentice, but it wasn't enough of a transformation to pull him away from music.

19 Khloe Kardashian

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The Kardashians don't just have an entire brand and empire at their disposal, but a wealth of their own reality programming. In spite of persistent exposure, Khloe Kardashian still indulged and decided to compete on Celebrity Apprentice in order to demonstrate how much business acumen she has. She doesn't last long, but she makes a strong impression.

18 George Takei

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Star Trek has seen a major resurgence in the past few years, but not too far back the franchise was in a definite lull. Perhaps as a result, strange spectacles like George Takei's appearance on Celebrity Apprentice manifest. Takei's character may be an expert in outer space, but evidently Starfleet Command skills don't translate to the boardroom.

17 Gilbert Gottfried

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Gilbert Gottfried has built an enviable career off of biting, mature comedy and his beloved voice work. There's no mistaking a Gilbert Gottfried performance. Gottfried gives a large performance that seems more concerned with having fun than winning, but he's deeply entertaining on the series. If only we could have heard Gottfried’s unique voice say, “You’re fired!” a few times!

16 Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

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When it came to the personalities that appeared on The Celebrity Apprentice, the show would curiously turn to individuals from other reality shows for their contestant pool. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is the perfect example of someone that seems least suitable for The Apprentice, but Snooki manages to do okay during her time there.

15 Kate Gosselin

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It's crazy to look at the vacuum that some reality shows operate within and how one popular series can balloon into a handful. Kate Gosselin found fame through Jon & Kate Plus 8, but as the eponymous relationship became progressively on the rocks, Kate Gosselin pursued other avenues. Her appearance may not have amounted to more than a novelty, but it's also a testament to her popularity at the time.

14 Lou Ferrigno

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One factor that Celebrity Apprentice taps into— whether intentional or otherwise— is the feeling of nostalgia that it conjures through some of its celebrity contestants. We may have a fancy new Hulk now, but Lou Ferrigno is a classic blast back to the '80s. He impressively proves that he's not all brawn and that he's got some brains, too.

13 Jon Lovitz

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Jon Lovitz was an important pillar on Saturday Night Live in the '90s and he's continued to stay relevant in the fringe comedy world (as well as the occasional guest appearance on The Simpsons). Lovitz is a decent get for the series and he also comes during the first season where Arnold Schwarzenegger hosts and it's The New Celebrity Apprentice.

12 Adam Carolla

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Adam Carolla is known for his quick wit and acerbic comedy. That sarcastic energy works when you're being humorous, but it makes it much harder to be taken seriously in a boardroom. Carolla faces a tough lot at first, but he gets over his hurdles and gives a valiant effort.

11 Melissa Rivers

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The Celebrity Apprentice played an evil trick when it made Joan and Melissa Rivers, mother and daughter, compete against one another. It definitely makes for an interesting competition, but Melissa doesn't have the same cutthroat drive as her mother. Joan happens to win the whole thing, whereas Melissa is more of a footnote for the season.

10 Tom Green

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Tom Green made a career out of absurdist alternative comedy before there was even really a name for it. Green's success prompted a meteoric rise and even though he never really found a home in cinemas, he's still stuck around in some capacity. Celebrity Apprentice helped put Green back in the spotlight and while he retained his oddball sensibility on the series, he didn't make for the best CEO.

9 Lil’ Jon

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Shows like Celebrity Apprentice are all about celebrating spontaneity and putting together a bunch of wild cards. Well, it doesn't get more wild card than Lil' Jon. Lil' Jon's radical look and outrageous personality made him the perfect counterpoint to more straight-laced contestants. He also proved that you shouldn't judge a book by their cover.

8 Sharon Osbourne

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The Osbournes was a surprising reality television hit. The show helped turn the entire Osbourne family, not just Ozzy, into household names. Each of the Osbournes used their fame in various ways. For Sharon Osbourne, she ended up in the boardroom. Osbourne actually does rather well in the series and holds her own with a shrewd sense of business.

7 Clay Aiken

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Back when American Idol was still in its infancy, Clay Aiken was one of the biggest names to breakout on the show's earliest years. Aiken went on to have a significant music career, but he decided to trade sheet music for contract legislature when he competed on The Apprentice. Aiken never completely felt at home in this universe and it is showed.

6 Stephen Baldwin

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Alex Baldwin's Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock would be a perfect fit for The Apprentice. Unfortunately, the celebrity edition of the series has to coordinate around Stephen Baldwin instead. Baldwin always manages to pop up in weird places. He fits in well and really meshes with the chaotic atmosphere of all of these pampered celebrities.

5 Gene Simmons

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Gene Simmons' ability to turn KISS into an institution for so long proves that he had some sort of business sense to him. Simmons swaps his crazy face paint for a suit and tie and actually holds his own on Celebrity Apprentice. Simmons shows that he's a thoughtful asset to whichever team he's on.

4 Meatloaf

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Meatloaf makes for one of the more fascinating and memorable celebrities to show up on The Apprentice. Meatloaf has shown his kind soul through his soothing music, but he becomes rabid and unleashes when challenges on Celebrity Apprentice get heated. Meatloaf is one of the most emotional contestants on the series, but at least he takes the competition seriously.

3 Cyndi Lauper

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Glam rockers and cherished musicians are always an interesting ingredient to throw into the business world. People may initially underestimate Cyndi Lauper, but she really commands a presence and asserts herself. Lauper may not come out on top, but she definitely proves that she's multi-talented and much more complex than people already thought.

2 Marilu Henner

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Marilu Henner helped give women a voice in comedy back in the '80s and was still able to maintain popularity with future generations through appearances on shows like Friends. Henner carried herself with confidence and grace on Celebrity Apprentice. She didn't rock the boat, but it was this strategy that helped her do as well as she did.

1 Tito Ortiz

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It may initially seem bizarre, but there can be a strange correlation between killer instinct in the ring and the boardroom. Tito Ortiz enters Celebrity Apprentice as an aggressive athlete, but he shows that he contains multitudes. Ortiz may have some difficulty maintaining control, but that just means he's not someone no one wants to argue with.

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