10 Celebrities Who Have Struggled With Skin Issues Just Like You

Acne is something we are all embarrassed about, and it makes us feel even worse every time we see the flawless images of celebrities on social media and magazines. We think it is an issue that we as average human beings suffer from, but that is just not the case. Several celebrities have struggled with keeping their skin free and clear of any imperfections.

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They understand the struggle of trying to look perfect when your skin has already decided it doesn't agree. These celebrities can inspire you to embrace your skin issues and feel less undermined on those days when it becomes really bad. Keep reading to learn about ten celebrities who have struggled with skin issues just like you!

10 Rihanna

Rhianna has her own beauty and skincare line, and part of that stems from her own struggle with her skin. She says she is prone to hormonal acne and has to cover it up just like the rest of us.

This singer might always look flawless in photos, but she has put in the work to ensure that no one ever has to see that acne-prone side of her ever again. It might be a rough couple of days, but she wants everyone to know that she is as much a person as the next woman.

9 Zendaya

Zendaya suffers from hormonal acne like the rest of us and she isn't afraid to share her experiences with it. Many have a hard time believing that this glowing goddess has ever had anything but perfect skin.

She set the record straight and says she understands the struggle every single month as her face becomes a rollercoaster of acne that pops back up every time she thinks she finally has it defeated. We feel her pain, as well as more at ease in our own bodies knowing we are not alone in this ugly fight.

8 Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner endorses Proactiv, which is a brand that creates acne-fighting products. We are not really surprised as it is a known fact that she suffers from acne. She spoke out about the problem and touched on key issues that are caused by these wretched pimples.

Kendall understands just how detrimental this can be on your mental health as you strive to look perfect, but your skin seems to always be in the way. She hopes that she can open up a dialogue on skin positivity so no one feels the way she did when she suffered from horrible acne.

7 Emma Stone

Emma Stone has suffered from both hormonal and stress-related acne which has caused her severe hardship throughout her career. She even openly admits that in her movie Easy A they airbrushed the acne off of her face in the movie.

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This is one actress who understands what an inconvenience sensitive skin can be, especially when you are trying to find products that are strong enough to rid your face of acne. She frequently visits the dermatologist when she needs an extra shot to help stop the advance of this terrible condition and invites others to seek professional help if they need it.

6 Keira Knightley

This actress understands the pain and stress adult acne can bring to a person and hopes to help others find their way out of that mess. She says she has found that leaving her skin alone and wearing minimal makeup has served as the best remedies for her skin.

Keira also goes on to explain that during movies are when she has her worst breakouts because she has to wear a full face. This suffocates her skin and leads to them putting more and more on her throughout a shoot due to the negative reaction of her skin to the products used.

5 Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloe Grace Moretz has struggled with cystic acne for years and has tried everything to avoid it. She attempted to change her diet, try numerous beauty products, and eventually, she gave up and went to a dermatologist.

This has helped to clear her face and she even tries sharing her skin routine to help others suffering from the same problem. Her biggest secret is that she washes her face with olive oil, and she says the results it has had are amazing.

4 Amanda Seyfried

Amanda has suffered from eczema on her face, and it has come back a few times due to the stress put on her by her career. She has also recounted stories of her childhood where she was frizzy-haired and wore braces like the rest of us, and was seen as the underdog when compared to the rest of her friends.

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Amanda might look like the cream of the crop and someone who many women wish they could be, but she wants us all to know that her makeup helps bring her into the spotlight and underneath she is just like the rest of us.

3 Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore plays a role in the hit tv show called This is Us, but what many people don't know is the impact her makeup has on her face. She plays an older woman for much of the show and has explained that there are many harsh chemicals used in its application that cause her face to breakout. She also suffers from hormonal breakouts on her face as well and seeks the guidance of her makeup artist to help cover them up.

2 Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus openly admits to suffering from terrible acne, especially in her younger years. She has explained that she tried numerous products, but they often left her looking worse than she did before she used them.

She eventually decided to seek out help from a dermatologist as well as adjust her diet to include more water, and since than it has seemed to be working for her. It is still a struggle for her from time to time, but then again, that's how acne is for a lot of us.

1 Lili Reinhart

Lili Reinhart is another actress who has issues with cystic acne that impact her confidence. She has explained that every time she is at a shoot she worries about the pimples she saw that morning or the ones she knows are going to appear.

It depletes her sense of self and she oftentimes feels ashamed of her skin. This is how many of us feel when we encounter bouts of acne throughout the day, but hearing her come clean about her struggle with it gives us some of our own confidence back.

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