20 Celebrities Who Had Their First Kiss ... On Screen

A first kiss is never as magical as they make it seem in the movies. When neither party knows what they’re doing, it’s awkward, nerve-inducing, and totally confusing. Interestingly, those movies and TV shows that make kissing look so romantic are actually the worst possible settings for first kisses. After all, if there’s one thing that could make a first kiss more awkward, it’s the presence of a live audience.

When you’re in the business, though, sometimes there’s no getting around needing to have your first kiss on camera. Several successful celebrities had their very first kisses on screen, and most admit that the experience was less than enchanting.

Keep reading to find out which celebrities had their first kiss on screen when they were child and teenage stars.

20 Dakota Fanning: Sweet Home Alabama

Business Insider

Dakota Fanning is now an A-list star, beginning her career as an incredibly successful child actor. One of her most memorable first roles was as the young Melanie in Sweet Home Alabama. Though she was only on screen for a minute, she had her first kiss in that time on the beach in a lightning storm.

19 Kay Panabaker: Summerland

via youtube.com

We’re pretty sure that Kay Panabaker has one of the best first-kiss stories of all time. She was 13 when she had her first kiss, which is normal, but it was Zac Efron who she shared the kiss with! This is what dreams are made of for a lot of teens, but Panabaker said it was totally awkward.

18 Mila Kunis: That ‘70s Show

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A first kiss is even scarier when you have to do it in front of a camera. It was for Mila Kunis, who had her first kiss when she was 15 with co-star Ashton Kutcher. The best part of Mila’s story is that she went on to marry the person she shared her first kiss with. Cute!

17 Katie Holmes: Dawson's Creek

Entertainment Weekly

Katie Holmes famously rose to stardom on Dawson’s Creek, and the show provided the backdrop for a whole lot of firsts in her life. One of these was her first kiss, which she shared with Ian Bohen. At the time, he played Anderson Crawford. Holmes was 18 when she first had to lock lips with a co-star.

16 Sadie Sink: Stranger Things

Hollywood Reporter

Imagine having your first kiss in front of your mom. That’s what happened to Sadie Sink, whose first kiss took place on the set of Stranger Things. Kissing Caleb McLaughlin wouldn’t be too difficult at all, but having to do it in front of the crew and any other set guests (including your mom!) would be so difficult!

15 Candace Cameron Bure: Full House

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When she was just 13, Candace Cameron Bure shared her first kiss with co-star Scott Curtis in an early episode of Full House. “It’s awkward when you’ve never had a kiss and then have to kiss someone on national television,” she said in an interview. (via PopSugar). Yep, we can feel the awkwardness from here!

14 Danielle Fishel: Boy Meets World

Fox News

The nervous energy really radiates when it’s the first time for both people sharing the kiss! Danielle Fishel’s first kiss took place while she was filming Boy Meets World with Ben Savage. Interestingly, it was also Savage’s first kiss. But you’d never know— these two pulled the smooch off perfectly!

13 Selena Gomez: The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody

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Selena Gomez has been able to kiss some pretty famous faces in her life. But her first kiss was just for the cameras while she was filming The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. She was only 12 at the time, and her kissing buddy was co-star Dylan Sprouse, in an episode entitled ‘A Midsummer’s Nightmare.’

12 Ashley Benson: Days Of Our Lives


If you’ve ever seen the overly dramatic soap opera Days of Our Lives, you’ll know that quite a few kisses have gone down on that set. One of them was when Ashley Benson had to kiss her co-star. At the time, she was 15, and he was much older. It’s safe to say she was extremely nervous!

11 Saoirse Ronan: I Could Never Be Your Woman

The Fan Carpet

When you’re a successful child star, it’s only natural that your first kiss would happen on a movie set. Saoirse Ronan, who recently played Mary, Queen of Scots, has had some enviable on-screen kisses in her career, but her first one took place filming I Could Never Be Your Woman when she was only 10.

10 Macaulay Culkin: My Girl

Mental Floss

Macaulay Culkin probably would have been even more nervous for his first kiss if he knew it was going to go on to become one of the most famous kissing scenes in movie history. He was only 11 years old when he experienced the iconic My Girl kiss, which won him and co-star Anna Chlumsky an MTV Movie Award.

9 Keke Palmer: Jump In

Rotten Tomatoes

The Disney Channel has probably been responsible for more first kisses than any other network out there! While filming Jump In, Keke Palmer shared her first kiss with co-star Corbin Bleu. At the time, she was just 12, so it’s not difficult to imagine how scared she was! Luckily, her character was nervous about the kiss too.

8 Millie Bobby Brown: Stranger Things

Entertainment Weekly

Another Stranger Things universe kiss! Millie Bobby Brown experienced her very first kiss during Season One of the show when Mike and Eleven share a kiss. In an interview on The Tonight Show, Brown admitted that kissing wasn’t her favorite thing to do in the world, especially in front of her dad.

7 Tyler Posey: Doc

via youtube.com

Tyler Posey’s first kiss couldn’t have been too bad because he ended up dating the person he kissed in real life! Of course, we’re talking about Miley Cyrus, after the two appeared together on the TV show Doc. The two young actors started dating at nine years old and broke up when they were 11.

6 Victoria Justice: The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody


Selena Gomez isn’t the only star to have had her first kiss on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Fellow actress Victoria Justice also had her first kiss on the show, and it was also with one of the Sprouse twins. Except while Selena kissed Dylan, Victoria kissed Cole. To make matters worse, it was in front of a live audience.

5 Josh Hutcherson: Little Manhattan

via youtube.com

Even when kisses look magical on TV, they’re probably not so magical for the actors executing them. Josh Hutcherson had his first kiss on Little Manhattan when he was 11 years old. Though the kiss looked like a romantic thing to the viewers, in reality, Hutcherson was surrounded by crew and his family when the kiss took place.

4 Kirsten Dunst: Interview With The Vampire

Pink Villa

A first kiss with Brad Pitt? Talk about pressure! While filming Interview With the Vampire at the age of 11, Kirsten Dunst had to kiss the movie star and didn’t enjoy it. In one interview (via PopSugar), she said that it was “disgusting.” In fact, Dunst was so put off kissing that she didn’t do it again until she was 16.

3 Jesse Eisenberg: Roger Dodger

Just Watch

Jesse Eisenberg shared his first kiss with Jennifer Beals in 2002, while filming Roger Dodger. But he didn’t tell his co-star that it was his first time. She didn’t find out until a 2011 interview, when it was revealed to her. And in response, she confirmed that he was a good kisser anyway.

2 Alia Shawkat: Arrested Development


The kiss between Alia Shawkat and Michael Cera wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t what Shawkat would describe as romantic. It was the first time for the Arrested Development actor, and wasn’t exactly a romantic make out scene. It was much quicker and less sentimental (which probably made it easier to pull off!).

1 Mayim Bialik: Blossom

via reddit.com

Before appearing together on The Big Bang Theory, Mayim Bialik and Johnny Galecki worked together on Blossom at the age of 14. And in that one episode where they appeared together, they had to share an on-screen kiss. Many years later, Bialik admitted that it was actually her first real kiss.

Sources: Pink Villa, Just Watch, PopSugar, Entertainment Weekly

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