Celeb Dressing Room Demands: 10 #Diva, 8 #Adorable, 2 #Weird

Fame can change a person. Selena Gomez grew up on dollar-store spaghetti. Megan Fox recalls "I couldn't shave my legs" because she couldn't afford razors, as Digital Spy reports. When the normie life is replaced by one of fame and fortune, everything from the baseball caps to the backyard changes. Before you know it, the headline comes with a #Diva.

Ariana Grande recently had to tell Carpool Karaoke's James Corden that she doesn't require being "carried," Independent reports. This diva claim was a result of Ari doing a video shoot in pointe shoes. Her toes were bleeding, she was in pain and she thought asking her manager to carry her would be "cute."

These high earners can have cute vibes, but not all of them are easy-going, it seems.

As Business Insider reports, Rihanna wants Archipelago Black Forest candles in her room. Not just any scent will do! Mariah Carey, on the other hand, insists on the room having a temperature of 75 degrees and a three-seat sofa that should be in a neutral colour without any busy patterns on it.

While some celebs request 20 different types of beverages, multiple temperatures, oscillating fans, and mirrors at specific angles, others are taking the exact opposite route. Media outlets get their hands on all those dressing room demands, though. Now it's your turn to have a read. Here are 20 of them, with 10 being total #Diva, eight being adorable and two being downright weird.

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20 Beyonce: $900 Titanium Straws & Hand-Carved Ice Balls To "Soothe Her Throat"

via: manrepeller

You'll have to get up early to knock Beyonce off her throne. This R&B queen will always be #Goals, but Bey doesn't do requirements by half. The Daily Mail reported "hand-carved ice balls to soothe her throat" alongside those $900 titanium straws. Keep reading though, there's juicy food...

Beyonce does indeed "Run This World." She and husband Jay-Z have requested two 18-carat gold cribs for their twins while they're on tour, People reports. 

Now for the #OmNomNom. The star requests "HEAVILY SEASONED" juicy baked chicken (legs, wings, and breast only), steamed garlic broccoli, lightly seasoned steamed spinach, and Pepsi products are what Business Insider list for Bey's backstage food.

19 Justin Bieber: Backstage Jacuzzis, Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate, And Fridges "Must Be Glass"

via enews

Justin Beiber has memories of ordering water instead of soda at restaurants– this guy didn't grow up with money. With millions to his name though, the Biebs now has room to fully unleash his diva streak.

In 2013, The Daily Mail reported that Selena Gomez music was "banned" (although everyone's kind of moved on). Business Insider now reports that Justin requires organic turkey, alkaline water, backstage Jacuzzis, plus 10 luxury sedans and a Rolls-Royce escort.

While Justin's food requests include Ghiradelli dark chocolate and Ritz Bitz peanut butter, an equal amount of fuss is made over where consumables are stored. Yes, fridges "must be made of glass."

18 Taylor Swift: Starbucks, Ben & Jerry's, Mac And Cheese, And Butter

via: justjared

Taylor Swift's backstage demands are straight-up adorable. If she's arriving before 11 a.m., Taylor requests two Starbucks beverages– one grande iced Americano and one grande iced caramel latte (both with Sweet'n Low).

 B&J chocolate chip cookie dough (and chocolate brownie) keep this girl happy. Whack on a #Starbucks, and Tay-Tay is all set.

Taylor's list as per Business Insider continues as it started out: Red licorice Twizzlers, 3 boxes of Kraft mac and cheese, one slice pumpkin loaf and one stick of butter. Red Bull keeps her pumped, Welch's grape juice keeps her hydrated, and a single avocado keeps that skin #Perfect.

17 Kanye West: Imported Black Versace Towels, Ironed Carpets That "Aren't Too Bumpy"

via: pinterest

We still aren't sure– is it Kanye or Ye? Either way, Kanye West is proving to be a giant #Diva with his backstage demands. We get it. The man is organized. Business Insider reports requirements including a bottle of hot sauce, small yogurt, toothpicks and lots of alcohol.

Unbranded towels? Please. That's so basic. He requires imported and re-cut Versace towels that he uses for wiping his brow onstage, Wet Paint reports.

Kanye's also fussy about his carpets. "Bumpy" is how GQ reported Kanye West finding regular carpets. The solution? Have them ironed.

16 Travis Scott: A Room For Stormi To Giggle, Soft Play Toys, Fritos

via: instagram

The lyrics might be full-on "SICKO MODE," but Travis Scott has two sides to him. A powerhouse millennial icon is one. A daddy to the world's most famous baby is the other.

Kylie Jenner has revealed that Stormi has her own private room at every performing venue, Metro reports. Watching this soon-to-be toddler bounce up and down, giggle and watch her daddy perform via TV screen is beyond cute.

Stormi's concert rooms have snacks, toys and a custom-made Stormi sign on the door.

"We don't let her out because of how loud it is," Kylie said, the site goes on to add.

15 JLO: Grapefruit-Scented Candles, 7 Limousines To Walk 4 Blocks, "Meltdowns" Over Sunflower Seeds

via: pinterest

One part of JLO's dressing room demands is a little bit #Goals. Baked cookies, plain M&s, and Jo Malone Lime Blossom candles? That we can get behind. The Daily Mail didn't have to look far before titling JLO's demands as "The Diva Has Landed."

It's when Jenny From The Block refuses to walk three blocks that you kinda get to call "diva." We still love her, but there's a limit, people.

Yup. Seven Limousines to walk three blocks, Hot Lifestyle News reports. Then, there are also the "meltdowns" if her sunflower seeds lack shells.

14 Rihanna: "Icy-Blue" Chiffon Drapes, Casablanca Lilies, Absolutely No Foliage

via: pinterest

Deconstructed athleisurewear might be RiRi's street style, but the reality behind this star is a little less easy-going. Business Insider posted Rihanna's dressing room demands. Alongside adequate lighting for a "relaxed atmosphere," Rihanna requires all brick or lockers to be draped (those, for some reason, are white).

"Icy-blue chiffon" drapes are to accompany animal-print rugs (Cheetah/Leopard). Rihanna also requires six Archipelago Black Forest Candles, white Casablanca lilies, white tulips, white freesia, and "no foliage."

Rihanna told The Ellen Show that her backstage foods are hot Cheetos, Golden Grahams, instant noodles, and frappuccinos, Elle reports. That, we can handle.

13 Kylie Jenner: Helicopter And Boat Transport, And "You Should Know The Smoothie Flavour"

via: instagram

Kylie Jenner's own assistant called her "a diva" during a live Snapchat, Look reports. Kylie is said to have "refused" to use Ellen Degeneres' makeup team when she visited the talkshow host, Cosmopolitan reports.

Kylie was paid $200,000 to attend her own 18th birthday party. Complex reports she "stayed less than 2 hours." 

Kylie's assistant, meanwhile, quoted her own boss. "You should know the flavour" was apparently Kylie's response to smoothie requests. Ouch.

12 Christina Aguilera: Flintstones Vitamins, Vegan Cheese, Nesquik, Oreos

via: classicatrl

Christina Aguilera has toned it down a lot recently. It was #NoMakeup for her 2018 Paper magazine cover, although caked-up with butterfly lashes is Xtina's default look. In 2011, The Smoking Gun published Christina's tour rider demands. On the whole, they're kind of cute.

Soy cheese, Oreos, Flintstones Vitamins and Nesquik are on Christina's list. While Christina has admitted that a Wendy's Big Bacon Classic is her "favourite meal," the backstage tray is less about the fast food.

Veggie trays with carrots and tomatoes. Raw almonds. Full-fat vanilla soy milk. Xtina also likes Clif and Balance bars, but those Flintstones Vitamins must have "extra Vitamin C."

11 Nicki Minaj: Bumble Bee Tuna, Toast, Jelly, Fried Chicken ("Lots Of Wings")

via: pinterest

Custom-made Versace is mostly what Nicki Minaj updates her Instagram with. The #Queen might dedicate entire songs to Coco Chanel, but her backstage foods are 100% normie. The Daily Mail reports a food-centric list for Nicki– yeah, this girl has an appetite.

Hang with Nicki backstage and you'll get scrambled eggs, Belgian waffles, toast with jelly, plus powdered sugar– "enough to serve 4." #Generous

Nicki requests buckets of fried chicken (lots of wings), fried hard turkey bacon, Bumble Bee tuna, plus one large cheese platter. But, this is for Nicki "and her crew." Adorable.

10 Lady Gaga: Pink-Haired Mannequins, Flax Seeds Cannot Contain Over 4 Grams Sugar

via: instagram

We had to get to the weird, eventually. Who better to start us off than Lady Gaga? Jezebel reports that "one mannequin with puffy pink [body] hair" is a must-have for Gaga. So are Queen posters. Then it starts to get specific.

Gaga's "green room" must be stocked with 28 bottles of water (at room temperature). Then another 28 (chilled). Crossing into adorable, but still weird, are Gaga's request for organic peanut butter with flaxseeds that contain "no more than 4 grams sugar" and "extra-long" straws, Mirror reports

9 Mariah Carey: 100 Doves, 20 Kittens, Plain Couches (No "Busy Patterns")

via: dailymail

Mariah Carey got her diva label before most millennials were born. When the diva requested doves and kittens for a lighting ceremony in London, it just wasn't mean to be.  "We did manage to source the doves that we were going to release into the sky, but the kittens proved terribly difficult," a source told Daily Mail, as reported by Zimbio.

She usually wants 20 humidifiers in her room, but that's the least of it. As Daily Mail reports,

She insisted on having £10,000 gym installed next to her penthouse suite at Claridge's... She booked every penthouse suite in the hotel to ensure her absolute privacy and comfort." 

8 Britney Spears: Princess Diana Portrait And 100 Prunes

via: twitter

Britney Spears hasn't forgotten her humble Louisiana roots. She shops at Walmart, and her hashtag is #ParkingLotSweats. Fame can change you, though. When touring in the UK, Britney's backstage needs included a Princess Diana portrait as well as 100 figs and prunes, Oh No They Didn't reports.

Britney, we had you pegged as a fried chicken girl with a #SouthernRoots. Welcome to the weird side of the list.

Zimbio reports that the star fines the venue $5,000 if her dressing room gets an incoming call. Then there's all the junk food she requests, like Doritos, Pop Tarts and KFC.

7 Katy Perry: No Talking, No Carnations, Employs Someone To "Clean And Cut" Vegetables

via: instagram

"Not very rock 'n' roll" is how The Daily Mail reported Katy Perry's backstage demands. Katy's demands don't get slammed on the nutrition front, though. It's tropical fruit baskets, celery, kale and veggie options with quinoa or couscous for Katy.

The diva part? "White and purple hydrangeas, pink & white roses, peonies– ABSOLUTELY NO CARNATIONS," The Smoking Gun reports. Yes, it actually came in caps. Other demands included a coffee table in “perspex modern style" and a refrigerator with a glass door.

It gets worse. Staff mustn't talk to her, and she needs someone to clean and cut her vegetables, Huffington Post reports.

6 Kim Kardashian: Glam Squad Costs $11,500 A Day, Top-Tier Suites, Standard Rooms For "Others"

via: instagram

What, you expected Kim Kardashian not to be demanding? Style Caster reports that Kim's travels require first-class hotel suites (for her), five first-class tickets, plus one coach. "Others in the party" stay in standard rooms.

From the woman who can earn $1 million per sponsored IG post? Come on, Kim. Loosen the purse strings!

Kim is open about having a glam squad. As Complex reports, she pays her stylist $1 million per year.

5 Drake: Nivea Chapstick, Soap, "No Pork" (Probably For Religious Reasons)

via: bbc

Easy does it for Drake. Not many people know that Drake is part Jewish. Following what we imagine is Kosher religious practice, Drake doesn't eat pork. Reasonable enough. Hip Hop Lately got hold of Drake's rider demands. Honestly, they seem like humble requests compared to some of the divas on this list.

Nivea chapstick, peppermint soap, two large white t-shirts, and hair clippers take care of the appearance. The food? Breads, rolls, and jellies. One bottle of honey.

Drake's fruit tray requires pineapple, kiwis, oranges, bananas, and grapes. He had us at the Nivea chapstick, though. What a total softie.

4 Eminem: Lunchables, Bread, Water, "Sandwich Stuff " For His Crew

via: billboard

Eminem grew up in total and utter poverty. 8 Mile was 100% this rapper's reality, but the millions don't seem to have changed Em. Business Insider lists his backstage needs as follows: one loaf white bread, one loaf wheat bread, six Lunchables snacks (three turkey, three ham with cheese).

The Real Slim keeps it real. A grown man requesting ham and turkey Lunchables is also kind of adorable.

Drinks are Red Bull and Diet Coke. Workout gear is a set of 25lb dumbbells. Em even requests "sandwich stuff" for his crew. His one preference? Large fresh jumbo shrimp with cocktail sauce and plenty of lemons.

3 Khloe Kardashian: 1,000 Thread-Count Sheets, Acting "Like It's A Hotel"

via: popsugar

This 34 year-old is acing motherhood (and she gets full credit for that slightly hard-to-handle baby daddy). Still, OK! reports that the birth requirements for both Kylie and Khloe were pretty #Extra.

While Kylie is said to have requested an entire hospital floor, Khlo comes with equal comfort requests. 1,000 thread-count sheets (that must be grey) were her reported demands, alongside the tub "suitable for an underwater birth."

"They're acting like it's a hotel, not a hospital," Gossip Cop reports a source saying. The outlet did, however, reach out to the Kardashians, who reportedly slammed the claim as "nonsense." Oh, the drama never ends with this lot. While this may not be the same as the other entries, we're counting the birthing room as a dressing room!

2 Selena Gomez: Pot Pies, Pickles, KFC, Brings Her Own Candles

via: gotceleb

Selena Gomez now has the kinds of cred that could easily give way to diva behavior. 144 million IG followers aren't loving this girl for her floral fussing and gourmet demands, though. "My trainer won't let me eat [junk]," Selena has said, according to Galore mag. Girl needs energy, though, which is why she adds, "But I can still have my pot pies."

"I keep things pretty simple [backstage,]" Selena also mentions. No kidding. 

Entire jars of pickles, KFC fried chicken, Hot Cheetos and "plenty of water" are what Selena has revealed to be her backstage essentials. Candles? She brings her own. She had us at cute with the pickles. Gatorade, Red Bull and coffee are Selena's drinks.

1 Cardi B: "Bentley Truck On My Versace Driveway" Lyrics, Requests Razors And Caesar Salad

via: tomandlorenzo

This is just too cute. "I park my Bentley truck on my Versace driveway" might be Cardi B's lyrics, but this girl hasn't forgotten more basic times. Take Cardi's 2018 Coachella demands, as posted by TMZ.

Six dozen white roses? A girl can have her flowers.

The rest is pretty simple. Chicken Caesar salad, Gillette razors, Degree spray deodorant, fresh coffee and roasted vegetables. Kulture might be the baby's name, but Cardi doesn't go high-end with her dressing room demands.

Sources: Digital Spy, Daily Mail, Business Insider, The Independent

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