Celebrities With Bad Breath: 15 Worst On-Set Kissing Stories

It's really no surprise that everything is made to be glamorous when it comes to Hollywood! Every look, every touch, and every kiss is the moment all viewers were waiting for, the chemistry exploding between two actors on screen. But it's really about time to acknowledge the fact that everything on screen is made to look or come off a certain way (meaning perfect), but real life is real life after all and celebrities are only human, too. This means that not only do they also like to dish on one another for some good fun but they also have and are turned of by... stinky breath! Gross, right? But hey, kissing is a part of the business and they gotta do what they gotta do to get paid. This doesn't mean they gotta keep mum about it after the fact. Multiple celebs have come out to say that they've experienced some bad kisses for the sake of acting because their partner had horrible breath--whether that partner purposely did this or just can't help that they don't have breath as angelic as their looks.

Scroll down below to see which celebs, according to their co-stars, were less-than-ideal kissing partners because of their mouth odor! And next time you imagine yourself in the shoes of the hero or heroine in a movie getting swept off your feet by a hunk or beauty on this list, make sure to take a bottle of breath spray with you to lalaland.

14 Jennifer Lawrence- Garlic or tuna breath

Both leading men in the Hunger Games franchise, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, did not shy away from putting their pretty yet tough co-star Jennifer Lawrence on the spot! Not that she minded, surely. Both men, who played her love interests in the dystopian series, revealed that she would purposely make a point of eating something unappealing and smelly like a ton of garlic or tuna before any kissing scene to make their lives hell. This is true friendship, is it not? It does not come as a surprise with her playful and mischievous manner, but surely no co-star would appreciate having to go in to shoot a kiss scene knowing fully well that this devilish actress prepared some sort of surprise for their mouth-to-mouth.

13 Miles Teller & Shailene Woodley- Dirt

Turns out The Spectacular Now was anything but spectacular when it came to the many kiss scenes shared by actors Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller! The two were involved in a war of sorts on who could disgust the other more when it came time for a smooch. Teller would reveal that he'd drink Gatorade before a kiss scene to which she'd balk, and she'd retaliate with Chinese herbal supplements that Teller claimed tasted like "dirt" and "crap." He said, "We put stuff in our mouths so we could just offend each other," and she relayed, "We'd have to kiss in a scene, and he'd be like, 'Shay, you just ate dirt.' And I'd be like, 'Miles, you just ate licorice.'" And perhaps that's why they were not on good terms in their following film Divergent!

12 Ben Affleck- Awful breath

Poor Sandra Bullock! While the two worked on Forces of Nature together, looks like the only force of nature to succumb to was Ben Affleck's stinky breath! Sandra Bullock was revealed to have made a complaint about having intimate scenes with the actor because of his horrible breath. Apparently, in order to save herself from the odor, Sandra Bullock even offered him breath mints--amicably of course, as is her nature--so that she could kiss him in peace! Now try watching that movie again and still trying to think about how romantic it is while you imagine Sandra balking at every kiss scene the two had to share. Since it is a pretty old movie now, hopefully he's a lot better now--or future co-stars beware!

11 Angelina Jolie- Seems like Angie has awful breath

This goddess of a movie star may seem to have it all--a glamorous body, flawless looks with her plump lips and piercing eyes, and versatile talent in directing and acting. However, it turns out that even perfect beings like Angelina Jolie have flaws! Allegedly, when she and Brad Pitt were still an item, he often teased her for having bad breath! As a matter of fact, he not only made jokes about this but also even gifted her with breath mints on Valentine's Day. How romantic, eh? But perhaps a not altogether bad preventive measure for the kisses they would share later that day. And don't forget, they co-starred in two movies together. Wonder if he gave her breath mints while filming those, too.

10 Johnny Depp- Very poor personal hygiene

Although Johnny Depp is a talented stud in Hollywood and is known for his acting and charisma, he's also, unfortunately, known for his poor personal hygiene. Not only did Angelina Jolie insist this talented actor use Listerine and breath mints before their kiss scenes in The Tourist because of his horrible breath but also his ex-wife Amber Heard had insisted he take better care of his oral hygiene because she couldn't stand the smell! Johnny Depp also smoked while filming with Angelina Jolie, and the actress could not stand the smell of cigarette, so made him chug Listerine and eat breath mints whenever they were together. Johnny Depp, although displeased, still obliged in order to make her happy, which is admittedly pretty cute.

9 Jennifer Aniston- Cigs and coffee

Beloved Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston has at least one flaw--and that's why she's on the list! Specifically, she's known for having "coffee breath" which is so severe that once, Jason Bateman, who filmed The Switch and The Change-Up with her, even had to stop a kiss scene because he just couldn't take her breath anymore. On top of that, she had kiss scenes with Alec Baldwin while on 30 Rock, and the actor was quite blunt about her bad breath, calling the experience "painful" and saying, "Every man who's had to make out with her in TV and movies--I don't know how they do it." Future co-stars of Jennifer Aniston--you've been warned! Coffee is good, but so are breath mints.

8 Jason Segel- Another one with cig breath

Jason Segel has How I Met Your Mother love interest Alyson Hannigan to thank for his quitting smoking! That's right, another case of cigarette breath. Allegedly, Alyson Hannigan was so disgusted by the smell and taste of smoke from her co-star that she refused to have any romantic scenes with him. This greatly contributed to his ultimate decision to quit smoking! His breath should be a lot better now, and what a relief for Alyson as their show lasted a whopping nine seasons! Imagine having a main couple never touch or even kiss each other for that long, though surely no one can blame her for refusing to do so until he refused the call of smoking.

7 Forest Whitaker- Graveyard breath

According to talented actor Richard E. Grant, Forest Whitaker might have the worst breath in Hollywood! The two men acted together in the movie Pret-a-Porter (Ready to Wear) back in the early 90s and had to share a quick kiss in a railway carriage. However, because of Forest Whitaker's halitosis, Richard E. Grant begged him to forego tongues to somewhat ameliorate the experience. He went so far to say that Forest Whitaker "had breath like an open grave"! What would that even be like kissing? Probably no one wants to find out! Richard E. Grant also clarified while on BBC4, "I want to work with Forest, I just don't want to kiss him again."

6 Clark Gable- Some serious halitosis

One of the most celebrated, romantic films in Hollywood is the classic, timeless tale of Gone with the Wind. However, there's a secret behind the heart-fluttering movie with the memorable lines, stunning cinematography, and gorgeous stars with their dramatic acting. Turns out the glamorous facade was hiding something--something in the form of actor Clark Gable's bad breath! The poor guy seemed to be suffering from halitosis due to his dentures. His beautiful co-star Vivian Leigh revealed, "Kissing Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind was not that exciting. His dentures smelled something awful." He was also known for drinking, so that may have played a part, as well, as to why Leigh refused to share a kiss.

5 Jim Carrey- Eating sardines before a kiss scene

You remember Jim Carrey spraying breath spray in his mouth in Dumb & Dumber? Well, turns out he did the opposite behind the scenes of his movie The Series of Unfortunate Events. Because of his playful, mischievous personality, he seemed to have a lot of fun pranking the younger actors on set! Perhaps to just have fun with them and to help them act out their distaste for his character in the movie, Jim Carrey would often eat sardines and other smelly equivalents before going on set so that he could breathe on the kids and disgust them with the smelliness. Sounds like something his character Count Olaf would actually do in the movie! He's an actor who thinks of everything, isn't he? Granted the actor himself rather than his co-stars admitted this, but it's an interesting fact nonetheless!

4 Kate Hudson- Eating onions before a hot scene

Actor Dane Cook took revenge on co-star Kate Hudson from movie My Best Friend's Girl by revealing that he suffered from their on-screen kiss!  He revealed that while they filmed the movie, he had to deal with her bad breath, stating, "I think she purposely ate like a feast of onions before our scene." It seems like he thinks she did it on purpose, so he also said he had the right to "burn her on that one" by revealing this on Watch What Happens Live. Well, this bright and cheery actress does seem to have a very playful and impish personality, so it would barely come as a surprise to any of her fans that she pulled this prank on poor Dane Cook!

3 Julia Roberts- Peanut butter breath

This Pretty Woman has got all the charms and quirks, including a meal she just can't do without! While filming Duplicity with Clive Owen, it came to light that Julia Roberts suffered from bad breath because of her predilection for eating peanut butter sandwiches between takes. Although peanut butter sandwiches are yummy for sure, it must be quite bad kissing someone who just ate them! It was reported that she often had to freshen up after eating one and before shooting an intimate scene with Clive. However, since the two have been close since filming Closer prior to this, they were comfortable with each other, enough to talk about it and for her to often request breath mints from him because she just had a peanut butter sandwich.

2 Hugh Grant- His breath can fill an entire room

Although no specific co-star put Hugh Grant on the spot for his bad breath, he is pretty famous for it so he has to be included in the list! There are many allegations that the British actor has terrible halitosis to the point that during the Academy Awards, according to a report made by The Guardian, he made the entire place smell because of his breath alone! Also during the Oscars, allegedly other top stars present likewise pleaded with him to do something about the smell so that their noses would no longer have to suffer. Apparently, his friends even gave him mouthwash beforehand so that he could go on stage without smelling so terribly. After these accounts, you could only imagine what his on-screen kissing partners had to deal with on set!

1 Zac Efron- Tuna sandwiches before shooting a steamy scene

This former High School Musical star and upcoming Baywatch babe revealed himself that he had been told by a co-star in the past that he had smelly breath! He revealed that for a movie in the past, he had eaten a tuna sandwich before filming that day, and the kiss scene ended up being the first one the two actors had to shoot! He was called out on it by his co-star and felt completely horrible and embarrassed afterwards that he's since learned from it and has a strict rule of avoiding any and all smelly food before shooting a kiss scene. On top of that, he will eat lots of mints and chew a lot of gum that day so that his co-star will be comfortable kissing him--how considerate and gentlemanly!  Hey, as long as you learn from mistakes, it's all good!

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