Caught! 15 Pics That Show These Celebs Doing The 'Walk Of Shame'

The secret lives of celebrities will always be a subject that intrigues us all. The rich and famous often have lifestyles that we could only ever dream of having, and getting a glimpse into their personal lives is a way of feeling closer to them. One of the aspects of stardom that always piques our curiosity is which celeb is going out with whom, who's sneaking around with someone they shouldn't be, and who's hooking up on the sly.

Thanks to the ever-prying paparazzi, we often get a stream of stories coming out about scandalous rendezvous and secret sleepovers. Most of the time, celebrities try to be as secretive as possible when they're seeing someone, but their inconspicuousness doesn't always pay off. So here are 15 celebrities who tried to hide their late-night get-togethers and adult sleepovers but were caught in the act of doing the morning-after walk of shame. If anything, this just proves these stars can be as messy as the rest of us, and that is certainly something to feel smug about.

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15 Lindsay Lohan And...Jason Segel??

Lilo, once known as the party princess of Hollywood, certainly knows how to have a good time. She is definitely used to being in the spotlight, and sadly it’s usually for the wrong reasons.This photo is a good old throwback to Lindsay’s wild party days, as she’s seen here emerging from How I Met Your Mother star Jason Segel’s house in the Hollywood Hills back in 2009. Segel and Lohan cozying up seems like quite an odd pairing, but LiLo has been known to get through quite a long list of male companions, so anything is possible! This walk of shame pap snap certainly would suggest that LiLo and Jason were up quite late, and we doubt they spent the night just exchanging acting stories.

14 January Jones Really Wishes This Picture Would Go Away

Former star of Madmen January Jones is usually so put together and glamorous. But here, in this photo of her doing an infamous walk of shame, the blonde beauty hardly looks like the image of perfection. The pic shows Jones hopping out of a taxi in front of her house, wearing the same dress she was seen sporting the night before at a party thrown by Oceana for World Oceans Day. January looks a little worse for wear with her hair a mess and her conspicuous party dress not exactly suited as a morning outfit and clearly she spent the night elsewhere. Jones has been known to keep her personal life on the down low, so this photo is all the more intriguing, making us definitely want to know who it was she spent the night with.

13 Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Tried To Be Discreet...

Taylor’s love history is as public as a celeb’s can be, and her fling with former One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles was well documented in the media. As cool as Taylor might try to play her trysts though, that hasn’t stopped her from getting papped the morning after nights of fun. This picture was taken back in 2012 when “Haylor” was the biggest news in celebrity gossip, and shows Harry Styles leaving Taylor’s hotel in New York. the couple had been seen entering the hotel at 4am, and it’s at 10am that Styles left. Suspicious. There’s no doubt about it that Styles was exiting the building in full walk of shame mode because let’s be honest, Taylor and Harry probably weren’t just playing board games together all night, were they?

12 Zac Efron Is No Stranger To The Walk Of Shame

Zac Efron is definitely one of the hottest guys in Hollywood, and it’s amazing to see how much he’s changed since his early career in High School Musical. No longer is Zac the tween fantasy with the shaggy hair, but rather the hottie with a smokin’ body. Considering he’s such a catch, it’s little to no surprise that the actor would be caught at some point doing a walk of shame. This photo was taken the morning after he spent the night at actress Michelle Rodriguez’s house. Rodriguez, ten years Efron’s senior, is known for her role in the Fast and Furious series and is Cara Delevingne's ex. Clearly Efron was trying to be inconspicuous as he exited Rodriguez’s place via an alleyway, but that didn’t stop him from being caught in the walk of shame act!

11 Cara Delevingne Looks Pretty Proud Of Her Morning After Look

Besides being a gorgeous model and an actress on the rise, Cara is also well known for her love of a good party. The model/actress has been papped many times before while out on the town, so we know she’s definitely up for a good time. On one such occasion, that of the photo in question, Cara was seen Harry Styles’ party in London after a big night out. It’s unconfirmed whether or not she and Styles actually spent the night together, but her leaving the house in the early hours and him leaving not long after suggests that something was up between the two of them. Obviously in hindsight, we know that they had a fling together, but this photo shot in 2013 had us all begging for answers.

10 Jennifer Aniston Really Tries To Keep These Moments Private

There was once a time when Jennifer Aniston’s love life was global news, her breakups and makeups plastered across newspaper headlines. When she broke up with Brad Pitt back in 2005, everyone was shocked, and her private life was made public in the most extreme ways possible. Since then, however, Jen has tried to keep her private life more hidden and clearly didn’t want much attention given to her dating life. However, as hard as the might have tried to keep her love life under wraps, the actress couldn’t stop the paps from snapping pics of her doing a walk of shame after spending the night with John Mayer. This photo was taken before the two had confirmed they were dating, and shows Jen leaving Mayer’s place the morning after she’d spent the night with him.

9 Blake Lively In A Rare Moment

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are one of the most beloved couples in Hollywood, and their marriage has definitely given a lot of us some serious relationship goals. It’s hard to think about a time when this golden couple weren’t together, but before they were ever a thing, Blake didn’t always live up to her America’s Sweetheart image she now has. This photo was snapped after Blake was seen partying with Leo DiCaprio in France back in 2011. Before the couple began a five-month whirlwind romance, this photo shows Blake in the midst of a walk of shame, strolling back to her hotel in the same clothes as the night before, after having spent the night with Leo. For a walk of shame pic, Blake looks surprisingly gorgeous and fresh, and we only wish we looked this good after a wild night.

8 Gigi Hadid's Fling With Joe Jonas Caught On Camera

Gigi Hadid is one of the hottest supermodels around these days, so it’s no surprise that she’s had her fair share of flings with fellow celebs. This photo was snapped during Gigi and Joe Jonas’ period of heated romance, and we can see the model leaving Joe’s house in the morning after having stayed at his house the night before. Of course, being a supermodel, Gigi still looks amazing, and it’s no surprise that Joe was starting to get all the feels for her. If anyone can turn a walk of shame into a fierce catwalk strut, it’s Gigi. Despite having since broken up, the two stars still remain friends and it’s a shame that their conflicting schedules and busy lives forced them to break up.

7 Rita Ora Pretends Nobody Can See Her

This past year, Rita Ora was spotted doing a glamorous walk of shame in New York City, after being snapped leaving Coldplay singer Chris Martin’s hotel room wearing the same clothes she was sporting the night before. The singer had been partying with the members of the band at their afterparty following their concert in the city. Rita Ora was seen wearing a beautiful white, flowing dress and white sneakers and she looked surprisingly put-together for someone who’d had a big night. We bet Gwyneth wasn’t too pleased when she got a peek of these photos plastered all across the tabloids, especially seeing as though Rita looks so good. It’s amazing how good the singer can make a walk of shame look, and she’s definitely channeling more stride of pride than anything.

6 Mila Kunis Is Owning Her Walk Of Shame Look

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are another one of Hollywood’s favourite couples, but before these two stars got together, there was quite a lot of courtship between the two of them and quite a lot of occasions where the paparazzi caught them sneaking around together. This is just one of the snaps taken by the paps, showing the couple looking happy and cozy together, and definitely showing evidence that they were hanging around a lot with one another. Mila’s outfit definitely looks like it was taken straight out of Ashton’s closet, which is probably because she had been staying over at this place. It’s cute looking back at older photos of this couple and comparing them to how happily married they are now. It just goes to show, sometimes a walk of shame can turn into a walk down the aisle.

5 Rihanna Seemed To Have Forgotten Her Pants

Rihanna is definitely known for being a fashion queen and her sense of style is almost always on point. But even we have to question whether this outfit she has on in the picture is actually a statement mini dress or just a man’s sweatshirt she’s flung on with nothing else on underneath. This photo of the singer shows her leaving the hotel where basketball player Orlando Magic was staying, after spending the night in his room there. Rihanna is definitely channeling some serious morning-after vibes in this pic, and we’re sure she didn’t appreciate having her walk of shame publicly photographed by the world’s press. This is quite a daring walk of shame look and really doesn’t leave many questions needed to be answered.

4 Lily Cole Is Shameless With Jude

It’s a known fact that Jude Law is one of Hollywood’s biggest lotharios, and his many affairs and romances have been well documented over the years. One such romance was clearly with model and actress Lily Cole, who was spotted leaving Jude Law’s London house. The ginger-haired model is sixteen years younger than Law, but clearly the age difference didn’t deter either of them from spending a night together. They had spent an evening attending a concert together before clearly going back to his place, and this snap of Cole wearing his suit coat and her clothes from the previous night shows that there was definitely a sleepover that took place. This shot was taken back in 2008 when Jude was clearly still playing the field, as the actor has been in a long-term relationship for the past couple of years.

3 Jennifer Lawrence Caught With Coldplay

Jennifer Lawrence is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, so any romantic affiliations she has are scrutinized in minute detail by the press. The Oscar-winning actress certainly has made a name for herself, not only for her acting but also for her loud, bold personality that has created for her a large and loyal fanbase. Because people are so invested in Jennifer, it was huge news when the story broke that JLaw was seen doing a walk of shame after spending the night with Coldplay’s frontman Chris Martin. Seems like he’s getting with everybody since he split with Gwyneth, doesn’t it? This shot shows Lawrence leaving the singer’s Malibu house, wearing denim shorts, a rumpled tee, and what we can only assume is Chris’ beanie. Clearly she’s trying to be inconspicuous, but when you’re as famous as JLaw, that’s pretty much impossible.

2 Ryan Phillippe Was Leaving Demi's House At 5:00am

Ryan Phillippe, former husband to Reese Witherspoon, was caught doing a walk of shame from Demi Lovato’s house after Halloween last year. The 43-year-old actor, who briefly dated the pop star back in 2011, was spotted leaving Demi’s house around 5 am. Phillippe was photographed wearing a hoodie and black jeans as he entered and exited Lovato’s place, and he clearly was trying to keep a low-profile before being seen by the paparazzi. Apparently Demi’s feelings for Ryan had run pretty deep and she opened up about her relationship with him in her recent documentary Simply Complicated. Demi was seen at her party dressed as late singer Selena Quintanilla, but clearly Ryan didn’t get the memo that he should have dressed up…

1 Kim Kardashian Really Tried To Sneak Out

Another power couple that was once just a pair of stars sneaking around trying to see each other are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Now one of the most famous and most influential couples in the world, the pair weren’t always official, and it’s hard to imagine a time when the two of them weren’t married with kids. This photo taken in 2012 however, shows us a time when Kim K was having to duck in and out of Kanye’s place without being papped in order to visit her love. Kim was snapped wearing the same clothes from the day before as she left Kanye’s apartment in this pic, and it’s safe to say she looks a little less glamorous than we’re used to seeing her. Seeing Kim sneak around trying to visit her future husband is endearing to look at now, and we’re glad that once again this fling ended with getting a ring.

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