19 Celebrities Who Got A Makeover...As The Joker

The Joker is one of the most iconic superhero villains of all time. He’s loved because he’s evil, scheming, and because he typically gets the best of Batman without having any actual superpowers—his mind is enough to rattle the Caped Crusader.

With the much-anticipated and highly praised film Joker coming out in less than a month, starring Joaquin Phoenix, we thought it would be interesting to see what some other celebrities would look like as the Clown Prince himself.

He is one of the most interesting characters in superhero history, partly because his tricks and schemes could actually come true. He is a terrifying menace on one hand, and a funny trickster on the other.

Ultimately, Joaquin Phoenix will knock it out of the park, no doubt, but here are 19 funny images of other celebs re-imagined as Batman’s mightiest nemesis, in the meantime.

19 Seth Green

via Viralscape

You know when it’s hard to tell who’s under all that face paint, you’ve pulled off a pretty convincing Joker. This is comedian Seth Green, known mostly for his Adult Swim show, Robot Chicken, and for starring in works such as Austin Powers, The Italian Job, Family Guy, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He even voices the character of Jeff “Joker” Moreau in the Mass Effect video game.

18 Oprah Winfrey

via Freaking News

This is another startling realization—one of the most powerful women in the world as the Clown… Princess? Oprah looks surprisingly spooky under that Joker face paint, and she even has the hair for the role! It’s almost scarier seeing her behind a politician’s podium, too, because that’s just the kind of power that the Joker would be itching for, were he real.

17 Daniel Radcliffe

via Freaking News

Not only is this Daniel Radcliffe re-imagined as the Joker, but it’s Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter as the Joker! What if the Joker had magic at his disposal—what kind of crazy crimes could he concoct with a wand and a flying broomstick? It would probably get a lot of people’s attention, in all the wrong ways, and he would end up in Azkaban before he knew it.

16 Madonna

via Freaking News

This Joker re-imagining is pretty horrifying, not just because of what was done to Madonna’s face, but also what was done to her teeth! It seems like no other celebrity on the Freaking News section got this kind of harsh treatment, and it really looks nothing like Madonna under all of that. If we weren’t told that that’s who that is, we wouldn’t believe it ourselves.

15 Michael Richards

via Freaking News

Michael Richards has been in some hot water in recent years, so maybe it’s only deserving that he gets put in the Joker category, complete with makeup and all. And Michael Richards as Kramer is even better, because if there’s anyone as crazy and chaotic as the Clown Prince, it’s Jerry Seinfeld’s door-busting buddy!

14 Tom Cruise

via Freaking News

This digital recreation of Tom Cruise as the Joker is pretty scary because it looks like it could actually be real. Tom Cruise could probably play a pretty mean Joker, thanks to his huge, wide smile and good looks. Then again, he might be a bit too good looking for the role, as then it would make the character a bit unbelievable—even Heath Ledger toned down his handsomeness to become the Clown Prince, and that was quite a feat.

13 Michael Jackson

via Freaking News

Here’s someone who has arguably a more iconic outfit than the Joker—Michael Jackson. Seeing as that the Joker is all play and little work, and so is Michael Jackson, this transformation seems a bit fitting. With his Peter Pan syndrome, he could’ve probably played a wicked Joker, especially with those white gloves and his classic fedora outfit.

12 William Shatner

via Freaking News

We have to admit, in this picture, William Shatner looks more like your average politician than he does like Captain Kirk. Or, even better, Shatner looks a bit like the classic villain, Kingpin. Now there’s an idea—Shatner playing Kingpin in some upcoming series. Or he could just be a pudgy Joker, and that would work too.

11 Conan O’Brien

via Freaking News

Here’s another celebrity with a wild hairdo that is instantly recognizable, and therefore he plays into the Joker’s hand pretty well. In fact, with his hair colored puke green like that, he already looks like the next actor who will play the role. And he’s a funnyman, like the Clown Prince, though Conan isn’t as much as a criminal… except maybe being criminally funny, on a good day?

10 Curtis Jackson

via Freaking News

Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, is one of the most successful rappers of all time. He doesn’t really play into the Joker stereotype well, so we’re not sure why this one was created at all. But then again, these are all just “what if” scenarios, so we supposed it’s just as likely that someone like 50 Cent could be the Joker as, say, Oprah Winfrey.

9 Johnny Depp

via Freaking News

Now here’s one that people have been imagining for years, because many fans have wanted Johnny Depp to play the Joker. And look, he already looks like the guy! After playing Captain Jack Sparrow, Johnny could probably pull off an excellent Joker, because they act rather the same… though Sparrow is a bit drunker, and Joker is a bit more conniving—but not by much.

8 Zia Dantes

via Team Dantes

Zia Dantes is a little baby scene-stealer, the daughter of actor Dingdong Dantes and model Marian Rivera. She’s been named one of the “most beautiful children” in the world by Entertainment, and she’s quite YouTube famous at this stage in her very young life. It’s only better that someone as pretty and cute as Zia would dress as someone as diabolical and shady as the Joker.

7 Dulquer Salmaan

via Pinterest

Dulquer Salmaan is an Indian actor who works primarily in Malayalam cinema, as well as in Hindi films. The Bollywood star won a Filmfare Award for Best Actor for Ustad Hotel (2012), though his most famous role is for starring in 100 Days of Love. Here we see him as a pretty serious looking Joker, and he pulls the look off well.

6 Ranveer Singh

via Book My Show

Ranveer Singh is a Bollywood star who is among the highest-paid actors in the country and has been featured on Forbes India’s Celebrity 100 list every year since 2012. Bookmyshow.com decided to digitally create re-imaginings of Bollywood stars as Hollywood villains, and this is the one they came up with for Ranveer. He does look quite striking, we’ll admit.

5 Matthew Morrison

via Instagram/_matthew.morrison_

Hunky Matthew Morrison is an actor and singer-songwriter best known for his Broadway and Off-Broadway productions, such as playing Link Larkin in Hairspray on Broadway, and Will Schuester on Glee. Here we see him with a couple fans, posing as the Suicide Squad Joker, and he definitely knows how to pull off the look, while also adding a bit of seductive glares at the camera.

4 Jerry O’Connell

via Instagram/Livekellyandryan

Jerry O’Connell is the kind of actor who has the perfect face to play the Joker. Although in this picture he looks a little bit like John Travolta at the Joker, he definitely looks legit. For those who don’t know who Jerry O’Connell is, he played in Sliders, My Secret Identity, Stand by Me, Jerry Maguire, and much more. Here he’s posing next to Kelly Ripa (from Live with Kelly and Ryan) as Harley Quinn.

3 James Hinchcliffe

via PopSugar

This isn’t a celebrity re-imagined as the Joker, but rather dressed as him for the Halloween episode of Dancing with the Stars. James Hinchcliffe is a Canadian race car driver, and while he might not be as big of a celebrity name as many on this list, he still looks pretty striking as the Suicide Squad version of the Joker, especially alongside his Harley Quinn dance partner, Jenna Johnson.

2 G-Eazy

via Pinterest

Rapper Gerard Earl Gillum, better known by his stage name G-Eazy, shocked audiences at the Mala Luna Fest by coming out dressed in full Joker regalia, face paint and all. It’s quite a different look for the usually suave artist with the slicked back hair. We can only imagine how hot it must be on stage in that makeup, but not only does he pull it off, he actually looks like the real thing!

1 Ashley Madekwe

via PopSugar

Here’s one of the more original version of the Joker that we’ve seen, put on by actress Ashley Madekwe. She’s known for her roles in Secret Diary of a Call Girl, and the ABC drama Revenge, as well as Salem. Here she’s dressed as Heath Ledger’s nurse Joker, albeit with a wig that looks a it cleaner and modern. She definitely makes one alluring nurse: both creepy and sexy at the same time.

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