19 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had A Twin (And 1 Triplet)

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Cole and Dylan Sprouse, and Benji and Joel Madden are some of the most famous celebrity twins in Hollywood. But there are many stars who have a twin that doesn’t happen to be as famous as them (or want anything to do with the limelight). In some cases, the celebrity’s identical or fraternal sibling has made appearances in their show or even stood in as their double. Other times, however, the paparazzi haven’t even been able to catch a clear image of the famous twin.

It’s understandable that many people wouldn’t want to live their life in the spotlight, and just because your sibling is famous doesn’t mean you have to be. Keep reading to discover which of your favorite famous folks actually have a twin running around. And for one celebrity, in particular, they’re actually part of a set of triplets!

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20 Rami’s Good Looks Are Multiplied

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Bohemian Rhapsody star Rami Malek has an identical twin brother, Sami, who he brought as his plus one to the 2019 Golden Globes. Rami has admitted he and his brother used to get away with switching places in college, which once included an acting gig his brother got roped into. "He's an identical twin, yeah. We don't look as much alike as we used to but yeah, we're identical," Rami as said about Sami, Us Weekly reports.

19 Someone Tell Shonda About Justin’s Twin

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In what seems like a twist from Shondaland, Grey’s Anatomy actor Justin Chambers actually has a secret twin. He has a fraternal twin brother named Jason. The twins also have an older brother, John Jr., and two older sisters, Mia and Susan. Justin’s mother and father were both sheriffs and raised their kids in Ohio.

18 Laverne’s Brother Played Her Character

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Laverne Cox, who is male-to-female transgender, gained recognition after starring as a transgender inmate on Orange is the New Black. Several episodes explore her character’s life before transitioning, so the show producers hired her twin brother, musician M Lamar, to play the part rather than having Laverne dress up as a man.

17 Scarlett’s Brother Peruses In Politics

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Scarlett Johansson has been in the spotlight for years, but still not many fans know the actress has a twin brother. Hunter is an entire foot taller than his famous sister, who was born three minutes ahead of him, yet we can’t say these set of twins look very much alike. Hunter is into politics and previously worked on Obama’s 2008 campaign. Scarlett has taken her brother to several high profile events, including the White House Correspondents Dinner.

16 All Of Gisele’s Sisters Are Model-Worthy

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Gisele Bundchen has long been called one of the most beautiful models in the world, and as it turns out, she has several sisters just as gorgeous as her. One of those sisters is her fraternal twin sister Patricia. The girls originally got into modelling together and even took a course in it, but only Gisele pursued it full time. Gisele has a total of five sisters, with her others including Gabi, Raquel, Rafaela, and Graziela.

15 Ashton Is Best Friends With His Twin

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Ashton Kutcher is only minutes older than his fraternal twin brother Michael, who has cerebral palsy. Still, the brothers sound closer than ever. "I consider him my best friend," Michael said in 2012 while addressing a high school, People reports. "Being Ashton Kutcher's brother, it gives me the opportunity to be that voice, and I realize that I needed to use the opportunity to help others," he told the Hill in 2010.

14 Samantha’s Sister Is Just As Creative

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Samantha Ronson is best known as the world-famous DJ who at one point dated Lindsay Lohan. Since her LiLo days, the musician has primarily kept a low profile. So much so, many fans don’t know she actually has a fraternal twin sister, Charlotte Ronson. Charlotte works as a fashion designer and the two sisters have walked the red-carpet various times together.

13 Aaron Walked His Twin Down The Aisle

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Late ‘90s (and early 2000s- let’s be real) heartthrob Aaron Carter is extremely close to his twin sister, Angel Carter. So much so, he walked her down the aisle during her 2014 nuptials. Aaron famously has two other sisters as well as a brother, Nick Carter, of Backstreet Boys fame.

12 Vin’s Brother Also Works On Films

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Fans know Vin Diesel from the Fast & Furious franchise. But growing up, he was just known as ‘twin brother’ by Paul Vincent. The fraternal brothers were born in 1967 and raised in New York by their mother and stepfather, who was an acting instructor and theater manager. Paul has also gotten into the industry like his famous brother, as he works as a film editor.

11 Alanis Doesn’t Sing About Her Twin

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Alanis Morissette is known for her catchy tunes, but one thing she’s never mentioned in her work is being a twin. The Canadian singer does, in fact, have a twin brother. Wade Morissette is twelve minutes older than his famous sister. Both the siblings are musicians, however, though Wade is the less noted one. Wade is also a yoga instructor.

10 Katniss Isn't Willow’s Sister

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Hunger Games fans know Willow Shields as Primrose Everdeen, aka. Katniss’s younger sister. However, in real life, the only sister Willow has is her twin, Autumn. The girls are not identical, but they are both into acting. Their older brother, River, is also an actor. The kids grew up outside of New York City, where their father worked as an art teacher.

9 Ralph Isn’t Joseph’s Only Famous Brother

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Joseph Fiennes is known for his role as commander Waterford in The Handmaid’s Tale. Many fans know of his older brother, Ralph Fiennes, who’s starred in flicks like Harry Potter and The English Patient. However, not everyone knows Joseph also has a twin brother, Jacob Fiennes, who works as a conservationist.

8 It’s Napoleon Dynamite Times Two

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Given the success of Napoleon Dynamite, we really think they should’ve made a sequel. They could’ve invited Jon Heder’s twin brother to join the cast, too. That’s right, the star of the cult favourite actually has ana identical twin brother, Dan. Dan is also trying to make it as a visual effects artist and actor in Hollywood, though he’s still less known than his bro.

7 Nicholas’s Brother Slays At Acting

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum Nicholas Brendan has an identical twin brother, Kelly Donovan, who’s evidently as talented at acting as he is. So much so, Joss Whedon allowed Kelly to appear on the show several times, including for one episode in which Nicholas’s character Xander develops an evil twin. Kelly has dabbled in the entertainment industry ever since.

6 Kiefer Shares A Famous Father With His Twin

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Kiefer Sutherland is the son of equally legendary actor Donald Sutherland- but he’s not the actor’s only child. Kiefer has a twin sister, Rachel, who shares the same nose as him. Although Rachel has never gone in front of the camera like her dad and brother, the celebrity offspring works as a post-production supervisor, so she’s technically keeping with the family business.

5 Daryl’s Twin Was Almost A Spy Kid

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Daryl Sabara, who rose to fame thanks to the Spy Kids movies, has a fraternal twin brother, Evan. Although the boys’ parents would have been happy to have them both in acting, Evan didn’t develop the same affinity for being in front of the camera. Rather, the twin has gotten into voice work. Daryl has also taken a step back from acting; he most recently married singer Meghan Trainor.

4 Parker’s Twin Has The Law On His Side

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Actress Parker Posey is known for flicks like Dazed & Confused and Lost in Space. What she’s less known for, however, is the fact that she has a twin brother, Christopher. The twins’ mother and father were a chef and car dealership owner, respectively. Parker and Christopher lived in Louisiana for 11 years before the family moved to Mississippi. Christopher is now a lawyer in Ohio.

3 Leanna’s Face Is Familiar For A Reason

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Leanna Creel was most well known in the ‘90s thanks to her roles in 90210, Saved by the Bell, and Ned & Stacey. But when the celebrity first got into catting, she did so with her identical triplet sisters, Joy and Monica. The triplets starred together in two Parent Trap made-for-television movies.

2 Duffy Knows A Thing About Twins

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British singer Duffy, born Aimee Anne Duffy, has a twin sister. The musician’s twin sister is named Katy Ann, but she also has an older sister called Kelly Ann… talk about confusing names! The girls’ parents divorced when they were ten, after which they were primarily raised by their single mother.

1 Elvis Never Got To Know His Twin

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Rock legend Elvis Presley was actually born with a twin brother. Unfortunately, his brother was born stillborn in 1935, so the singer never got to grow up knowing what it was like having a twin. Elvis’s only, Lisa Marie Presley, went on to have twin daughters. She shares Harper and Finely with her ex-husband Michael Lockwood. She also has two older children.

Sources: Biography.com, Hollywood.com, People

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