Celeb Surgeons Exposed: 15 Honest Disclosures From The Stars

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Celeb Surgeons Exposed: 15 Honest Disclosures From The Stars

Everyone knows all about Michael Jackson’s cosmetic procedures that he got done throughout his life. To me, he’s another sad story of how much we can fall down the rabbit hole in terms of worrying too much about our physical features. Some girls put on wayyyy too much makeup and don’t even realize they have those “coon” eyes. It’s not until they’re flipping through the pages of their old high school yearbooks that they begin to notice—and then they cringe. Getting cosmetic alterations done can get totally out of hand. You think Michael Jackson or Joan Rivers got just one or two surgeries and turned out looking like they did? Nope, they most likely got dozens of procedures performed. It’s a bit sad. Granted, there are some celebs out their who got “corrective” procedures done to fix their noses if they suffer from breathing problems or something along the lines of that nature.

Some stars had to get corrective alterations performed because they had deviated septums. And that’s understandable! The celebs who had procedure after procedure performed, I think, should be cut off by their surgeons. Kinda like when a bartender tells someone they probably had enough. But I just don’t think that happens in Hollywood. *Sigh*, oh well. Here’s a comprehensive list of some of the celebs who went totally overboard getting work done on their bodies. Let’s begin!

15. “Everything Is Fake Except My Cheeks,” Says Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy teigan

via Neinstein Plastic Surgery

Chrissy Teigen sat down with the writers over at Beauty Editor and told them she had work done all over her face. Which she candidly points out by gesturing to her forehead, her lips, and nose. “Fake, Fake, Fake!” she proclaimed during the interview. Well, apparently after their interview she made an about-face on twitter saying that she never got work done on her body. In one of her twitter comments she said, “You think I’d have this ass if I’d done extensive work? Like who would ask for this @ss.” Perhaps, the writers there inferred that if she had facial work done then she probably had the rest of her body worked on, too? I’m not sure. Things aren’t adding up. Apparently, she was just joking. What do you think?
Source: Marie Claire, DailyMail

14. Celeb Cosmetic Surgeon Wows Us With The Truth About Rejecting The King Of Pop As A Client

Tobey Mayer

via YouTube

Tobey Mayer is the fat-sucking, wrinkle-eliminating, lip plumper guru whom all the stars in Beverly Hills (that oh-so-glamorous 90210 Los Angeles county) flock to get work done on their faces and bodies. According to him, every TV and movie star has had some work done. And this guy doesn’t hide behind any curtains, either. Oh, and get this—he actually turned down Michael Jackson (thank god!). His reasoning? Once celebrities to recover from his operating table and rejoin the rest of the world with their augmented features, he considers them walking advertisement to new possible clients. And I mean, would you want to get work done by him if you knew that he was responsible to what happened to M.J’s face? Probably not. Perhaps if Dr. Mayer was told that M.J would be secluded in a box the rest of his he would have performed on him. So, it wasn’t exactly like he was turning him down out of the kindness of his heart. Oh well.

Source: behills

13. Ashlee Simpson’s Dad Spilled The Beans On Her Rhinoplasty

Ashlee Simpson

via Pinterest

You know how our parents can have good intentions but still seem to, well, totally ruin our lives? Good thing Ashlee Simpson didn’t take it too much to heart when her father said she received surgery on her nose due to breathing difficulties. But according to some sources, that’s not all she had done. She’s had chest implants and a chin job since then. And hey, look at it this way. Being a woman in today’s society can be….overwhelming. We are bombarded with messages saying that we must be beautiful. I can’t imagine how much pressure celebs are under to look beautiful. I’m sure it’s super stressful. And Ashlee Simpson is happy with her looks now. She describes herself as a happy person these days. It sounds like she didn’t let plastic surgery take over her life. Good for her!

Source: Bustle

12. Jamie Lee Curtis Confesses All Her Liposuction Secrets And How She Felt Afterwards

Jamie Lee Curtis

via Reddit

Now here’s a breath of fresh air. Jamie Lee Curtis breaks down those old Hollywood stereotypes that proclaim anyone can stay youthful looking because of all the plastic surgery they have available to them. Well, not so according to Jamie Lee Curtis. She says she’s had a smorgasbord of plastic surgeries. Tummy tuck, botox—you name it! And you know what she’s learned after all that time and money spent? She said it was a heaping waste of time: “I’ve done it all. I’ve had a little plastic surgery. I’ve had a little lipo. I’ve had a little Botox. And you know what? None of it works. None of it.” Maybe that’s the scheme Hollywood surgeons play into. Perhaps they try to do a half-butt job the first or second time you go under the knife just to make you keep coming back to get more work done. Who knows. I know Ashlee Simpson probably wouldn’t agree, but I digress.

Source: Bustle

11. Teen Mom Star Has Undergone Alterations (Quite) A Few Times

via Ok! Magazine

Remember Teen Mom? That one American reality TV series that premiered on MTV? Well, the star of the show, Farrah Abraham, confessed to the interviewers over at Ok! Magazine that she has had $16,000 worth of plastic surgery performed on her body. And here’s an even bigger jaw-dropper—she’s only 21 years old. But honestly, after reading through her interviews, I can totally feel for her. She said after she had her first child, she lost her boobs and consequently “stopped feeling like a woman anymore”. As a fellow flat-chested girl, I can understand that. What I don’t get is why someone would want to go up TWO whole cup sizes. And then get a chin implant and nose job. That sounds so drastic that it’s borderline frightening. Let’s hope she doesn’t fall down the rabbit hole like M.J.

Source: Bustle

10. Ashley Tisdale Comes Clean With All Her Rhinoplasty


via Surgery VIP

Okay so she admit this much: she had surgery on her nose to correct a deviated septum and to chisel off a few bumps she got on her nose when she was a teen from when she fractured her nose. But now the tabloids are hounding her for details on a rumor that she had chest implants. Apparently, actual surgeons have come forth saying they performed extra surgery that she hadn’t actually gotten. When she was filming High School Musical 3, the media went crazy accusing her of going to get her boobs augmented. Well, in this case, the proof is in the pudding. We can tell she got a nose job just from a quick google search but as for a boob job? Well, I haven’t come across any noticeable differences on the interwebs. I think the paparazzi (as usual) should back the heck off.

Source: Bustle

9. Michael Jackson “Never Liked How He Looked”

michael jackson

via Aunty Acid Buzz

I still remember the day he died back in 2009. This “King of Pop” revolutionized the dance scene and not to mention the pop genre. Well, this member of the Jackson Five seemed to have some sort of body image disorder. Yes, I’ve heard that he had skin pigment issue called Vitiligo, but it’s not even his stark contrast from mocha skin to porcelain white that unnerves me. It’s the seemingly endless nose jobs and chin jobs he’s undergone throughout his life. And you can’t blame a skin pigmentation issue on that. Michael Jackson was hard on himself growing up in the Jackson Five. He was obsessed with staying timeless, and I think all this stress went to his head and created a warped image of himself which he battled whenever he came face to face with himself in the mirror. Back in 1993, he told Oprah Winfrey that he never got a nose job. I can’t tell if he’s flat out lying or if he’s gotten himself to believe in his own delusion. Whatever the case, I wish him peace in the afterlife. He’ll always be our King of Pop.

Source: Bustle

8. 300+ Procedures Later, Joan Rivers Joked About Her “Frozen” Face

Joan Rivers

via Celebrity Plastic Surgery Online

Well, shoot…It’s still a shock that she passed away just a few years ago. At any rate, during an interview she confessed that she had not one, not two, but 348 procedures done. Holy cow! Now that’s jaw dropping! I’ve got to hand it to her, though. She had virtually no wrinkles on her face. I guess she got what she wanted. Her daughter wrote a memoir about her life called The Book of Joan: Tales of Mirth, Mischief and Manipulation, and according to that book, Joan Rivers always suffered from an inferiority complex due to her never being comfortable with her own looks. Perhaps that’s due to her job of pointing out various idiosyncrasies in celebrities during her stand-up comedy career. Maybe it created a negative feedback loop into her own self-image. Too bad we can only wonder at this point.

Source: Bustle

7. Britney Spears Has Had Numerous Artificial Lip Enhancements

Britney Spears

via YouTube

Not only has she had numerous lip injections, she goes and gets them as a “treat”. Kinda like how sometimes we stop at the ice cream parlor on our way home from work. I guess celebs have an interesting—albeit bizarre—take on what is fun in life. To me, getting a needle shoved into your upper lip doesn’t exactly have me jumping for joy. But hey, it’s her life, her face. Not only that, the media went into total frenzy mode over a boob job she got earlier this year. Although, she admits that she got lip injections, she has not revealed whether or not she actually got a boob job. Her fans are convinced she did, though. Whatever the case is, she doesn’t look that ponytail-wearing, girl next door anymore.

Source: Bustle

6. Dolly Parton Admits She Had A Ton Of Work Done


via Surgery VIP

Even as a young girl, Dolly Parton was known for trying to doll herself up. When she was a teennager she was obsessed with wearing tight clothes; red, pouty lipstick; and long, acrylic nails. It’s almost like celebs don’t let their bodies age gracefully. I always thought if you take care of yourself, exercise, and eat right then your body should reward you with a decent enough looking body. Celebs seem to want to stay locked in time in terms of their youthful, fresh-faced looks from back when they were in their 20s. And the more surgery they get, the more unnatural and uncanny their face becomes. According to firstforwomen.com, she has had “chest implants, a brow lift, a face lift, eyelid surgery, chin augmentation, and rhinoplasty (a nose job) as well.” Just to name a few!

Source: firstforwomen

5. Kenny Rogers Admits He Wishes He Had Never Got A Certain Procedure Done…


via Celebrity Plastic Surgery

This will probably go down as one of the most tragic plastic surgery stories in Hollywood. Kenny Rogers went in for an eyelid lift, and he got, well…, sort of what he wanted. According to some sources, the whole procedure was totally botched. And to this day, he wishes he had never got the procedure done. Aw, poor guy! And if that was not enough he went back under the knife a few more times. To correct what you ask? Well, just his lips…and face. I guess that botched eyelid lift didn’t scare away from plastic surgery for good. Hopefully, those procedures turned out better than his first. Long time plastic surgery addict, Dolly Parton, is cited as his main influence in getting more and more plastic surgeries done.

Source: Bustle

4. Donatella Versace Went From 90s Bombshell To This…

This Italian fashion designer has been under the knife a few times as well. Her face is nearly startling this days. Probably not the look she’s going for. The people who see her in public claim her face looks glassy from all the laser resurfacing treatments she’s gotten done over the years. But that’s not all. She’s also had a chin implant, as well. I’m not sure who’s worse at this point, MJ, Joan Rivers, or this woman. If you do a quick google search you can easily find pictures of her from the 1990s, and she looks really pretty. Not so much, anymore. It doesn’t seem like she liked who she saw in the mirror either. Unfortunately, this seems to be a growing trend in Hollywood, and it’s pretty dang sad.

Source: Bustle

3. “My Lips Have Had Their Own Career”, Says Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna

via Pinterest

If you ask this celeb if she recently got more lip injections or chest implants, then she’ll deny it in every way possible. But she will tell you that when she was in her 20s, she got lip injections with her friends. And she is proud of it, saying, “I feel like I’m a pioneer. I never had a career before I had the lips. So my lips have had their own career.” which she told Us Magazine. Well, good for her. It’s nice that she didn’t regret her first operation like Kenny Rogers did. I don’t understand why she keeps denying all the lip injections she received after her first. Just saying because pictures don’t lie…unless she was wearing some rockin’ lip gloss. I don’t know. The jury’s still out, I guess.

Source: Bustle

2. Kathy Griffin Laughs About All Her Plastic Alterations, Even Though They Nearly Took Her Life


via Celebrity Plastic Surgery Online

She comes from a pretty insecure background. And she’s confided in sources about it, too. From trying to lose weight by going to back-to-back aerobics classes to trying to starve herself, she’s battled a lion’s share of self-loathing. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case with a lot of comedians. Of course, she points fun at it, too, by saying, ““Believe it or not, people don’t come to see me really thinking I’m going to look like Jennifer Aniston.” Unfortunately, when this star went under the knife to get liposuction, she nearly died from the surgical complications. Pictures of her were taken when she was in this sad state, and she tells the media that she hopes it will stop other women from resorting to liposuction to lose weight. I agree with her. It’s way better to just go to the gym.

Source: Bustle

1. Howard Stern Owns Up To Bump Shaved Off His Nose


via Ritely.com

This actor and radio host is yet another victim of “frozen face”. He hasn’t just had facelifts in his lifetime, either. He’s had numerous surgeries to correct the bumps on his nose. He’s another celebrity who tries to stay stuck in time by getting tons and tons of surgery on their face and by keeping the same hairstyle for decades. Pay special attention to his chin, too. According to sources, that was the one surgery that actually worked out well for him. If you looks closely, it’s a bit wider in the after pictures. Unfortunately, I think that could be how most celebs fall into the trap of getting more and more plastic surgery. And Howard Stern is no different. But hey, what can I say? If these people like the work done on their bodies then who am I to judge? I’d be just a critic at best.

Source: Bustle

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