20 Celebrities Who Threw Shade At The Royal Family 

The Royal family is admired by many. Their symbolic presence is considered by many as being a necessary and well-respected measure of society as a whole. Being a member of the monarchy is a notably respected position and ensures access to the finest things that life has to offer.

However, the mere fact that the Royals are born into a life of extreme wealth and prominence also makes it easy for some people to find reasons to dislike them as well. Many celebrities have shown the utmost respect and adoration for the Royals, while others…well…let’s just say they don’t share the same sentiment. Let’s take a look at 20 celebs who threw shade at The Royal Family.

20 Amy Schumer

Via State

Amy Schumer threw some very shady-shade at the royals. While other celebrities were abrasively vocal about their disdain for Meghan Markle, Amy took a more sly approach and spoke to Sydney’s Fitzy & Wippa radio show about the wedding. She jeered about how Meghan’s wedding was “not really hers”, and joked about how she had to greet foreign delegates on her big day – people that she had never met or seen before. She made some underhanded comments about how this must be a bad experience for Meghan, but it’s likely that had Amy been on the list of invitees – she maybe, just maybe, would have attended this royal affair.

19 Daniel Radcliffe

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Daniel Radcliffe told the Daily Beast that he “doesn’t see the use of the monarchy”, despite his English roots. He went on to say that he thinks the monarchy “symbolizes a lot of what is wrong with the country”. He particularly took offense to Prince Harry’s decision to wear a Nazi uniform to an upscale costume party in 2005. We can see how this would symbolize a lot of what is wrong with the country….

18 Russell Brand

Via Uproxx

Russell Brand is known to say how he feels, whenever he wants to say it. He’s definitely not shy and speaks publicly and without a filter about many controversial topics. His recent views of the Queen of England were not positive ones. The Daily Mail quoted his exact words, but they were too blasphemous for us to repeat. Trust us when we say he doesn’t exactly consider the Queen to be “His Majesty”, nor does he respect her position being attained by birthright.

17 Danny Boyle

Via TheIndependent

Danny Boyle is famous for directing some pretty spectacular movies such as Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionaire. However, he has also made headlines throughout the United Kingdom for his strong views on the monarchy. He believes that leaders should be elected, not given authority by birthright. The Guardian documented his suggestion that the Royal Family remain intact, but that the kingdom be ruled by an elected leader.

16 Colin Firth

Via Popsugar

Colin Firth is an Academy Award-winning actor that thinks fondly of the charitable work that Prince Charles does for the country. However when CNN inquired about his views on the monarchy, he replied by saying he really likes voting. He was quoted as saying that unelected leaders are “a problem for him”.

15 Beyonce

Via The Independent

According to Cheatsheet, Beyonce may have a slight chip on her shoulder when it comes to how she views herself against the power of the monarchy. When invited to meet the Royals, she and Jay-Z arrived late. They actually arrived after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry did, which is a huge faux-pas. She threw shade at them by disrespecting their timing, and simply by upstaging them and creating her own media attention.

14 Morrissey

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Morrissey, the former lead singer of The Smiths, is widely recognized as being one of the most successful Brits the country has seen. In an interview with the Telegraph in 2011, he was documented as saying the Queen had too much power, and he basically said she couldn’t be trusted with it. He continued to express his distaste for the Royals in a letter he wrote in 2014, blasting Prince William and Harry for going on a hunting expedition and accusing them of driving animals to extinction.

13 Tracy Ullman

Via FanPop

Tracy Ullman has British roots which she left behind in pursuit of the American Dream. She looks back at the British monarchy with disdain and has stated to multiple media outlets that she believes the royals should be able to step down instead of being forced into a life of royal service. Let’s not forget that she also throws shade at the royals by impersonating everyone from the Queen to the Duchess of Cornwall on her widely-viewed show.

12 Jeremy Corbyn

Via TheSun

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour is a left-wing politician who has challenged numerous powerful people and individuals of authority during his lengthy career. He was criticized by the media in 2015, when he refused to sing “God Save The Queen” at a memorial event. Shortly after that, an old interview of his somehow made its way to the surface, in which he states his preference to have the royal family completely dissolved.

11 Noel Gallagher

Via IrishSun

Noel Gallagher, best known for his musical work in the band, Oasis, has a deep-rooted and very public hatred for the royal family. During an interview with Guitar Player, in the year 2000, he referenced the royals as “clowns”, and called for the abolishment of the monarchy. Rolling Stone also published a quote from Noel that is too colourful for us to repeat, but we can tell you it referenced his indifference to the Royals in a violent manner.

10 Simon Cowell

Via HelloMagazine

Simon Cowell was feeling a bit snubbed about not being invited to Prince Harry’s wedding, so he decided to cast some very public shade on the royal family in return. This British star clearly felt he was owed an invitation to the Royal wedding, especially since the news reported that Kate Middleton’s mailman had somehow made the guest list. He used his public forum to say that perhaps his invite was “lost in the mail”…. and the pun was clearly intended.

9 Jerry Seinfeld

Via Viagogo

Jerry Seinfeld has the ability to use a comedic forum to express his thoughts about anything he wants. We’re unsure whether to laugh or squirm at the diss in this case. He spoke to E!News about the wedding of Meghan and Markle and referenced it as a “circus act”. He went on with his rant, saying “let’s play dress-up. Let’s pretend that these are special people…That’s what the royal family is – it’s a huge game of pretend”. We’re guessing he won’t be attending any special events at the castle anytime soon.

8 Lily Allen

Via TheIndependent

Lily Allen’s sweet voice was anything but sweet when she spoke of the most recent royal wedding. She was highlighted in an ENews segment, ranting about how Joss Stone received an invitation yet she somehow wasn’t on the list of invitees. She later tried to pretend she was not affected since she was “too busy “ to attend anyway, but it’s clear this was a bit of a touchy topic for her, and she didn’t hesitate to cast shade on the royals when she said “well , you can quote me as outraged, why does Joss Stone get an invite and not moi?”.

7 Wendy Williams

Via Essence

Wendy Williams is unimpressed by anything that Meghan Markle achieves or benefits from as a result of marrying a member of the royal family. She is clearly not a fan of Meghan’s and has been bashing her on her show since it was first revealed that Meghan and Harry were dating. She comments on how she doesn’t think their marriage will last since there is “way too much drama” surrounding Markle. In 2017 she boldly spoke of Meghan on her show by saying that she is “just looking for a game to play as she seems to be a bit of a wildcard”, then went on to call her a “random princess”. Ouch. We’re sure Meghan felt the sting from inside those luxuriously decorated hallways of her new castle.

6 Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan was ghosted by Meghan Markle, and he takes a lot of pride in informing everyone what the newest member of the royal family did to him. Apparently while on set together, she tweeted him saying she was a huge fan and expressed her excitement about working with him. They continued to text and email one another, then eventually ended up enjoying one another’s company at a local pub. After that, according to his reports, Meghan ghosted him. He’s casting shade on her true colours by making sure the world sees them all.

5 Erin Foster

Via CelebrityNetWorth

Erin Foster’s tongue is a sharp one. She’s regularly recognized for blasting celebrities by using her Instagram as an outlet, and Meghan was at the receiving end of many of these posts. In an effort to cast shade on Meghan’s past life, and where she really “came from”, Erin posted a photo of Meghan’s appearance on “Deal Or No Deal”, and captioned it with the words “Never Forget”. Clearly she views Meghan as being opportunistic and in search of fame and notoriety, and she’s making sure everyone else catches a glimpse of what Meghan was all about before her “royal days” began.

4 Katie Hopkins

Via Mirror

Katie Hopkins casts a lot of shade in Meghan’s direction by attacking her incessant need to post everything on Instagram. After all, that’s really not very royal-like of Meghan. She expressed her disgust by Meghan’s contemporary non-royal attitude by bashing her and calling her a “budget Princess Di with an Oscar-winning innocent face”. At one point, Prince Harry made a plea for the media to respect his girlfriend’s privacy, to which Katie chimed in and commented about how Meghan should stop posting so much on social media if she valued her privacy so much….but we used nicer words when we just described that!

3 Katy Perry

Via Billboard

Katy Perry has not always made the best choices when it comes to her own fashion selections. She’s been slammed by the press for many of the poor decisions she’s made when it comes to her attire, and she’d be hard pressed to find anyone that would call her a fashionista. Yet she really didn’t hold back when she made comments about Meghan’s wedding gown during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. She completely trashed the Givenchy gown by saying Meghan could have benefitted from one more fitting, and by saying that “Kate won all the way “.

2 Kim Kardashian

Via TimesOfIsrael

Kim Kardashian has become more refined since marring Kanye, and has made wild improvements in her communication methods. Rather than blatantly throwing shade at the royals and having to deal with the backlash soon-after, she opted for a different approach. She commented to The Sun about Meghan and Harry not “being perfect”, but then quickly continued to praise them in numerous ways. She made an underhanded comment, and sugar-coated it by singing a few praises.

1 The Sex Pistols


The Sex Pistols arguably made the loudest, most abrasive declaration of anarchy that we’ve seen in a long time. In 1977 they were performing on a boat named the “Queen Elizabeth”. They took the stage on the boat and went began to belt out the song “Anarchy in The U.K.” just as the boat passed the Parliament Building. Security went nuts and forced the boat to dock while the passengers rioted.

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