10 Adorable Celeb Couples That Are #RelationshipGoals

Celebrity couples, they're just like us! Sometimes they're a hot mess, sometimes they're completely normal and average couples just living out their relationship in the spotlight, and sometimes their relationship seems so happy and wonderful that it's difficult to not see them and want to be them. Living under a microscope can be tough on a relationship which is probably why famous couples have a reputation of never lasting, but there are definitely some celebrity 'ships that seem incredibly solid and seem like the kind of relationship everyone wishes they had.

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So which high profile couples are the absolute definition of #relationshipgoals?

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10 Barack & Michelle Obama

Barack and Michelle Obama are complete legendary icons on their own, but as a couple combo they're nearly unstoppable. Barack might be the only one out of the two to actually become president, but fellow former attorney Michelle, who also boasts an Ivy League education, is more than qualified (and plenty of people were hoping she might make a run for it herself).

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But what distinguishes Barack and Michelle as an enviable couple isn't their accomplishments, it's their obviously intense love and respect for one another. There are few things that are truly make or break elements of a relationship, but mutual respect is one of them.

9 Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas

Who doesn't love a whirlwind romance between two young, gorgeous, and incredibly wealthy celebs? The combination of the youngest Jonas brother and the stunning Bollywood turned Hollywood star was definitely out of left field, but clearly the feelings between Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are equally intense. A lot of people say that when you meet the right person you'll just know that they're right for you, and the rapid fire transition from dating to engaged to married that Priyanka and Nick seemed to go through would certainly indicate that there's more than a little merit to that love theory.

8 Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

Well, never tell kids that dreams can't come true. It's certainly a rare occasion that a fairy tale seems to literally play out in real life, but that exact thing seemed to happen when Prince Harry of Wales met American actress Meghan Markle. Falling in love with a prince and living happily ever after is usually the stuff that Disney movies are made of, but it looks like that's what's in the cards for the former Suits actress.

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And while the actual day to day work of a prince and princess is undoubtedly more difficult than children's stories make it out to be, Harry and Meghan couldn't look more in love.

7 Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner

The Jonas brothers certainly seem to be having a run of good luck in the love department lately! Middle brother Joe Jonas may have been beaten down the aisle by his baby bro Nick, but Joe didn't hesitate to put a ring on it with Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner. Jonas actually popped the question less than a year after first getting together with Sophie, but both seem keen on settling down and creating a stable life together before rushing down the aisle.

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During his appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden Joe did share that he and Turner are planning on a summer wedding this year.

6 Liam Hemsworth & Miley Cyrus

Newly married couple Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have actually been together since they met as teens, and their lovey dovey Nicholas Sparks romance movie seemed to kind of being playing out in their real life relationship. And while the pair had breaks from one another it seemed like Miley and Liam were never quite able to, or never quite wanted to, let go of one another.

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Miley has always been a bit of a wild child and Liam seems more reserved, but in this opposites attract situation it definitely seems like they balance each other out instead of clashing.

5 Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher

It's pretty rare that any girl meets the man of her dreams when she's 14 years old, but it has got to take an extraordinary confluence of events to meet the man of your dreams when you're 14 years old and he's playing your boyfriend on a TV show. But this very thing happened with That 70's Show stars Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, who spent years playing lovable TV couple Jackie Burkhart and Michael Kelso before finally getting together in their 30's. But it all worked out for the best, as the couple are now parents to two and seem happy as ever.

4 Ellen DeGeneres & Portia De Rossi

It might seem like just yesterday, but celeb couple Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi have actually been together for a whopping 15 years now. But the comedienne and talk show host along with her actress wife seem to be great at keeping things fresh and fun, which probably isn't that difficult when you're someone like Ellen and married to a really talented lady like Portia. Like many super famous couples in long term relationships, there has been much gossip and speculation about a possible end to their love story, but Ellen and Portia consistently laugh the rumors off and keep living their best lives.

3 Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively

Usually the couple that can laugh together can make it last together, which means that Hollywood super couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds will probably keep their love alive for the long haul. It certainly doesn't hurt that they're both rich, gorgeous, and make equally gorgeous babies, but what really makes this pairing stand out is that it seems like they literally cannot stop joking around with each other.

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Whether it's trolling each other on social media or starring in silly videos that make light of each other and their relationship, Blake and Ryan seem eternally dedicated to having fun.

2 Victoria & David Beckham

We've already covered the enviable love story of literal English royalty, but we also have to give props to celebrity English royalty, David and Victoria Beckham. The stunningly beautiful couple have been going strong for more than 20 years now, which is impressive for your average couple but on a whole new level for a celeb couple. The pair share 4 children, and although a former Spice Girl and one of the most famous soccer players in the world might not seem like a perfect match on paper, these edgy fashionistas seem to have a lot in common, most importantly their enduring love for one another.

1 Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are one of those rare Hollywood pairs that have managed to make things work in the long term, and their relationship and family dynamic is definitely something to be envied. They definitely have some unique ideas and methods when it comes to dealing with their relationship though, which may have helped them immensely in the long run. Both partners agree that their happiness can't depend on each other, and they both agree that they feel like they've grown beyond the marriage label into a life partnership that will never be broken no matter what hardship they have to face.

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