10 Celeb Beauties Who Barely Use Makeup

Many celebrities choose to put on an entirely new face of makeup every time we see them in public. We never have any idea what they actually look like beneath the layers of powders and liquids that transform them into something new. On the other hand, other celebrities barely use makeup as they prefer a more natural look.

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They have embraced their true selves and serve as an inspiration for anyone who feels makeup is the answer. These celebrities are one of a kind and deserve to be recognized for their bravery in a world of social media snakes. Keep reading to learn about ten celeb beauties who barely use makeup!

10 Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo has come out in some pretty makeup heavy looks before, but generally, she chooses a more natural and makeup-free look. Her character on Grey's Anatomy doesn't even really layer on the stuff that often because she has such great skin and natural beauty.

She blatantly tells magazines that she doesn't like wearing makeup unless it is for her job, and if she goes out she prefers something quick and easy. We can't argue with her choice because she rocks her own individual and natural style everywhere she goes.

9 Shailene Woodley

This actress is a natural beauty who understands that she doesn't need to plaster on pore-clogging products in order to look beautiful. The reason behind her lack of product is the fact that she saw herself in a magazine with edited features that made her look nothing like who she was as a person.

Her goal is to have young children compare themselves to someone who is real, rather than the fake and edited celebrities that we oftentimes see in magazines. She is truly an inspiring young woman and someone we can all look up to when we feel our faces don't compare to those we see in magazines.

8 Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore has her own makeup line called Flower Beauty, but that doesn't mean she likes to wear a full face all of the time. She has been spotted on several occasions with no makeup, or minimal application, while out and about or from a photo she took while at home. Her line even hopes to help women feel at home in their own skin and appreciate the beauty they have, rather than try and make themselves into something they're not.

7 Ellen Page

Ellen Page is not someone who usually chooses to don pounds of makeup, because she knows her natural face is all she needs. She generally uses a little bit to play up her eyes and make her lips look more pronounced, but otherwise, she tends to stay away from it.

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This Canadian actress is comfortable in her own skin and pushes against the standards the industry sets where celebrities should look flawless everywhere they go. There are so many images of her going makeup-free on a public outing, and using the slogan "less is more" when it comes to her movies and event appearances.

6 Gwyneth Paltrow

This actress is all about a natural lifestyle, and that includes neglecting to use heavy makeup. She owns a natural health company called Goop, so her fresh looks are also a useful way to help promote her own products.

She always looks stunning no matter where she goes, and we can only imagine the change in the industry if more actresses decided to use barely any makeup. Her features are phenomenal and give us hope that one day we too will be brave enough to use this tactic before heading out of the safety of our homes.

5 Alicia Keys

This singer loves showing off her natural looks every chance she gets. If you saw her as a coach on The Voice you probably noticed this trend, as she preferred an all-natural look compared to those of some other previous female coaches.

This started back in 2016 when she wanted to go makeup-free for her album, and it turned into a trend that she wished to continue. She has found power and a raw sense of self by choosing this path, and all we can do is cheer her on from the sidelines as we watch her take the world by storm.

4 Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid might be a supermodel, but that doesn't mean she's in love with the makeup she has to wear for her job. She is one of those who don't need pounds of makeup to look good enough to go in front of a camera because her natural looks speak for themselves.

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She might not choose this look all of the time, but it is refreshing to see the authentic side of these celebrities who we tend to idolize. This shows that she is a model for a reason, and it isn't because her makeup artist is a miracle worker.

3 Cara Delevingne

This is another model who prefers to save her makeup collection for her job. She still is an undeniable beauty without her makeup, but it also lightens her features. When she is modeling she turns into a fierce predator, but the moment it comes off she is brought back into reality. She might enjoy transforming into that other person for her career, but in everyday life, we have to say her natural looks are something we all strive for on a daily basis.

2 Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne used to be all about makeup, but recently it seems she has decided her natural look is the best option. We couldn't agree more as we see a real image of this actress, and she even went so far as to share her acne with her followers.

She wants everyone to know that celebrities aren't perfect, but Bella Thorne is someone who looks flawless even without it. When she is suffering from acne or other skin issues she doesn't look ugly or marred by imperfections, rather, she looks natural and free in her own body.

1 Lorde

This singer understands that her natural beauty is her best weapon. She understands that her skin might not always be perfect or maybe some other products could pronounce her cheekbones, but she also knows she doesn't need it.

Lorde was given a beautiful and fresh face that arguably looks better without any makeup. There is a lot of pressure on celebrities to look their best, and this singer argues that she does when she isn't trying to be someone who she is not.

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