18 Celeb Selfies With The Most Embarrassing Things Caught In The Background

Embarrassing photos are never fun, especially when they are posted online for the world to see without being thoroughly looked at. We all know once a picture goes on the internet, it cannot be erased. Whether it’s when mom decided to get the camera out during a bath at a young age thinking the pictures will still be cute in the future, or maybe when the squad goes out for a drink and someone has one too many. All of those pictures should just be saved for the nights when a friend needs a good laugh. (If we’re being brave.) Besides that, they should definitely be deleted or burned–just to be on the safe side. That way, mom can’t find them when a friend comes over for the first time. Note to self: Inspect every inch of every picture before it reaches the evil hands of social media!

Celebrities are notorious for making selfie fails. Photoshop gets them every time. Certain ones are lucky enough to get passed by, but fans have gotten really good at inspecting and finding when Photoshop isn’t used correctly. These photo mishaps are all over the internet. Some are really funny, others are just plain sad. Let’s go through these 18 embarrassing celebrity selfies and see just what we find lurking around inside them!

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18 Paris’s Clean Mirrors

Via: Google Images

Paris Hilton is a woman who definitely is not shy to the finer things in life. If we all know anything, it’s that she always has the best of the best. That includes a room full of mirrored walls. Accessorized with a random toilet paper roll in the corner? It isn’t clear whether this is actually a bathroom or not.

If it is a bathroom, props to Paris for having a very unique place to spend your private time! All fingers point to the fact that Ms. Hilton should have taken a second glance at the background of this selfie, though! As dolled up as she always seems to be, this picture right here is no different! She’s definitely rocking the sweatshirt and beanie look. From the looks of the other selfie in the mirrored room, it seems it was a restroom after all.

17 Miley’s Messy Floor

Via: Google Images

It looks like we’ve caught another celebrity who isn’t a fan of a neat house. Miley Cyrus has definitely pushed the limits with the media showing us every little risqué thing she could possibly do. From wrecking balls to twerking with Robin Thicke on stage, Miley definitely isn’t shy. She’s come quite a long way since her Hannah Montana days.

One thing that can be safely said about her is that she is a free spirit. Miley girl, a broom may be on your next purchase list, though! We’ll just believe this was after a house party and she didn’t have time to clean up before snapping a selfie and running out the door. Ms. Cyrus is keeping her selfie game high on her list, as do most celebrities.

16 Cleaning With Snooki

Via: Google Images

Sometimes when we think of celebrities, we think of how awesome it would be to be able to buy just about anything you want. At any given time, celebrities’ selfies can be caught in their jam-packed closets that are the size of a normal bedroom. For Snooki, it seems she might need one of the huge closets we described above.

In the picture shown here, you can see all of her makeup brushes and most of her clothes. All of it has given her selfie a nice chaotic mess. Snooki rose to fame on the hit MTV reality show Jersey Shore. After watching that, it is clear how far Snooki has really come. Two kids and a handsome husband later, she’s almost unrecognizable.

15 Uh-Oh Robin!

Via: Google Images

In 2013, Robin Thicke was on stage with Miley Cyrus in some interesting stances. In the same year, this photograph was sent via Twitter. After digging into Daily Mail’s article, we learned this photo was shot at an after-party for the VMAs. It seems Robin’s night just kept getting wilder by the minute!

There are several other pictures of this blonde college girl with Robin. The one we have here seems to be the only one where they obviously had no clue a mirror was behind them. Robin Thicke is a married man. Let’s hope this didn’t stir to much trouble in paradise for him and his wife Paula and that these “Blurred Lines” clear themselves up because it would sure be a tragedy to lose a catch like him!

14 Chyna And Kim’s Bathroom Selfie

Via: Google Images

Kim Kardashian is definitely a selfie queen! She is all about showing the internet she can take a perfect selfie almost anywhere–to the point she is in almost every crack and crevice online that a selfie can be. In the last year, her long-time friend Blac Chyna stepped into the Kardashian family with Kim’s brother Rob.

Since Chyna and Kim knew each other prior, it was almost a definite thing that we would see more selfies popping up of these two. This bathroom selfie seems to be a post-workout moment. The ladies wanted to show all their curves–including Kim’s curved wall. Wait, curved wall? It looks like we’ve caught Kim again using Photoshop in her selfies. It’s okay, though. Show off those curves, Mrs. West! We won’t take your spotlight.

13 Miranda Kerr’s Tiny Waist

Via: Google Images

Miranda Kerr is an Australian model who rose to fame as one of Victoria’s Secret’s Angels. Recently–in November to be exact–word has gotten around that she is pregnant! Congratulations to Miranda! Let’s hope she gets her amazing figure right back in shape like the picture above. As shown, it seems Kerr has the issue that most celebrities do–a case of Photoshop editing.

This time we caught that she trimmed her waist down a bit from the originally released photo. Still looking phenomenal, it can be seen in this comparison that she’s just a tad smaller from one side to the other. Maybe we can chalk this up as pregnancy weight gain scare? Just a short message we should send Ms. Kerr: You look beautiful no matter what!

12 Kim Kardashian’s Powdered Countertop

Via: Google Images

As stated above, Kim is no stranger to a good selfie. If most of her others are observed, we can see the bathroom is her favorite lighting to use to show her flawless face. In this one, she took to Snapchat to check out the cute filters they have. Little did she know what might erupt over the internet with the substance lying out in the open on the counter behind her. Some say cocaine, some have said candy.

We’ll take option number two. We like to keep a positive mind that all is well in the Kardashian-West household. With all things considered, it’s not likely it’s anything too harsh. In any media source, it is clearly seen how tightknit and well-rounded each Kardashian is. Kim wouldn’t dare shy away from this.

11 Taylor’s Bikini Squad

Via: Google Images

Taylor Swift has hit the media several times with her girlfriends. Oftentimes, we will see other celebrities such as Selena Gomez float in and out of the photos. On this one in particular, the road in the background seems to be on two different levels. Notice it doesn’t match up. Who cares though, right?

Hawaii is beautiful, so these ladies are probably just entranced by the beautiful land. All girls want fun pictures to remember the times they hang out with their friends. With all the photos of Taylor and her friends the tabloids have, she’s sure to have several scrapbooks by now. T-Swift isn’t the first to retouch her photos with Photoshop either. It is also pretty safe to say she won't be the last either.

10 Thanksgiving With Mariah

Via: Google Images

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without pie! Apple, lemon, cherry or blueberry pie is a must with turkey. Mariah Carey thought so as well in this stunning holiday selfie. After looking closer, we found a few flaws, though. It seems Mariah wanted to alter her right leg and left shoulder.

Looking next to her right leg, there is a curve in the wood on the cabinet door. Around her shoulder, the reflection in the mirror is just off. This white bodysuit with her classic ripped jeans is stunning on her, so there’s no telling why she felt the need to do this.

We could probably ditch the sunglasses considering she is obviously inside. Mariah is rocking it, though! Thanksgiving with the Careys sure does look fun.

9 A Haircut Fit For Selena

Via: Google Images

Selena Gomez is a very striking woman. Ever since her Disney days, she’s grown into a beautiful woman. It seems she’s caught herself in his Photoshop fail along with tons of other celebs. This one is odd compared to most body editing you find. Selena seems to be catching her flawless makeup, along with her messy-but-neat hairstyle.

In the left bottom corner of the photo, something looks very off. After gazing at it as closely as possible, we’re determining that Selena wanted to tame a flyaway. She just didn’t seem to take long enough to notice with the taming because the rest of the picture looks pretty weird. Who could knock her for it? She was just trying to make a perfect selfie look even more flawless!

8 Nicola Hughes’ Boyfriend Photobomb

Blonde bombshell Nicola Hughes is best known from the TV show Made In Chelsea–a UK-based show that was aired on E4 and Esquire Network. Her handsome background is Alex Mytton, who is also known from the TV show along with Hughes. Vacationing in the magnificent Barcelona, Spain, Hughes decided to snap a selfie as soon as Mytton decided to drop his towel.

Nicola decided it was still funny, and with no shame took to Instagram to post it. Obviously, this isn’t within the policies of Instagram so the picture was taken down rather quickly. Mytton, however, decided to laugh it off on his Twitter not long after stating he should pay more attention to his girlfriend’s belongings and what exactly she may be doing with them at all times.

7 Queen B’s Thigh Gap

Via: Google Images

Who’s to say Beyoncé isn’t self-conscious about herself in any way? Queen B does look flawless no matter what she wears–although she is a human being like the rest of us. There is bound to be part of her body she wishes was thinner, or chunkier. In this snapshot of a perfect Beyoncé descending from a chalk white staircase, we couldn’t help but notice the stairs behind her don’t quite add up. There seems to be a bit of an angle to one stair that doesn’t match what comes across on the other side of her.

No doubt, her legs are supposed to look thinner. Her bikini is too beautiful on her for this to really make a difference. A good message here would be that everyone should rock self-confidence as Beyoncé does in this picture!

6 Snooki’s Vintage Earrings

Via: Google Images

Uh-oh, Nicole Polizzi has made it back into our countdown! This time, she’s sporting some big vintage earrings and wanted to show us all. Clearly in the image, Nicole is in a bathroom. By the looks of it, we can't help but ask, is this a porta potty, Snooks?

Seriously, though, doesn’t it appear she’s stopping for a selfie in a street-side John? The room is pretty small considering Nicole’s height. The first thought we have with this is maybe she’s on set of a TV show such as Ellen or Steve Harvey.

She may have been too excited to wait to show us her earrings after the interview. For future pictures, Nicole should probably look to checking her environment a little more thoroughly before snapping us a cute mirror selfie.

5 Post Workout Selfies For Khloe

Via: Google Images

It could be said sometimes that the Kardashians made selfies a trend. Within recent years (and since her split with Lamar), Khloe has found workouts to be her escape, focusing on rep counts and how much sweating is a good distraction when life gets hard to deal with.

It is very inspiring that Khloe used one negative situation to focus on herself and help with the repetitive body shaming comments she tends to get. Khloe has always been the bigger-boned Kardashian sister. Not anymore!

In this picture for example, we can see how slimmed down she is. She even caused the doorway to have a curve as well. Beside her left leg, you’ll notice the curve. This just shows how human Khloe is. She wants the perfect toned legs. There isn’t one thing wrong with that!

4 Lindsay’s Curves

Via: Google Images

Lindsay Lohan’s body has seen its fair share of harm and abuse through the years. Photos of this aren’t hard to find at all. Lately, we haven’t heard too much about her. In this photo, she seems to be working on her figure–curves and all. Like Khloe, she has some extra curves in this selfie. To her right, the staircase looks rounded.

When waist training, you’re typically snapping your progress prior to starting as an inspiration for others to follow. It’s pretty obvious she did this to make her waist-training waist look even smaller. Freaky Friday with a new twist? Let’s hope this one doesn’t make the big screen. Oh! Maybe she’s practicing for Mean Girls 2? That could be super fun!

3 Tanning With Britney

Via: Google Images

We all know Britney Spears from her rise to fame way back in the ’90s. We watched as she had her mental break in ’07. Nowadays, you can find her in Vegas with her show Pieces of Me. This blonde hottie is always at the gym keeping her body in tip-top shape. In the outfits she wears, she has to be. On this day, we’ve caught Britney lounging by the pool tanning. After looking closer, it looks as if she has no ribs. Oh yeah, and the walkway beside the pool has just disappeared underneath her. It seems Photoshop is the culprit again. Even with her phenomenal body, it just wasn’t enough for Britney not to trim up in this photo.

2 Gaga Yoga

Via: Google Images

Lady Gaga is best known for her wild outfits and outrageously catchy songs. She definitely doesn’t shy away from the motto of being yourself. Working out for these outfits is a must. She has to be fit all over in case one part of the outfit doesn’t cover part of her body. In this yoga snap, we can see Gaga is as toned as anyone could be.

Unfortunately, the Photoshop bug has paid her a visit as well. Underneath Lady Gaga’s outstretched arms, you can see the mirror on the back wall has a random curve upwards. Even the floor below that is looking a bit off. This was likely to hide some arm flab that Gaga hasn’t had time to tone just yet.

1 Lohan Posing

Via: Google Images

Well look who we have at number 1! This red-haired beauty made our list again. Lindsay Lohan (like the Kardashians) is no stranger to Photoshop fails. Here we see her posing in a black bodysuit after what we think might be dancing or working out. We couldn’t help but notice that Lindsay might be wanting a little more curves than what she already has.

The wall at her bum is pretty curved, matching her curves. This reaches all the way to the bottom of the photo making her calf and thigh seem a little more toned. That would be perfectly believable if walls had curves, too. It’s okay, Lindsay, we won't hold anything against you girl. You’re beautiful just the way you are!

Sources: PopSugarDaily Mail

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