20 Celebrities Who Lied About Their Family

In the 21st century, it might seem that there are no secrets about the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Most celebrities have social media accounts, in which they spill all their deepest and sometimes their darkest thoughts, while autobiographies written by the stars of stage and screen are always best-sellers.

However, not every celebrity is willing to be completely honest about their lives, and some have even been known to tell outright lies about their family life in order to make themselves seem more interesting or to keep some skeletons in their closets.

Some of the lies that famous people have told about their families are bigger than others; they can range from harmless little white lies to clandestine family secrets that have been hidden for years.

20 Brandy Norwood Lied About Being Married When She Was Pregnant

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Singer Brandy Norwood, who was known simply by her first name during her career, announced in 2002 that she was pregnant and that she had married her boyfriend and the father of her child, music producer Robert Smith. When the couple split in 2004, Smith revealed that they had never been married at all.

19 Gavin Rossdale Denied Fathering A Child With Another Woman

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Rock stars Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani seemed to be the perfect couple, but their relationship was rocked when it emerged that Rossdale had fathered a child with former lover, Pearl Lowe, back in the 1980s. He had always denied that model Daisy could have been his child, but a DNA test proved that he was the daddy.

18 Rebel Wilson Lied About Her Real Name

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Aussie actress Rebel Wilson has enjoyed some big Hollywood successes in recent years, and she has always insisted that Rebel is her real name, and not one dreamt up for her acting career. However, it later came out in a court case that Rebel’s real name is actually Melanie, and that she had also lied to journalists about her age.

17 Arnold Schwarzenegger's Love-Child Didn't Know The Actor Was His Dad

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For years, Arnold Schwarzenegger had kept his affair with his housekeeper a secret, but the truth came out when it was revealed that he had actually fathered a son, Joseph, with Mildred Baena. When he was forced to admit what he’d been up to, it meant the end of his marriage to Maria Shriver and his political career.

16 Kim Kardashian Accused Caitlyn Jenner Of Lying In Her Autobiography

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Caitlyn Jenner has found fame as a trans icon since separating from Kris Kardashian and undergoing surgery to live as a woman. While her family has been supportive, Caitlyn did manage to upset the rest of the Kardashian clan when she published a book in which she claimed that Kris’ first husband, lawyer Robert Kardashian, knew that his famous client O.J. Simpson was guilty.

15 Tyga Lied About Where He Grew Up

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Rapper Tyga had always claimed that he grew up in the tough Compton neighborhood, which had been home to so many rap stars before him. However, old footage emerged of the star taking part in an MTV game show in 2008, in which he talked about his comfortable upbringing in the rich Los Angeles suburb of Gardena.

14 Eminem Was Found Guilty Of Slandering His Mom In A Song

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Another rap star who liked to tell tall takes about his family life was Eminem, who famously rapped in very uncomplimentary terms about his mother, Debbie. She wasn’t going to take this lying down, and took her son to court for defamation in 1999, eventually being awarded $25,000 in damages when the court found in her favor.

13 Nelly Lied About His Age

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There are plenty of celebs who have lied about their ages, most often in a bid to extend their careers and to make their fans think they are still young and relevant. In 2003, a supposedly 22-year-old Nelly was included in Teen People magazine’s “Hottest Stars under 25” – only it later turned out that he was actually 28 when the list was published.

12 Miley Cyrus Lied About Marrying Liam Hemsworth

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Miley Cyrus managed to send the internet into meltdown by continuously referring to her on-again-off-again boyfriend Liam Hemsworth as her “husband” long before the couple actually tied the knot in December 2018. Their marriage lasted only a few months, however, with the couple splitting amid rumors that Miley had cheated on her hubby.

11 Mariah Carey Denies The Existence Of Her HIV Positive Sister

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Legendary diva Mariah Carey is a multi-millionaire who lives in the lap of luxury. Unlike her sister, Alison, who is HIV positive and has had run-ins with the police. Mariah might have been able to support her sister through a difficult time, but instead, the singer prefers to deny that she has a sister at all and to keep this troublesome relative out of her perfect life.

10 Diana Ross Didn't Tell Berry Gordy He Had A Daughter

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Diana Ross and her first husband, Robert Ellis Silberstein, raised three daughters together before they split in 1977. Their eldest child, Rhonda, only found out that Robert wasn’t her real father when she was 13-years-old, and that her biological dad was the CEO of the Motown record label, Berry Gordy, who she had known her whole life as Uncle BB.

9 Woody Allen Lied About His Relationship With His Adopted Daughter

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Perhaps one of the most memorable celebrity lies was Woody Allen’s denial that he was having an affair with the adopted daughter of his partner, Mia Farrow. Farrow had adopted Soon-Yi Previn from South Korea with her husband Andre Previn, but the family was hit by scandal when it emerged that Allen and Soon-Yi were having an affair, despite their age difference and the family dynamic.

8 Jack And Meg White Lied About Being Siblings

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When The White Stripes burst onto the music scene in the 1990s, there were a lot of stories and rumors about just who Jack and Meg White really were. The duo led people to believe they were siblings, though it was later confirmed that they had actually been a married couple who had divorced before their band hit the big time.

7 Tyrese Lied About His Wife Being Pregnant

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Musician, model, and Fast and Furious star Tyrese Gibson found himself in hot water in 2017 when he posted a photograph on Instagram suggesting that his wife, Samantha Lee, was pregnant. He was forced to backtrack a few days later, confirming that she wasn’t expecting and that his medication was to blame.

6 Latoya Claimed Joe Jackson Beat Her And Her Siblings

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The Jackson family is no stranger to controversy, but Michael’s sister LaToya has made claims on several occasions that she was abused by her father, and the Jackson family patriarch, Joe. She also was the only member of the Jackson family to ever suggest that her brother Michael was guilty, even though neither man was found guilty, and Joe has never even been charged.

5 Angeline Jolie Lied About Having Native American Blood

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There are many thousands of people living in the US who have Native American ancestors, but Angelina Jolie isn’t one of them, despite her claims to the contrary. Jolie had been told by her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, that she was part of the Iroquois tribe, even though their only proven ancestors were from 17th century France.

4 As Did Shania Twain

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Shania Twain is another celebrity who has claimed in the past that they had Native American ancestors, only to be found to be telling fibs. In fact, while Twain had been raised by her step-dad, who was a member of the Ojibwa tribe, the singer herself had absolutely no biological connection to his Native American heritage.

3 Steven Tyler Only Found Out Liv Tyler Was His Daughter Years Later

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Actress Liv Tyler is the spitting image of her rock star dad Steven, the lead singer of Aerosmith, so it seems difficult to imagine that anyone could have hidden the truth about her parentage. And yet, Steven Tyler only found out for sure that Liv was his biological daughter when she was eight-years-old.

2 Vanilla Ice Lied About His Childhood

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To be fair, the lies that were told about rapper Vanilla Ice came from his record label rather than from the star himself, though the Ice Ice Baby singer was more than happy to go along with the tall tales they told. Robert Van Winkle, the rapper’s real name, was not a streetwise kid from the inner city but came from an affluent background.

1 Mila Kunis Lied And Said She Was Older Than She Really Was

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While most celebrities who lie about their age do so to make themselves younger than they really are, Mila Kunis actually told the studio she was four years older when she went to audition for That 70s Show. Just 14 when she was cast as Jackie, Mila told the show she was actually 18, though they decided to keep her on the show when she came clean.

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