10 Celeb Beauty Trends To Copy This Summer

Trends come and go, and people are always looking to celebs to see which styles are in this season. That being said, these are the looks to copy this summer!

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From bright and bold makeup looks and manicures to the go-to ways to do hair, the images below feature the best of the best. Recreations can be seen in magazines, on social media, on red carpets, in salons, and in selfies, as well—because we can all totally make these trends work on ourselves!

So whether we are heading to the beach, planning a road trip, or lounging at home this summer, these are the beauty looks to copy.

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10 Bold Eyeliner

When it comes to our eyes, we may want to go a step further than usual. Wings that extend out, graphic lines that create geometric shapes, thickness and colors are just a few of the looks that are being seen everywhere right now, and this will continue in June and July. If anyone already applies a good deal of liner, then they may want to try a blue one or a winged one. If people are not really into liner, then just giving it a chance at all can be a step towards this trend and a whole new, dramatic look.

9 Braids

We may have Game of Thrones to thank for this next one, but braids are so in, and there are so many ways to incorporate them. Go for a ponytail like Blake Lively did here. Wear hair down and wavy, then make a headband out of a braid. Watch a beauty blogger to see how to create a messy, textured one. Wear tons of little ones all at once. Hide one on the underside of the hair while going for a straightened look everywhere else. Just have fun while playing with a bunch of different sizes and placements!

8 Dramatic Makeup

Certain plans this summer may call for a dramatic look, which is where makeup like this comes into play. The eye has that thick liner that we mentioned above, and the lids are covered in an elegant shimmer. The brows are also nice and full. And the lips are done in a classic red, for a real pop. Yes, Selena Gomez is rocking this look, and we encourage everyone who is here to go big as she did. It will definitely pay off, especially if/when attending a date night, a cocktail hour, an evening wedding or a night out with the girls.

7 Hair Accessories

Of course, hair accessories are currently trending, too, and this is another way to experiment and to have lots of fun. Hair clips of the 90s are back, so one may want to add a row of bobby pins as a finishing touch. Hardware like Millie Bobby Brown’s here can also be added into different hairstyles. Accessories can be placed down the length of a braid, in order to try two of these trends at once. No matter how this is executed, it will add a real flair to all of our outfits we choose to wear this summer.

6 Pops Of Color

Another way to stand out in the crowd is with color. Celebrities turn to highlighter hues on their eyes. They add some extra blush on their cheeks, to bring out that pink even more. They opt for neon lipstick. And any of these can work at home, as well. Not all of these ideas may sound great to everyone, but go for a brighter shade or a new lip gloss, just to see how a pop can change up everything. Or go all in, and wear blue liner like Margot Robbie is in this image!

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5 Natural Hair

A smart hair option for warmer months is that natural, just-woke-up look. Take Zendaya, for instance. It may have taken a stylist hours to do her beauty here, but her hair honestly could have been like this as soon as she got out of bed, and it is gorgeous! She paired it with dramatic makeup, but natural waves like this can work with lighter and brighter makeup or with a fresh face, as well, for a beach vibe. Yes, it is good to know that minimal effort can result in a super cool style like this one.

4 Sunkissed Look

Speaking of a beach vibe, everyone will surely want to try out the sunkissed trend. In this accompanying image, Vanessa Hudgens has done a few things to accomplish this: First off, she has on light and dewy makeup. It is barely there, but it is making her glow. Secondly, she has curls that look a bit wet, like she perhaps just came out of the ocean. And last but not least, she also added a flower to her hair, making us wish we were in a tropical paradise ASAP! Sunkissed makeup is almost a must for the lazy, hazy days of summer.

3 Slicked-Back Hair

On a similar note, actresses, singers, bloggers, and stylists have been showing off slicked-back and wet-looking hair. This trend can be copied at home with the right products in place, and this trend is another that screams vaca season. The fact that it can also be worn to glam events, such as award shows and movie premieres, shows that it is a versatile and stylish choice that can be worn to the pool, to a backyard barbecue and to work, too! Follow the lead of Olivia Culpo—and many others—and make this work, going forward, at home.

2 Funky Nails

Don’t forget about the nails! Some people never paint theirs, some DIY them every so often, and others get professionals on the job regularly. This summer, when it comes to manicures, we are loving funky looks that stars are delivering. These, for example, belong to Kylie Jenner; the shapes and the colors are making us think of the 90s, which is just awesome. Another example would be, again, Blake Lively, when she wore Pokemon designs on her fingernails at the Detective Pikachu premiere! Try out a few different things, be sure to take risks, and impress everyone with cool and colorful manis and pedis.

1 "No Makeup" Makeup

Last but not least, go without this summer! When Demi Lovato uploaded this image, she did say this was “no makeup makeup”, so here is the deal; some may dive into this trend by using just the right makeup and just the right amounts to create a natural look. Yes, this is sort of faking it, but it can work. Others may seriously go bare-faced, which can be very freeing and may even clear up some faces out there. However it is done, we suggest embracing this trend several times this season, and we can’t wait to see everyone’s gorgeous faces!

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